How to Find Lost Android Phone without an App

Android phones are mini computer that makes life beautiful. With your Android phone by your side, you can do a lot without leaving the comfort of your home or office. However, when your Android phone is lost how do you trace it without an app?

The answer to that question is what you will learn in this post. I will share with you how to find a lost Android phone in this article today. So be ready to learn how to track your smartphone when it falls into the wrong hand.

Android offers a variety of ways to track lost Android phones. Off all the tricks to track Android phone location, lock the stolen Android phone, delete files on misplaced Android, and remove files from Android phone, the most popular approach is using Google find my phone feature.

With Google find my phone you can track and recover lost Android phones. Google find my phone is an important Google tool to find a lost phone location if the phone is not switched off. However, here in this article, I will share explicitly all procedures needed to find a lost Android phone without an app

Here in this post, we’d reveal to you how to find a lost Android phone without an app. To track a stolen phone the following requirements are necessary.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone without an App

The following are the basic requirement to find a lost Android phone without bothering yourself to install an Android phone tracker on the stolen device.

  • Your lost phone username and password
  • Internet connection
  • Fast browsers like Chrome
  • Ability to follow simple instruction
  • A computer [Windows or Mac]

Once you have the above requirement in place you can proceed to the next step to learn how to simply track a lost phone and ring it anywhere it is, display a warning message, and locate it unavailable location using Google find my phone.

How to Prepare your Android Phone for a Raining Day

They are some precautions that must be taken before your phone fall victim. This is what I called preparing your phone for the raining day. It’s easy to track and ring a lost Android phone without the app but some Android built-in feature must be enabled to work with the trick you will learn to find a lost Android phone in this article.

It’s not arithmetic or algebra, it’s a simple Android feature to enable phone location so you will be able to track the location of the device.

Google use your Android phone location for so many things, and one of such is the popular Google find my phone feature that enables to find a lost or stolen Android phone without using Android phone tracker or Google smart lock to lock your Android phone when misplaced.

  • First, download and install Google find my phone app from play store if your Android phone uses a lesser version of Android OS like Kitkat or jelly bean.

For Android Lollipop to Android Oreo, the feature is already hidden on your phone but you need to access and activate it to be able to use the feature in case your Android phone falls into the wrong hand.

To enable or turn on Google find mu phone on Android 5.1 to Android 10 follow the procedures below.

  • Swipe your phone screen and click the phone settings gear icon
  • Click on the security option and click Administration from the list of options
  • Click to activate “Find my Phone” to activate the feature on your phone
  • Navigate back to the main settings interface and enable phone location
  • Click  on mode and select high accuracy from the list
  • Navigate back and tap Google location history
  • Click to the two option on Google location history and hit the back button

Find a lost Android Phone

Congratulations, you have just achieved the tedious part of the guide. This procedure actually prepared your phone against when you misplace it so you can easily use the Google track my phone feature the easiest way.

Proceed to the next guide below is how to find a lost Android phone without an app using Google smart feature called Google find my phone.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone

This procedure requires you to be able to login to the Gmail account you linked to your Android phone. You must be able to login to your Gmail account on any device you want to use to track the lost phone without using a tracker.

1. Go to Google Homepage using any browser. Here I’ll visit Google Homepage using Google own browser, Google Chrome, and log in to your Gmail account.

2. Type “Find My Phone” in the search column and hit the “Google search”

Find a lost Android Phone

3.  Click the login on Google’s map and sign into the Gmail linked to the lost Android phone

Find a lost Android Phone

4. At this point, you have three options to choose how to find your lost Android phone. You may choose to ring it, lock the phone, erase your data on the phone.

find a lost Android phone

5. Click on play sound to find the lost Android phone as this feature will help ring your phone wherever it’s. The ringing will continue for 5 minutes unstopped unless the phone is switched off.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone Using the Life360 app

Life360 app is an app tracker to track lost phones. The Life360 app works as a master key to link all family phones together to find and rover lost phones that are added to the Life360 phone finder app.

  • Download and install the Life360 phone finder app.
  • Launch the Life360 app from your phone app menu.
  • Click on “Get Started” on the welcome screen.
  • Enter the phone number you want to track when lost or misplaced.
  • You need to create a unique password for your account.
  • Enter your email address, and name, and upload your display picture.
  • Grant the Life360 app permission to access your location and turn on “Allow all the time” to put the app in a stand mode to access uour location in terms of an emergency.
  • Create a new circle to add family members or join an existing circle that’s created by your family member.
  • On the “Create a new circle” tap on “+” and click on “invite.” An invitation code to invite members to the circle will appear, now, share the code with all expected member of the circle.
  • To let other members of your circle track your location navigate and tap “+” and tap on “Check-in.”
  • Now, add your current location to share your whereabouts with circle member.
  • Now, navigate to the app home screen and click on safety >>trigger help alert. This will prompt to send an emergency alert to all circle member after 10 seconds and to all contacts.

There are more features to get to know with this Google find my phone app if lost or misplaced on you are not in a safe location.

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