SOLVED! How to fix LG TV won’t Connect to WiFi

LG Electronics is a famous household name in the market, they are well known for top-notch and reliable products especially the picture quality of their TV brands. Even with all these, your LG TV won’t connect to Wifi due to several reasons which we will be walking you through in this post and how to fix the problems.

In case your LG TV is even a new one and you can’t connect to your home’s wifi network, you don’t need to worry as most LG users encounter similar issues, so you are not alone. This article will show you how to get your TV connected and allow you to enjoy all of its features without any limitations.

Although connecting LG TV to wifi seems very easy, you may get frustrated after you’ve tried all the possible solutions you know but your LG TV won’t connect to wifi still for some reason. Maybe you plugged in the ethernet cable and there was an instant connection but when you unplugged the cable and tried to use Wifi, you could not connect.

It’s possible your LG TV is not connecting to Wifi because of a few different reasons such as interference from other devices, the software may be outdated, or there may be a need to update the settings on your router! We have compiled a thorough article on reasons why your TV won’t connect to wifi and the fixes to solve the LG TV won’t connect to wifi problem.

Since a smart TV is an essential need in any home, it enables consumers to do everything they need to do on just one device instead of getting multiple devices. To get full access and enjoy the experience of streaming Netflix, it’s very important to match your connectivity speeds with the capabilities of your TV set. Read on as we put you through the causes and fixes on how to solve the issue of LG TV won’t connect to wifi.

LG TV won't connect to wifi  

Why is my LG TV not connecting to my Wifi?

There are several reasons why your LG TV won’t connect to your home Wifi network, ranging from software to hardware issues. Or either there is something wrong with the LG TV or the wifi connection itself.

A weak internet strength, busy network, or generic malfunction could also be the cause. The good news is that these issues can be easily resolved. The first thing you need to do is detect why your LG TV won’t connect to Wifi. Here are some of the most common reasons this occurs:

  • Check your TV’s connectivity access – Just like your smartphone, your smart TV also needs to be updated occasionally.
  • Wrong information on their network or a generic bug on the TV.
  • Too many devices are connected to the same Wifi network concurrently.
  • Check your LG TV’s time zone settings, the date and time settings may be wrong, and the LG TV won’t be able to connect to your Wifi network.
  • The firmware is old.
  • You have a weak signal.
  • Your LG TV might be too far away from the router, therefore the internet connection isn’t strong enough, check the Bandwidth.
  • Some heavy items like household electronics in your house may be causing interference.
  • In case you have other routers on exact frequency, these could be preventing your LG TV from connecting to the Wifi. 
  • Check if you entered the wrong Wifi password. Although this is not common, things like this can occur.

How to Fix LG TV won’t Connect to Wifi

Just before you fix LG TV won’t connect to Wifi issue, ensure that the wireless router is turned on and the TV is within range of the wireless router with minimal obstacles. For advanced users, make sure that the router is SSID Broadcast enabled. Try these simple methods to get your LG TV to connect to Wifi:

Check the Internet Connection

Once you discover your LG TV won’t connect to wifi, the first thing you should always do is check the internet connection. You don’t have to get technical yet.

Simply go to your router and ensure all the lights are blinking. They should all be blinking green. In case you see a red light, then something is wrong.

Another easy way to discover whether the LG TV or the router is causing issues is by checking your other devices. Once you notice that your phone and computer have an internet connection, but your LG TV won’t still connect, then the problem is with the TV.

However, if none of your devices can connect to the internet, then the issue is related to your router or modem.

Power Cycle LG TV

Power cycling is usually one of the first things to do when you experience any glitch that has to do with a wireless connection. An over-loaded Wifi network can cause a smart TV to display slow buffering or not be able to connect to Wifi, despite having a strong wireless signal. This usually occurs when the network has too many devices connected to it at the same time, causing it to struggle with bandwidth.

To fix this issue, remove all unnecessary connected devices and if possible, upgrade your router’s bandwidth. Follow the steps below to power cycle your LG TV:

  • Turn off the router and any other devices that are connected to it.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and turn the devices back on.
  • Switch on your LG TV and wait for a few more seconds before switching on the router.

