How to Fix LG TV Blinking Red Light

Most LG TV users usually have one or two problems such as  Blinking Red Light which shows three times and just shuts down without any prior notice when they get a new TV set. In this article, we have provided a few solutions to blinking red light problems you could be encountering on your LG TV set. Below are steps to fix LG TV blinking red light issues.

Getting a red blinking light on your LG TV could mean several things, for instance, your LG TV might just be blinking without any color of light, while you could have if your LG TV blinked red light three times.

Red light is the most common light used for these errors. For this article, our major spotlight is on how to fix LG TV blinking red light. There is usually a display of a solid red light when most TVs are turned off but receive power.

There’s an internal malfunction once there is a consistent blinking light on your LG TV. The colors of this blinking light vary with different TV models. A factory reset can stop software errors caused by a power outage. Else, damaged motherboards will need to be repaired or might be replaced.

Normally, there is a small light at the front of every LG TV that occasionally blinks. This blinking however is usually short-lived as the TV comes up or when you use the remote. But when your TV light starts blinking on its own and won’t stop, you should know it is trying to pass across something to you. Below are guidelines that explain why your LG TV light is blinking to find the best solution to it.

When you notice the blinking light on your TV set, this means that a serious fault with the internal hardware has been detected. Normally, the TV won’t turn on but will alert you with the blinking red light. The following are the key components within your TV: Power Board, Motherboard/Mainboard, T-Con Board, Inverter Board, and WiFi chip.Fix LG TV blinking red light

It’s the power board that usually causes this red light blinking issue. Though, sometimes other components may be broken, which the TV can also detect. Sometimes a power outage can make an error within the TV that makes it looks like there is hardware damage when in real sense there is not.

Below are ways to fix the problem of blinking red light on your LG TV set:

Do a Hard Reset

Performing a hard reset will help clear small errors from the TV’s memory, but is one of the only options if the screen is not coming up. This reset will also help secure all of your downloaded content and saved preferences. Follow the steps below to do the hard reset:

  • Switched off the TV and remove all connected devices.
  • Disconnect the TV from its power source.
  • Press the power button down on the TV (not the remote control) for about half a minute.
  • Switch on the TV back after 10 minutes.
  • Ensure the TV is working perfectly and reconnect all disconnected devices.

If the hard reset process didn’t work for you, try a factory reset. 

Do a Factory Reset

Doing a factory reset will erase all downloaded content and your saved preferences unlike performing a hard reset, so it is not usually recommended unless you are left with no other option.

Although, if you detect a hardware issue, it is easier to fix than opening the back of your TV. Follow the guidelines below step-by-step:

  • On your remote control, press the ‘Home’ button.
  • Go to ‘Settings > General > Reset to Initial Settings’.
  • Prompted to enter a code? Default code is usually ‘0000’ or ‘1234’.
  • Attest the factory reset has been done.
  • Hold on for the TV to fully reboot after a few minutes to see if it is working again.
  • To complete the setup, follow the on-screen instructions.

Fix LG TV Blinking Red Light Issue By Ensuring Your TV Is Not Overheated

Is your TV overheated? You are not sure because it also has the same indication as to if there were an internal failure of one of the circuit boards. With a flashing light, the TV will shut down to indicate there is a problem somewhere, but this is a mechanism to protect and prevent damage from the excess heat. Follow the steps below to ease the stress of overheating on your TV set: 

  • Perform a hard reset, mentioned above (the 10 minute period of waiting should help to cool the TV down). However, if it is still overheated, leave it unplugged for a night instead.
  • Determine why the TV is overheated in the first place.
  • Ensure the vents at the back of the TV are opened and free of dust. 
  • Consider moving your TV away from direct sun rays, or moving other connected devices away from the TV.

Try any of the solutions above to help you fix LG TV Blinking Red Light, we tried our best to assist in easing your LG TV issues. Feel free to drop a comment in the section below if you are facing any problems.




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