How to Fix LG TV Airplay Not Working

If you have issues with LG TV airplay not working with either of your apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod) devices then you should check this out. With your AirPlay not working with your LG TV then you will not be able to stream, share or cast your contents (videos, audios, pictures, and presentations) on your bigger LG TV screen.

The reason LG TV airplay not working on your device is mainly due to compatibility issues, WIFI connection issues, and using outdated firmware on your devices.

Here in this article, we would briefly discuss how to fix issues of LG TV airplay not working

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Why Is Airplay Not Working On LG TV

There are several reasons why you may be faced with LG TV airplay not working. Some of these reasons may include:

  • Your LG TV model is not compatible with airplay.
  • Not connecting your LG TV and Apple device on the same network.
  • The firewall is enabled on your device.
  • Failure to update your LG TV
  • Failure to Update your Apple device.
  • WIFI connection issues from your router/modem.

LG TV Airplay Not Working

LG TV Airplay Not Working

The following troubleshooting will help you to identify and fix your AirPlay not working on your LG TV.

Check Airplay Compatibility With Your LG TV

Failure to check if your LG TV is compatible with airplay is a very common mistake people make when trying to connect their device with airplay.

Although airplay is growing and some TV manufacturers have started to integrate airplay into their smart TV. You should check for the airplay symbol whenever you want to purchase a new TV. If you already bought your TV, you can check your owner manual to see if your device is airplay compatible.

Update Your LG TV

To avoid airplay issues on your LG TV, make sure you update the firmware of your LG TV to the latest version. Updating the firmware of your LG TV may help to prevent software glitches that are affecting your airplay connection.

There are two ways you can update the firmware of your LG TV. If you don’t have a smart LG TV you can update firmware manually by downloading the update file on onto a USB file.

To manually update your USB file:

  • Visit the software & drivers support page.
  • Enter your LG TV model number into the search bar.
  • Select the model of your LG TV from the drop-down list.
  • Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the PC.
  • Create a subfolder on the USB drive named LG_DTV.
  • Extract the zip file into the LG_DTV folder on the flash drive.
  • Eject and remove the USB drive from your computer after the extradition process is completed.
  • Now insert the USB into the USB port on your LG TV.
  • Now your LG TV will display USB update ready if you properly follow the step.
  • Click install.
  • Complete the update once the installation process is complete. Power off your LG TV, wait for at least 10 seconds then power back on to complete the update.

If you have a smart LG TV, you can update automatically over the internet. To automatically update :

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  • Navigate to settings > All settings > Support.
  • Select software update.
  • Select check for update, if an update is available download and install it on your LG TV.
  • To install the updated power off your LG TV, wait for at least 10 seconds then power back on or automatically set auto update to on.

Check Wi-Fi Network

Always ensure you connect your apple device and LG TV over the same Wi-Fi network. Make sure your Wi-Fi network is switched on and your airplay-compatible devices are connected to it. Although you don’t need to have an internet connection to airplay on your LG TV.

But if you want to stream movies and music via your streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, HBO max, etc. you would need to have an internet connection.

Make sure you follow these troubleshooting steps if you are connecting over a router or modem:

  • Restart your Modem/Router: When you encounter issues of LG TV airplay not working, it may be a temporary issue with your Wi-Fi connection therefore you should restart your modem/Router by simply switching it off and on.
  • Power cycle modem/router: A power cycle gives your WIFI network a boost, by getting rid of issues that were previously bogging it down. To perform a power cycle: Unplug your modem then wait for at least 30 seconds, before you plug it back in.
  • Update your router/modem firmware: You should check with your internet service provider to make sure that the firmware of your router is up to date.

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Check For Firewall Restrictions

If you enable firewall restrictions on either your LG TV or apple device, you may encounter issues of LG TV airplay not working. Ensure you disable firewall restrictions that can prevent you from gaining access to airplay some of your contents on your LG TV whenever you are trying to airplay. In case you still like the firewall to be on, you can filter its settings by specifying additional security features.

Restart Your LG TV

If you are experiencing airplay not working issues on your TV, then you should restart your TV device. Restarting your device should help you to solve temporary connection problems.

  • Press and hold the power off button on your LG TV.
  • Remove the power cord.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Plug the power cord back in and switch on your TV device.

Factory Reset Your LG TV 

Performing a reset on your LG TV returns your device to its original settings. This helps to fix a lot of issues including connectivity issues with airplay.

To reset your LG TV press the smart button on your remote control, and click the gear icon in the top right. Select general > Reset initial settings. Once the reset is complete, you will begin the setup process from the start.

LG TV Airplay Not Working

Reset Your Apple Device

At times your LG TV may fail to airplay if the issue is with your Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod) device. Since two devices are required to airplay, therefore you shouldn’t neglect to check your apple device. It may also develop connectivity issues that can lead to LG TV airplay not working. Simply turning off and on your apple device, can help you to fix connectivity issues.

How Do I Turn On Airplay On My LG TV

If your model of LG TV supports airplay, you can proceed with these steps to airplay on your LG TV:

  • Click the gear button on your LG remote control to access your home menu bar.
  • Locate and click on the Network icon.
  • Choose and select the same WIFI connection network as with your iPhone.
  • Click the Home button on your LG TV remote.
  • Locate the airplay icon on the home dashboard of your LG TV.
  • Turn on airplay before you request an authentication code.
  • Now open up your apple device.
  • Swipe down from the top of your apple screen. A settings menu will slide down.
  • Press the Screen mirror icon. Your LG TV should appear along with other available screen mirroring options on your Apple device.
  • Select the name of your LG TV.
  • Enter into your phone airplay menu an authentication code, that appears on your TV screen when prompted.

Why Is My LG TV Not Picking Up Airplay

Why Is My LG TV Not Picking Up Airplay

If Airplay is not working on LG TV, make sure that your LG TV is airplay compatible. Next, ensure you turn on your devices and make sure they are closer to each other. Lastly, ensure both airplay compatible devices are connected to the same WIFI network connection.

Why Is Airplay Suddenly Not Working

The main reason why airplay may suddenly stop working on your LG TV is largely due to WIFI connection issues. Airplay connects mainly over your WIFI connection network and both devices must be connected over the same WIFI connection. If you noticed that one of your devices is connected over a different network ensure you log out of that WIFI and connect over the correct WIFI network.

Is LG Smart TV Airplay Compatible

Not all smart LG TV is airplay compatible, but these LG TV that would be listed are airplay compatible:

The model year 2020: OLED – RX, ZX, WX, GX, CX, BX series: UHD: UN Series, NANA Series.

The model Year 2019: OLED – R9, Z9, W9, E9, C9, B9 series; UHD: UM Series, SM Series.

The model Year 2018: OLED – B8, C8, E8, W8, Z8 Series : UHD: UK Series, SK Series.

Since LG and AirPlay are from different manufacturers/developers you may experience some glitches when pairing both devices. However, this is not to say that they can’t work together. With this guide, you should be able to resolve your LG TV AirPlay not working.

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