How to Fix iPhone Unavailable Error

Since it’s almost impossible to unlock an iPhone without a password, you must use the correct password and also avoid entering it wrongly at different times as this can lead to the iPhone Unavailable lock screen error message. Follow this post to the end to learn how to fix the iPhone unavailable errors.

After your iPhone becomes unavailable, you are done trying. It’s a wonderful security precaution in case your iPhone ends up in the wrong hands because you can’t access it unless you set it to delete every setting and piece of content on the device.

Apple has stated that users can regain access to their inaccessible iPhones; however, the process will erase all data on the device and reset it to factory settings. Fortunately, you can restore your files from a previous backup or download anything from iCloud that you’ve synced with your iPhone.fix iPhone Unavailable

What Causes iPhone Unavailable Error?

You will have five chances to enter the passcode if your iPhone does have a lock code. Your iPhone will become inaccessible if any one of the 5 tries is unsuccessful. You will also see a notice on the screen saying “iPhone Unavailable, try again in 1 minute” there.

The sixth incorrect guess will lock you out for about 5 minutes if you keep trying to guess the passcode. The eighth one takes 15 minutes. The longer the time between tries, the more you guess. Once it happens ten times, your iPhone locks you out permanently. You will either see the statement “iPhone Unavailable” or “iPhone Security Lockout” on the screen, along with the option to “Erase iPhone,” without a timer.

This problem of the iPhone being unavailable can arise for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • The iPhone Unavailable message appears only when you use the incorrect password to unlock your iPhone. You have several attempts before the first iPhone Unavailable screen appears.
  • You may have forgotten your password.
  • Someone may have gained access to your device, or a bad friend may be playing a prank on you.

Whatever caused your iPhone Unavailable screen to appear, you can resolve it using the recommendations in this article.fix iPhone Unavailable

How Long Does the iPhone Unavailable Notification Last on the Screen?

The length of the iPhone Unavailable notification depends on how many consecutive times you have entered an incorrect password. Check out the following:

  • The error message “iPhone Unavailable, try again in 1 minute” will appear after five attempts.
  • The error message “iPhone Unavailable, try again in 5 minutes” will appear after six attempts.
  • The error message “iPhone Unavailable, try again in 15 minutes” will appear after 7 attempts.
  • The error message “iPhone Unavailable, try again in 60 minutes” will appear after 8 or 9 attempts.
  • The phrase “iPhone Unavailable” will appear after 10 tries, but no countdown will be visible. This implies that unless you reset your iPhone, it will always be locked.

This will avail you the opportunity to remember your password without giving you an endless number of chances to try it.fix iPhone Unavailable

How to Fix iPhone Unavailable Error

There are four easy ways to get back into your iPhone, some of them will cost you the data stored there. However, using third-party software or program to unlock an iPhone is the simplest option.

You will not only have less work to do, but you will also benefit from having an experienced development team working on your iPhone:

Fix iPhone Unavailable by Directly Tapping the Erase Option on the Screen (For iOS 15.2 or later)

You will get the iPhone Unavailable or Security Lockout notice as well as the wipe iPhone option if you forget your iPhone’s passcode and repeatedly type the erroneous passcode. An option to reset the phone from the lock screen is provided by Apple.

You must have your Apple ID password ready, have iOS 15.2 or a later version installed on your iPhone, and be connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network. If not, the iPhone Unavailable no Erase option will appear. Follow the steps below:

  • The Erase iPhone option may be found in the bottom right corner after continuing to enter the passcode.
  • You will receive a warning once you tap on it about losing data and deleting your iPhone. Do it now.
  • Type in the password for your Apple ID. The process of erasure will then start. When finished, you can configure it as a new device.

That’s it! Try the next solution if this doesn’t fix iPhone unavailable error.fix iPhone Unavailable

Fix iPhone Unavailable using Tenorshare 4uKey without Passcode

One of the best iPhone unlocking tools available is Tenorshare 4uKey. This program has several capabilities that enable iPhone users to do more than just unlock their devices.

Tenorshare 4uKey, for instance, may help you circumvent the MDM screen for corporate users, delete an Apple ID without a password, and restore an iPhone that has been disabled without iTunes. You don’t even need your Apple ID to complete the operation; you only need to follow a few easy steps below to get back into your device:

  • Launching 4uKey on a computer is the first step, click on the “Start” button.
  • The iPhone and computer should be connected. After reading the notes, click “Next” to continue.
  • You can download 4uKey to whatever location you like on the PC, and it will sync with the most recent iOS firmware.
  • The forgotten passcode can then be removed after that, although, it takes some time.
  • Your passcode will be disabled in a short while, and any iPhone Unavailable messages will vanish.

That’s it!

Fix iPhone Unavailable via iTunes

The third option is to use iTunes to reset your phone to factory settings once iPhone claims it is unavailable. Yet occasionally, if your iPhone is locked, iTunes won’t recognize it. The steps listed below can be used in this situation:

  • Put your iPhone in recovery mode.
  • Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer once it is in recovery mode.
  • A pop-up with the choice to update or restore your device will appear as a result.
  • In order to unlock your iPhone, click on Restore.
  • This will completely wipe out all of the data on your device and perform a factory reset so you can start over with a new password.

This function enables you to upgrade the firmware on your iPhone as well.

Fix iPhone Unavailable using Find My iPhone

Using the Find My iPhone option doesn’t require downloading any firmware to complete it. You can use the Find My iPhone in iCloud to delete your iPhone and bypass the iPhone unavailable screen error. Follow the steps below to fix iPhone unavailable error:

  • Click on Find iPhone after visiting the iCloud website and signing into your account.
  • At the top of the screen, select All Devices and look for the locked iPhone you are trying to unlock.
  • After selection, click on Erase iPhone and wait for the process to be completed.

This will completely erase the iPhone Unavailable message and factory reset your iPhone, just like the other examples on this list. Your gadget can be completely set up as usual.fix iPhone unavailable

How to fix iPhone Unavailable Error without Losing Data

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix iPhone Unavailable errors without either revealing the device’s original password or wiping off all of its data. This is primarily due to privacy, which Apple takes very seriously.

You can be ready for problems like the iPhone Unavailable notice, though, if you regularly back up your iPhone using a program like Tenorshare iCareFone.

Losing access to your iPhone is extremely unpleasant, but it’s for the best. Your confidential files won’t be accessible to anybody else, even if the device is stolen from you. Also, without your iCloud ID, no one can delete the data from your iPhone.

Use the methods listed above to unlock your iPhone unavailable error message quickly. Next time, ensure you create a passcode that is simple to remember to avoid this problem.

Moreover, Tenorshare 4uKey, which has the fewest restrictions, is highly recommended for fixing iPhone’s unavailable issues.

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