Find Unknown Addresses with Google Map Street View

With Google Map and instant street view [a non-Google website], you can find and trace an unknown location anywhere in the world. Instant street view popup suggested location as you type the location address in the column to search for an exact house number. Unlike the Google Map street view, Instant street view popup different location relating to the location you want to find on Google map and show the area map, route to the location, the nearest bus stop, and a large map covering the entire area.

This web-based location direction is quite different from Google earth. It works like Google Map, and mainly the “traffic to work” or direction work feature in Google Map. Although, the instant street view cannot forecast the traffic nature in a specific route whether it is motorist or the traffic jam is complicated.

However, the advantage of the address location website is auto-suggesting different location as you type the address you want to find in a map and know where exactly its located. The street view program shows all the entry and exit of the location you want to know more about and even give every detail on how to get there from your current location.

The Google Map view uses your current location to direct your destination but this is not in the case of instant street view. What the website does majorly is to give the detail of the street of the address you typed in the street view search box.

Find Unknown Addresses With Google Map Street View

Whether you call is Google street view or Google map view here you will get to know how to find unknown locations using street view apps on your phone and websites.


To find an unknown location using house number and address open a new tab on your browser and visit “InstantStreetView“, in the “search address column” type the address as it is in the business card or as you have it written or known to you. As you type the address instant street view will autosuggest and likely addresses that match what you type and then click on “Enter”

Google Map Street View

Study the roadmap carefully and the location indicator which described the exact place or house number in the address. Click on the address identity to confined the street view into a small square to the bottom left of the instant Gppgle street view to show all possible landscape and portrait of the nearest institution, even center, churches, mosque, and a major road that leads to the search on the street view.

Google Map Street View

If you don’t have any idea of where you are going to and how the environment looks like. With Google map street view on the instant street view website, you can view all cardinal points of the area.

Navigate back to “Instant street view” on the map where the location is shown and click on an axis-rotation icon to either view to the left or view to the right. To view the location in “360” degree just press and hold one of the axis-rotation for a broad view of the location in the address you have at hand. Click on the grey or red point on the axis to move the map up and down if it’s hard for you to use your computer mouse.

Google Map Street View

While finding a location with the instant street view website you can switch from street view to map view.

Google Map Street View with Google Map

Google map is still the smartest way people know. It cliche though but the street view feature is as good as finding street direction. If you are good with Google map it will be very easy for you to find and view street on it.

However, it requires a bit of technical knowledge unlike the Instant Google street view discussed earlier. Nevertheless, here is how to handle Google map view as an expert to view a street from your location.

Open a new tab in your browser or open Google Map on your Android or iPhone or iPad and type the address information into the “Search Google Map” box. This will bring up a direction with an exact location, the location picture, photo, and other relevant information that can get you there.

Google Map Street View

To know whether the street view is available for the location or not, look for a person’s like picture to the bottom right and if it’s visible then there is no street view for the location you search for. However, one common reason why the street view is absent in the location is probably the area is a rural area or the area has not been added to Google map.

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