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How to Enable and Disable Slide in PUBG Mobile

Follow our fast and easy steps to enable or disable the slide in PUBG Mobile as you please. The slide in PUBG Mobile is just the crouch that you do in TDM Mode. By this, if you press the crouch button, you find out that your avatar slides instead of crouching.

To enable or disable;

  • First, navigate to the setting.
  • Next, in the basic section, look for slide and then hit enable or disable as per your desire.
  • Mission accomplished.


How to Enable and Disable Slide in PUBG Mobile

 What to Know About Slide in PUBG on Mobile

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG) is the hit game on PC (and Xbox One). And it has also made its way to Android and iOS devices.

Since there is a difference in the platform, it becomes only logical that there exists a change or changes to the gameplay.

And we have provided a list of things you should be aware of with respect to slide in PUGB Mobile.

  • You can Customize your Controls.

In the default settings, you move with a virtual control stick on the left, and then you use your right thumb to control your aim. With the virtual buttons on the right side of your screen, you can fire, you can crouch, go prone, and access your backpack.

You can now choose to customize the layout of the virtual buttons by sliding them around, and then you can change their size and transparency. It is also possible to save multiple layouts presets. It is simply up to you to look for the button layout you know you are most comfortable with. After all, you want to bring on your A-game.

  • Take Advantage of your Map

For the mobile version of PUBG, you can place markers on the map, as well as you can also have a dotted line directing you straight to your marker from your current location, and the distance you are from it.

If you are observing your marker line while you are still in the plane, you will find out when is the best time to jump to get to your desired location.

Pay attention to the minimap in the top right of the screen as you play. The minimap can track gunfire and approaching vehicles.

When you hold down your left thumb while simultaneously moving your character around, you will see a running icon pop up, what you do here is to slide your thumb over the running icon. Bu doing this, your character will be locked into sprinting mode, and you will not have to continue holding down the button.

Also, grab and hold the camera/eye icon below your map,  drag it around to free look, and you do not have to change the direction you are running towards. This is particularly useful to keep opposing players in check and making yourself hard to hit.

  • Directional Feedback

Sound is crucial in PUBG, whether you are playing on PC or mobile. PUBG makes use of directional audio relative to the direction your camera is facing. Now, if you hear footsteps in your left headphone, it means that there is an enemy nearby to your left.

And if you do not have a pair of headphones, you do not need to worry. PUBG Mobile will give you additional visual information so you will not have to rely on audio cues. In case you get shot, you will see a hit-marker in the center of your screen as an indication of which direction the bullet came from.

  • Shoot with Both Hands

Whenever you are in combat, you will see a button to fire your weapon. You will see it as a bullet in a circle icon. It will appear on both the right and left sides of the screen. They serve the same function, so you will have to choose which side you prefer.

Still, our advice will be that you just might need to hold on to both because things can get cloudy.

You can move your phone to aim. If you prefer a different method of aiming, you can go into the settings and turn on the gyroscope. This will let you move your entire screen to aim your weapon.

This can be extremely useful, especially when you are sniping. What’s your general experience when using the slide in PUGB mobile? Kindly share it with us in the comment section.

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