How to Unlock iCloud-Locked iPhones using

It’s almost impossible to unlock iCloud-locked iPhone. Most especially when you do not have access to the iCloud account that locked your access from the iPhone.

However, when you find yourself in this mess, to unlock your iCloud-locked iPhone can be really frustrating and almost unachievable.

When you are locked out using iCloud it implies that someone else has access to the phone activation lock also known as an iCloud lock.

However, before you start bothering yourself on how to unlock iPhone locked with iCloud it is better to get yourself familiar with what it means to lock your iPhone with an iCloud account you do not control and how best to fix it.

What is iCloud-Lock?

Unlock iCloud

You may want to ask, what an iCloud-lock iPhone is all about and why it’s very hard to unlock.

iCloud-lock start with iPhone iOS 7 to prevent the phone from being useful when it falls into a wrong hand. You can also call this an iPhone activation lock.

Apple also introduced “find my phone”. However, the Apple activation lock is enabled automatically whenever users enable the iPhone “find my phone” feature.

The potency of the iPhone activation lock is that it cannot be unlocked without the lock access. You cannot log in another iCloud account on the iPhone without removing the old iCloud account from it.

The iCloud lock has proven to be a worthy measure iPhone anti-theft protector. And the iPhone will remain unlocked even when it falls into the right hand since the Apple ID username and password is required to unlock access to the device.

Why are you Locked out on your iPhone?

Apple Activation Lock

If you purchase a second-hand iPhone and the phone is still locked to the first user’s iCloud account, then, you need to start smelling there is a problem.

This simply means that when your iPhone is locked with iCloud from the previous user, there is no how hard you can try to access it. Even when you rest your iPhone, the lock is still necessary to unlock it.

Since the previous owner still has control over it via the iCloud account, the old user can still control it. Once this happens, you cannot access the iPhone.

However, if you are the owner of an iPhone that is locked with iCloud, it calls for another explanation.

However, when you are not able to access your iPhone due to a lock by iCloud from the old user, there is just one solution to it except for the use of a 3rd party service to unlock an iCloud-locked iPhone.

Is my iPhone Locked with iCloud?

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If you buy your iPhone new you cannot experience the activation lock problem. However, if you see the Activation Lock on your phone when you swipe up the screen and it requires user’s Apple username and password to access the home screen, then, your iPhone is locked with iCloud.

How to Unlock iCloud-locked iPhone

Remove iCloud lock activation code

The Apple iCloud lock is a powerful feature that cannot be easily bypassed or hacked down. However, for a refurbished iPhone with an activation lock, here is a suggested solution to unlock your iPhone.

However, it’s easier when you are locked on your own iCloud account which you probably do not know the username or password or forgot the username or password.

However, if the iCloud lock is from another user other than you the current owner, this is what you should do to remove the iCloud lock from the iPhone.

Note: If the previous owner is not ready to give you the Apple ID and password, it may be a bit difficult. But, if the user is nearest to you, this is the next thing to do.

1. Contact the previous owner and ask them to enter the Apple ID username and password

2. You will be able to access the iPhone home screen and settings where you can tamper with the settings.

3. Go to Settings > iCloud > Sign Out on your iOS 10.1 or  Settings > [your name] > Sign Out. on iOS 10.2

4. Ask the previous user to re-enter the Apple ID username and password, and click on sign out on iOS 10.2 or earlier version and click on turn off on iOS10.3 or later and then tap on delete from my iPhone to delete the iCloud account from your iPhone.

5. Go to  Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to erase the iPhone and restore it to a new one.

At this point, you will be able to take total control over the iPhone and you can now set your own iCloud lock.

Erase iPhone Account from all Device

Erase from iPhone

The above steps are very easy to achieve to take control over your iPhone that was previously locked with iCloud.

However, in a situation whereby you do not have access to the previous user but the user is ready to render a million help to make sure the iCloud lock is removed. Here is what you should do.

1. Contact the iPhone seller and ask the seller to go to and sign into his or her iCloud account using the Apple ID username and password associated with the old iPhone.

2. Click on the Apple “find my iPhone” option

3. Tap on All devices and then click on the name of the iPhone that is locked with iCloud.

4. Ask the previous user to click on Erase iPhone

5. Finally, instruct the user to click on Remove from Account so that his Apple activation lock is totally removed from the iPhone in your possession.

Once this is done, the Activation lock on the screen will be gone once you restart the phone and you can not access the iPhone home screen, set your own iCloud lock and you are good.

These are the two genuine way to unlock iCloud-iPhone. However, if you are unable to get to the owner of the iCloud account that locks down your iPhone and prevents you from access the device, then, you are probably done with no solution to fix it.

Some people suggested using a 3rd party service to unlock your iPhone if you are unable to find a solution to it from the previous owner, this is worth trying but definitely not for free.

Another approach is to contact Apple about the development. However, for Apple to unlock the iPhone, you have to prove beyond every reasonable doubt that you are the owner of the device by providing your payment proof.

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