How to Fix Error Code 2063 on Amazon Prime

There are tons of errors you can run into on Amazon. Few of these errors include error 3565, which indicates a problem with prime video payment, Amazon error code 9345, which will notify you that you are unable to use Amazon on our smart TV such as Samsung. However, the trending Amazon Prime error is the error code 2063 Amazon you encounter when you want to rent or purchase a move on Amazon Prime

What is Error Code 2063 on Amazon?

Amazon prime error code 2063 is an error you encountered when you are not permitted to rent or purchase a movie on Prime video. The code 2063 Amazon is attributed to unavailable movies for rent or purchase in a particular location at check out.

Can’t Rent Movies on Amazon Prime

When the error code 2063 pops on your Amazon Prime account at the point of purchase or rent, you will no longer be able to complete the transaction, and the movie will not be available in your rent or purchase further.

 When you encounter this error, this is no particular solution to fix it yet. However, the only solution to resolve to is to contact Amazon Prime customer care representative to cancel the transaction and refund your money if you have been charged.

When the error code 2063 occurs on your Amazon account, you won’t see it in your digital purchase in your account dashboard. Meanwhile, the movie you want to rent that says “can’t rent a movie” will be available on “my TV” but will not be displayed when you log into your account.

How to Fix Error Code 2063 on Amazon

Here is what we advise people to do when they are unable to rent or purchase movies on Amazon Prime with error code 2063.

  • Go to Amazon Contact support or help.
  • Sign in to your account with your email and password.Error Code Amazon 2063
  • Select the movie title that is returning error code 2063.
  • Click on cancel order.
  • Done

Following the procedures above, the order you selected will be canceled, and your money will be refunded. However, if you are unable to complete the procedures above, contact Amazon customer help and request for cancellation.

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