How to Disable Windows 8.1 Automatic Update [Never Update]

To keep Windows OS performance at the very high speed, Windows roll out update consistently to be updated automatically as a default setting. But, individual can chose to disable Windows 8/8.1 automatic update and update it manually.

While it is not advisable to disable Windows 8.1 automatic update you may want to take the bold step to stop Windows from updating new features on your OS and stop the processing permanently. So, while I was playing around with my Windows 8.1 Lenovo IdeaPad 100, I discovered a shortcut to disable and stop auto-update on Windows 8.

While some research shows there is no direct root to stop update processing on Windows 10 you can make use of meter balancing to control updating feature on your Windows 10 and stop the updating feature temporarily. However, as an expert, I never recommend disabling Windows update as this will slow down your computer and pose a threat of attack from hacker via the older versions’ bugs which were to be controlled by the new update.

However, if you have a strong determination to disable Windows 8/8.1 automatic update here is a post for. Here in this article, I will share with you the simple but effective step to stop Windows 8/8.1 OS automatic update.

Although, the disadvantage of disabling automatic update on your computer OS is bearable if your computer is a personal computer and it doesn’t access public network.

If for any reason, your computer with windows updates disabled accessing public network it may cause some Trojan attack from hacker when they found out that there is a loophole in your OS version which was supposed to have been fixed if you have updated to the latest version. In another way, you can disable automatic update and still have new feature update notification.

The new feature update notification can be installed manually over a public network such as Wi-Fi rather than using a mobile network which is one of the reasons why disabling automatic update on your PC.

How to Disable Windows 8/8.1 Automatic Update

If you have taken your decision disable auto update in Windows 8/8.1 OS here is how to go about it…

1. Hover your “Mouse Pointer” to the right edge of your PC

2. Click on “Settings” and click “Change PC settings” from the pop-up

3. Click on “Update and Recovery” in “PC Settings

Disable Windows 8/8.1 Automatic Update

4. Under “Windows update” click “Choose how updates get installed”

Disable Windows 8/8.1 Automatic Update

5. Under “Choose how get updates installed” click on “Never check for update” and click apply to save your option

Disable Windows 8/8.1 Automatic Update

This option will stop Windows from accessing the internet for new updates on your Windows 8/8.1 and this procedure proved to be the easiest way to block or disable Windows 8/8.1 automatic updates without using third-party tools.

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