In case you ever encounter lag or slow performance on your LG TV, try power cycling it. Just disconnect the power supply and wait a minute or so. Then connect it back in, as well as all of your accessories. Then turn it back on.LG TV won't connect to wifi

Change the Wifi Router Position

In case you are using your smart LG TV to watch streaming media, it’s essential to ensure that the device is connected to your Wifi network and that it’s also receiving a strong signal.

Wireless interference is one of the major reasons why your LG TV won’t connect to wifi once there’s a weak and unstable network connection. Common obstacles that interfere with your TV’s wireless connection include other wireless devices in use by neighbors and family members inside your home, obtrusion from multiple retailers or homes nearby, big metal objects like cars, etc.

You need to make sure your router is not positioned near any electronic devices that might interfere with its wireless signal, devices like baby monitors, cordless phones, or even computers should be kept far away.

Change the Date and Time Settings

Some LG TV models usually have a bug that causes the date and time to reset after a reboot. For instance, if your TV turns off and then comes back on, its clock may be blank. In case you encounter this, you have to set the time again.

Follow the steps below to change the time and date on your LG Smart TV manually:

  • Click on the Home button on your remote.
  • Select Settings from the Home Screen, followed by All Settings.
  • Navigate down to General, then choose Time & Date.
  • Tap Change Time Zone.
  • Tap Next to set your accurate time zone.

The date and time used by the device are set automatically. Ensure to select the correct time zone to avoid any misunderstandings. This should fix the LG TV won’t connect to wifi issue. 

Turn off Quick Start/ Simplink Features

Although not all LG TVs have the QuickStart feature, if yours does, it may help fix your connectivity issue to turn it off. To disable the Quickstart feature, follow the steps below:

  • Hold down the “Settings” button on your remote.
  • Select the “All Settings” option. 
  • Navigate to “General”.
  • Choose “Quick Start”.
  • Toggle on the QuickStart option and turn it off.
  • Power cycle the LG TV and test it to see if it can connect without having any issues.

Enabling the Simplink feature may also be the cause of your LG TV connectivity issues. If it’s enabled on your TV, you need to turn it off by following the steps below and test the connectivity again:

  • Tap the “Settings” on your remote.
  • Choose “All Settings”.
  • Navigate to “General”.
  • Then select “Simplink”.
  • Turn off the Simplink feature
  • Finally, power cycle the LG TV and test to see if it can connect without any problem.

While still in the Settings option and turn off any quick start options such as “Cinema Mode”“Simplink”, or “QuickStart”. This should fix the LG TV won’t connect to wifi issue. 

Perform a Smartphone Hot Spot Test

Do you have a smartphone that you can use as a hot spot? If yes, then try connecting your TV to the Wifi and see if it works. In case it doesn’t, then there is probably something wrong with the hardware of your LG Smart TV.

Hard-Line to the Modem

If you try connecting your TV directly to the router via an ethernet cable and it works, then you should know that the problem is with the wireless connectivity of your TV and there’s nothing wrong with your router or modem.Change DNS Settings on LG TV

Change DNS Settings

Are you trying to connect your smart LG TV to Wifi but it keeps disconnecting? Then, something is likely wrong with the DNS server. Connecting the TV to the wrong DNS server prevents it from accessing the internet and causes connection issues on your smart TV.

In case you are using an LG Smart TV with built-in Wifi, you may run into problems if the internet connection is poor. You need to configure DNS settings on your LG TV to prevent this from happening. Here’s how to configure DNS in LG TV, follow these steps:

  • Choose Settings >> Network & internet >> Network status >> Edit.
  • Under DNS server settings, choose Automatic, and then tap Enter.
  • Enter, and then tap Enter again to connect to the Internet.
  • Your LG TV will automatically synchronize with DNS.

That’s it! You have successfully configured DN in LG TV.

Reboot your router

In case you realized the problem is with your router or internet connection, it may be because you’ve been away from home for a while and you haven’t turned your device’s power off, and now it needs to reboot for a fresh connection.

Rebooting your router usually can reset any problem you might be facing. However, first, you must ensure that you have a working power supply because you may have to connect the router to the main power grid and switch it on, or peradventure you are using a battery-powered router, make sure the batteries are fully charged.

Next, search for a tiny button on the router case, this may be marked as “Router”“Reset”“WPS”, or something similar. Click on them to reset the router. In some cases, you may need to use a pin to insert.

