How to Fix AirPlay not Working on Roku TV

Did Airplay suddenly stop working on your Roku TV? It can be very frustrating when AirPlay won’t work on your Roku as it should. However, you don’t need to work yourself up, as the issue is temporary and can be solved with simple troubleshooting steps. Read on to unveil how to fix Airplay not working on Roku TV. 

The Roku system offers unlimited apps at your fingertip, and many Roku devices can support Airplay. Roku also allows users to customize their TV experience, and the fun is endless once AirPlay is included in this mix. But even with all these features, what do you do when Airplay suddenly stops working on your Roku TV?

Airplay not working on Roku TV is usually network or software-related. If your Roku Airplay doesn’t work either, ensure your TV is running the latest version of Roku OS and all devices are connected to the same wifi network; you can reboot both devices and verify that Roku device Airplay is enabled.

Apple’s AirPlay has screen mirroring and wireless streaming features. With the aid of wifi, you can share audio, video, photos, and device screens, and you can also use AirPlay 2 from the Control Center on your iPhone. AirPlay works excellently well most of the time, but what happens when AirPlay won’t connect? If you are wondering how to get out of this dilemma, keep scrolling until you get to the end of this post.

With AirPlay, Roku users can reflect the screen of other intelligent devices directly on their Roku devices within a few seconds. Still, if this feature won’t work for you, several proven fixes have been stated in this post that will help you fix Airplay not working on Roku TV. AirPlay not Working on Roku TV

Why is AirPlay suddenly not working on Roku TV?

AirPlay issues on Roku are usually caused by several factors, such as your Roku, iOS device, or internet connection. Note that most AirPlay problems are also internet-related and are temporary issues that a simple restart or a reset can solve.

Not all the Roku TV series support the Airplay feature but the Roku TV series 8, 6, 5, 4, and 3 support AirPlay, but the software may need to be updated. Your Roku TV or Roku devices must be running on Roku OS 9.4 (or 10, depending on the version) or higher, while your IOS version has to be at least 12.3. 

Once you don’t see any option for Airplay on your Roku TV settings, it’s possible that your Roku does not support Airplay. If you keep getting a black screen or video playback error, your AirPlay is not working. In other words, you can’t pair your Roku TV with AirPlay if the device is not compatible. Other common reasons why Airplay suddenly stops working on Roku TV are:

  • Weak internet connection.
  • Unsupported device.
  • Outdated or old Roku TV software.
  • The vast distance between the Apple device and Roku TV.
  • Firewall protection on Mac has been enabled. 
  • Roku and Apple devices are connected to different networks.
  • If your Roku is a bit old, it may not have support for AirPlay, even when it’s updated with the latest Roku OS.

You can find AirPlay available on most Roku devices that support 4K. Any of the abovementioned factors can suddenly cause Airplay to stop working on your Roku TV.

Why can’t I AirPlay from my iPhone to my Roku TV?

Since AirPlay functions when a wifi connection is on, Apple also says that your Bluetooth must be on. To AirPlay from your iPhone to Roku TV, you must ensure both devices are connected to the same wifi network. 

Once you discover that one of the devices is logged into a different network, ensure to sign out immediately and connect to the right one.

You can restart or reset your Roku device if you can’t still Airplay from your iPhone to your Roku TV. Reverify that you accurately set up AirPlay on your devices. Finally, you can restart your Router or modem. This should fix the issue of why can’t I Airplay from my iPhone to my Roku TV. AirPlay not Working on Roku TV

How to Fix Airplay not Working on Roku TV

AirPlay issues on Roku TV can occur due to several factors, such as network issues, temporary glitches on Roku, and many more. While trying to detect why Airplay won’t work on your Roku TV, below are simple fixes you can try out. 

To fix Airplay not working on Roku TV, ensure your Apple device and Roku TV are on the same wifi network, check the compatibility of the devices, update Roku OS, use the Roku remote instead of the App, reboot your Router, reset your network connection, reset paired devices, enable fast TV start, turn on AirPlay, and finally, do a factory reset. Follow the detailed steps below:

Restart your Roku TV

Restarting may sound very obvious, but it’s work trying. Disconnecting your TV and your Roku streaming device (if you have one) is the fastest way to get AirPlay working again. If your TV has Roku built in, disconnect your TV.

Restarting your Roku TV can solve many temporary issues related to AirPlay. This is always a good first start for most gadgets’ fixes. Ensure to wait a few seconds once it’s turned off before you turn it back on.

