Colby Brock Biography and Net Worth

Colby Brock is an American social media personality and youtube sensation popular for being one half of the Sam and Colby duo. He is currently 25 years old and has an estimated net worth of about 3 million dollars.

Colby Brock is one half of the famed youtube sensation Sam and Colby, which he started with his friend Sam Golbach. They created a vine channel on the now defunct vine app in 2014, posting funny vines, and after the Vine app was shut down, they transitioned to youtube, where they post funny videos, pranks, vlogs, comedy, and lifestyle videos.

The duo have gone viral in their endeavour with a lot of popularity and followers on their account. Both Sam and Brock’s net worth is worth reckoning with and how well the duo have been doing since they became YouTubers.

If you are interested in learning about the popular youtube sensation, Colby Brock net worth, early life, family, career, and full biography then we’ve got your back here in this article. 

Colby Brock Early Life

Colby Brock was born on the 2nd of January, 1997, in Kansas, United States of America. He was raised in a middle-class family who practised the Christian religion. He was raised and grew up in Kansas with his parent and older brother.

Not much information is known about his early years. Still, we know that he attended New Valley high school in Kansas before proceeding to a local private university in Los Angeles, California.

What is Colby Brock’s Age?

Colby brock was born on the 2nd of January, 1997, in Kansas, so he is currently 25 years old, and he celebrates his birthday on the 2nd of January of every year.

What is Colby Brock’s Height

Brock’s height is about 5 feet 11 inches tall, which is a fairly average height, and since he has passed the age of puberty, we do not expect him to undergo a growth tall that would increase his height, so he is still likely to be 5 feet 11 inches tall in the nearest future.

What is Colby Brock’s Weight

He is currently estimated to weigh approximately 68 kilograms which is a pretty good weight for his height. Although since weight is quite prone to fluctuations, we might see him increase or reduce in weight intentionally or due to reasons beyond his control.

Colby parents

Colby Brock’s Parents

His father is businessman Robert A Brock, while his mother is Pat Brock. He was raised by his parents in Stanley, Kansas, United States of America.

Colby Brock’s Sibling

Colby has just one sibling, which is his elder brother Gage Brock. Gage is 27 years old and studied journalism at the University of Kansas. He is also very active on social media.

Colby Brock’s Career

He attended New Valley high school in Kansas and then proceeded to a local private university in Los Angeles, California.

After completing his bachelor’s degree, he teamed up with his friend Sam Goldbach, and they first created an account on the now defunct video sharing app Vine, where they posted funny vines with comedy videos and pranks.

The Vine channel made them a famous duo, and when the Vine app ceased to be in operation, they moved to the youtube platform posting comedy videos, funny pranks, vlogs, and lifestyle videos, becoming quite popular on the platform.

He has also appeared on television comedy series like fill in the prank, stranded with sam and Colby, the graveyard, and bestie picks bae. He has also collaborated with other famous people, such as Jack Dytrych.

He is also the CEO of a brand named meta life, an online lifestyle support community where he posts various lifestyle tips and gives exclusive access.

He is also the founder of clothing merchandise named Fanjoy, which sells clothes and other fashionable accessories.

His personal youtube channel has an impressive subscriber list of over two million subscribers, and in 2019 he won the streamy award for the best action in a sci-fi series.


Is Colby Brock Married?

Colby Brock, according to the information available, is not yet married. His relationship life is kept away from the spotlight, so we cannot ascertain if he is currently dating and who he is dating.

Although there had previously been rumours that he was dating fellow youtube sensation Amber Scholl, both parties have come out to disprove the rumours stating that they were just very good friends.

Does Colby Brock Have Children

Based on the information available to the general public, Colby is yet to have his own biological children, and neither is he married.

However, he is a pet dad and has two dogs named Loki and Foxi living with him.

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Colby Brock Net Worth

Colby Brock net worth is increasing gradually. And as of 2022, his net worth is estimated to worth about $3 million, the bulk of which he has earned as a youtube sensation, paid ads on Instagram, television appearances, endorsements, and collaborations.

He is still a young man with a viable and growing career as a social media personality, so his net worth is expected to increase substantially over the years.

When is Colby Brock’s Birthday?

Colby Brock’s birthday is on the 2nd of January. so his birthday is the 2nd of January of every year which he may choose to celebrate it friends and family or even visit the charity homes to mingle with the orphans. 

Is Colby Brock Single?

As of the time of writing this article, he is still single. However, we believe that should he become engaged or married, he will inform the general public, and when this happens, we will update this article to give you that information.

How Old is Colby Brock?

As of 2022, he is 25 years old. On the 2nd of January, 1997, he was born in Kansas, United States of America.

How Tall is Colby Brock?

Public record shows that Colby Brock is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, which is a relatively normal height. He is past puberty, so you can still expect his height to be the same in the future.

Who is Colby Brock’s Girlfriend?

He currently does not have a girlfriend, and he is said to be focusing on his career growth now. However, he has previously been linked with fellow youtube Amber Scholl, but both parties have said they are just close friends with nothing romantic happening between them.

Is Elton Castee Related to Colby Brock?

No, Elton Castee and Colby Brock are not biologically related. Both of them were famous personalities on the now defunct video sharing app vine, and after the app closed down, they moved to youtube, becoming popular youtube sensations.

The duo, however, maintains a cordial working relationship and friendship.

Who is Colby Brock Dating?

Although nothing is known about his previous relationships, he is currently not dating anybody, as he likes to keep his relationship away from the spotlight. He is said to be focusing solely on his career trajectory and growth.

What is Colby Brock’s Real Name?

Colby Brock’s real name is “Cole Robert Brock” and he is famous for his social media name.

Does Colby Brock Have a Child?

Yes! Colby is a father of a 4 years old Allison. Brock had Allison when he was 16. However, the information about his mother of Allison is sketchy as her name is never mentioned. And Colby takes full custody of his child because the mother gave up her right to see their child.

Did Colby Brock get in a Car Crash?

No! Colby was never involved in a car accident. Rather, it was Colby O. Brock of Ponchatoula that was involved in the auto crash and not Colby Brock.

What is Colby Brock’s Zodiac Sign?

He was born on the 2nd of January,1997, so his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Colby Brock Full Profile

Full NameCole Robert Brock
Other NameColby Brock
Nick NameColby, Emo god, and Colbs
Net Worth$3 Million
Date of Birth2 January 1997
Age25 Years
Birth PlaceKansas, United States
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, YouTuber and Entertainer
Zodiac SignCapricorn
SchoolBlue Valley High School, Kansas, United States
College / UniversityLocal Private University, Los Angeles, California, United States
Education QualificationGraduate

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