AirPlay won’t work if there is a problem with your Roku TV. At times, the device might lag or freeze because of unknown malfunctions. Peradventure you used it for a long time and didn’t turn it off, the device might overheat. In this case, you can System restart the Roku TV to fix the issue.

Note that System restarting is completely different from just long-pressing on the on/off button of the remote to restart. Follow the steps below to reset your Roku TV:

  • Tap the Home button on your Roku TV remote.
  • Navigate to Settings >> System >> Power
  • Tap on System Restart.
  • Finally, click on Restart.

That’s it! Your Roku TV has been successfully restarted. See if Airplay not working on Roku TV has been fixed. If not, check out the next fix below. 

Reboot Router and Modem

Since AirPlay relies solely on wifi, if you don’t have solid network connectivity, this might be why your AirPlay is not working with Roku TV.

Restarting your Router or modem is another way to fix temporary issues related to your home network. Your Router can be the problem.

Quickly reboot your Router, as this usually fixes network issues and can improve your overall connection and performance. Follow the steps below:

  • Disconnect your Router from the power outlet.
  • Wait for about 60 seconds, then reconnect it back.
  • All the devices on your network will automatically reconnect.

Hopefully, AirPlay should work with restarting your Router or modem. You might also need to upgrade your Router if it’s more than 5 years old.

Check the Compatibility of your Device

Another reason why Airplay won’t work on Roku TV is that the device is not compatible with AirPlay. You can go to their official webpage to check the system requirements for AirPlay on Roku TV.

Also, Apple devices (iPhone/iPad) must have iOS 12.3 or higher, while macOS Mojave must have 10.14.5 or higher software versions for AirPlay 2. Check your software version for both Roku TV and Apple devices. Follow the given steps below: 

On Roku TV

  • Tap the Home button on your Roku TV.
  • Navigate to Settings >> System.
  • Now, click on About.

You will see the basic information you need there. 

On Apple Device 

  • For iPad/iPhone, go to Settings >> General >> About
  • For Mac, tap on the Apple menu >> About This Mac.AirPlay not Working on Roku TV

Enable Fast TV start

Until you have turned on the Fast TV Start on your Roku TV, you can not stream AirPlay. Once you switch off your TV, AirPlay may not stay connected to your network connection. Thus, you will need to enable this feature to use AirPlay on your Roku TV. Follow the steps below:

On Roku TV

  • Tap on the Home button on your Roku TV remote.
  • Select Settings >> System >> Power.
  • Tap on Fast TV Start.
  • Finally, click on the box to enable “Fast TV Start.”

On Roku Streambar

  • Click on the Home button on your Roku TV remote.
  • Navigate to Settings >> System >> Power.
  • Tap on Fast start.
  • Now, click on the box to enable ‘Fast Start.’

Check if the Airplay not working on Roku TV issue has been fixed. If not, try the following fix below.AirPlay not Working on Roku TV

Ensure Apple device and Roku TV are connected to the same network

Since AirPlay only works when all the devices are connected to the same network, you need to ensure all devices are connected to just the same internet connection. 

Most routers now have the “dual-band” radio signals feature. This feature enables you to connect devices in your home to two different networks (which could be the 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz network).

Using two different networks allows for faster speed and flexibility. The dual bands solve connection issues and interferences while providing more stability overall.

However, using 2 separate networks can cause issues with AirPlay on Roku, especially if your Roku is connected to the 2.4 GHz network. In contrast, your Apple device is connected to the 5.0 GHz network (for instance).

This process only requires a few seconds; check to confirm that Roku and your Apple device are on the same wifi network!

Ensure that Airplay is enabled on your device

In some cases, AirPlay not working on Roku TV may be caused because AirPlay on your Roku has been disabled! Follow the steps below to check:

  • Tap on Home on your Roku remote.
  • Open Settings >> Apple AirPlay and HomeKit
  • Now, ensure that AirPlay is switched ON.
  • If you recently reset your TV to default, this might have disabled AirPlay.

Once you can’t see the Apple and AirPlay option, you may need to perform a software update on your Roku TV or device.AirPlay not Working on Roku TV

Update Roku Operating System

If your Roku software is not up to date, your Roku may run into many issues. To fix this issue, check for any new Roku OS updates in the settings Menu.

Since your Roku TV device updates to the most recent version automatically by default, there may be instances when you need to do it manually. Updating the Roku TV device should solve AirPlay, not working issues. Follow the steps below:

  • Tap the Home button on your Roku TV remote.
  • Scroll down until you see Settings >> System >> System Update.
  • Tap on Check Now (your Roku TV device will automatically download and install all available updates).
  • Your Roku TV will restart once the update has been completed.

Ensure you update your Roku regularly to keep up with the latest software. Doing this guarantees that the Apple AirPlay remains compatible with your Roku TV. You can also go ahead to get an update on your Apple device.

Turn Off the Firewall Protection

If AirPlay doesn’t work on Roku TV while streaming from Mac, you can disable the Firewall of Mac. Do you know that Firewall protection on your Mac blocks all incoming connections from unauthorized programs or services? Well, now you know. Go ahead to enable connection requests from your TV, and you must turn off the firewall protection. Check out the steps given below to turn off Firewall protection:

  • Go to Apple Menu.
  • Tap on System Preferences >> Security and Privacy.
  • Finally, go to the Firewall tab and select Turn off Firewall.

Now, you have successfully disabled Firewall protection. This should fix AirPlay not working on Roku TV. However, if it didn’t, proceed to the next fix.

Reset Roku’s Network Connection

If your Roku TV won’t still connect to AirPlay, another option is resetting Roku’s network connection. Although the location in the Settings slightly varies depending on your device. Follow the steps below to reset the network connection:

  • Open the Settings Menu, and scroll down to System.
  • Choose Advanced System Settings.
  • You will see an option that says Network Connection Reset in this Menu. 

Once you have successfully confirmed that the network connection is reset, the Roku will restart, and you can now reconnect to your wifi network. This process will also reset any wired network connections. 

You can as well reset your Apple device’s network connection. You can quickly locate the option “Reset Network Setting” in your phone’s connectivity settings. 

For iPhones, navigate to Settings >> General >> Transfer or Reset >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings. Resetting Roku’s network connection should fix Airplay not working on Roku TV. AirPlay not Working on Roku TV

Use the Roku remote instead of the App.

You can control most Roku devices via an app on your phone. Some users discovered that AirPlay refuses to work once you simultaneously control the TV with the Roku app on your phone.

The fix to this issue is to stop using the App as a remote and simply use the remote that came with the Roku to change the Settings instead. 

An alternate way to fix this issue is to close the Roku app on your phone before connecting to AirPlay again.  

Reset Paired Devices

Resetting paired devices can also fix AirPlay not working on Roku TV issues. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Tap the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Go to Settings and choose Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.
  • Click on the Require Code option and scroll down to Reset Paired Devices.

Once you have successfully reset paired devices, all previously connected devices will be forgotten, and you will have to reconnect them. It can sometimes fix the issues with AirPlay. This should solve Airplay not working on Roku TV problem.

Do a Factory Reset on Roku TV

While factory reset may be a last resort, it can fix any issues on the existing Roku system’s software. This process is relatively straightforward, you don’t need to worry about resetting your Roku, but you will have to go through the process of configuring your settings and installing updates again.

To reset your Roku TV to its factory settings, follow the steps below:

  • Tap on the Home button on your remote.
  • Navigate to Settings >> System >> Advanced System >> Settings >> Factory Reset.
  • Input the four-digit code displayed on the screen.
  • Tap OK on your remote.
  • Finally, your TV will turn off and then turn on again, showing the initial setup screen.

If you don’t have a remote to perform the factory reset process, look behind your TV; you will see a reset button there; press it to factory reset your TV! Although not all models have this feature, once you press and hold this button for about 15 seconds in case your TV has, you are good to go.

Contact Roku or Apple Support

Well, it’s unlikely all the above fixes have not solved your issue regarding Airplay not working on Roku TV. However, if the problem persists, you can contact a representative from either Apple or Roku company. They will let you know if there’s something faulty or another way to fix the issue. AirPlay not Working on Roku TV

How to Setup AirPlay on a Roku TV

Setting up AirPlay on Roku TV involves simple steps. You can use AirPlay to control and cast media on your Roku TV. To begin, ensure your Roku TV is on the latest update. Follow the steps below:

  • Tap the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Go to Settings and choose Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.
  • Switch AirPlay on and choose the option you want for when you need to connect with a code (the First-Time Only option is recommended).
  • Open the quick actions Menu by swiping down the top bar on your Apple device.
  • Click on Screen Mirroring, and your Roku device will show on the list.
  • Click on the device you wish to connect to, and a code will be displayed on your TV.
  • Enter the code into your phone, and screen mirroring will start immediately, which shows you are successfully connected. 

If you want to use apps like YouTube, open any random video, click on the casting icon at the top right corner, and choose your Roku TV. You should be able to hear the audio from your TV, not your phone.

I hope this article has been able to find a lasting solution to the problem of Airplay not working on Roku TV. Feel free to comment on which troubleshooting methods worked for you in the section below. 

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