WPS Pin method

In case you can’t still connect your LG TV to Wifi, you might be able to connect via the WPS Pin method by following these steps below:

  • Tap on the Home button on your remote control, then select Settings.
  • Choose Network and then Wifi connection.
  • Select the option Connect via WPS PIN, and then follow the instructions displayed on your TV screen to connect to your home Wifi network via the WPS Pin method.

Change Country Setting

At times, changing the country setting can fix the Wifi issue. To do this, follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to General >> LG Service Country.
  • Uncheck Set Location Automatically bullet.
  • Choose any other country apart from the one selected previously.
  • Tap on “Yes”.

Restart the LG TV and confirm that you can connect to Wifi without any issues. Now, switch back to your initial country setting manually by following the same steps above. Make sure that the Set country automatically setting is unchecked. That’s it!LG TV won't connect to wifi

Perform a Factory Reset

If none of the methods listed above has worked on your TV to fix the problem of LG TV won’t connect to wifi, then you can start all over again and ensure your TV has no corrupted data file.

Go ahead to factory reset your TV. A factory reset deletes everything and makes the device a new one, therefore if you want to save anything, ensure you back up your files. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Tap the Home button on your LG remote control.
  • Choose Setting >> All settings.
  • Select General >> Reset to Initial Settings.
  • Enter your password and continue with the account setup process.

Now, you can connect to Wifi easily! LG TV not connecting to WiFi is a common issue among all LG TV users.

Update the firmware on your LG TV to the latest version

In case you set up your TV accidentally or purposely to not have full access to your WiFi, it will disconnect whenever it’s turned off and could cause issues when it’s on for a constant connection.

Follow the steps below to update the firmware on your LG TV:

  • From Menu >> Settings >> General >> Network >> Network Status.
  • Click on Network Reset. 
  • Update the firmware on your TV to the most recent version. 
  • Switch off all firewalls as a test to ensure this is not causing issues. 
  • Go back to LG TV and try to connect to Wifi again.

That’s it, You have successfully updated the firmware on your LG TV to the latest version. The aforementioned steps are the most common method used to fix LG TV won’t connect to wifi.

LG TV won't connect to wifi

Is there a reset button on LG Smart TV?

To locate the reset button on LG smart TV, follow these steps:

  • Tap the Smart button on your remote control.
  • Click the Gear icon at the top right.
  • Then go to General >> Reset to Initial Settings.

What’s the smart button on LG remote?

The smart button on the LG remote helps to set the speed and shape of the pointer that appears on the TV screen. You can press the SMART button on the remote control and tap Settings, then navigate to the Option on the TV menu. Scroll down to the page and select the Pointer option

How do I reboot my LG smart TV?

Follow these steps to reboot your LG smart TV:

  • Locate the Power button on the TV and long press on it for about 10 seconds.
  • Once the TV turns off, disconnect it from the wall.
  • Then wait for at least 60 seconds for the power to cycle and complete the restart.
  • Connect the LG TV back in and turn it on.

That’s it! You have successfully performed a reboot on your LG smart TV.

How to reset network settings on LG TV

Do you have an LG V10 TV model, here’s how to reset the Network Settings, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Apps icon and select the Settings option.
  • Click on Backup and reset.
  • Select Network settings reset.
  • Click on Reset Settings (usually located at the bottom).
  • Once prompted, enter your PIN, password, pattern, or knock code.
  • Click on Reset settings.

You have succeeded in resetting network settings on LG TV.LG TV won't connect to wifi

How do I troubleshoot my LG TV?

The main purpose of troubleshooting is to determine if the TV has an issue and also to detect the exact issue. Follow the troubleshooting techniques below:

  • Disconnect your devices from power sources (Both modem/router and TV).
  • Connect the Modem or Router and TV back.
  • Be mindful of items that cause interference.
  • Disable the Quick Start Feature.
  • Turn off the Simplink Feature.
  • Take off any USB memories attached to the TV.

Peradventure, none of these troubleshooting tips resolved the issue of LG TV won’t connect to wifi, then you need to contact LG customer support to ask about their warranty service on your device as it may need repairs. In case the problem is related to the router, then you may need to contact your internet service provider for repairs or an immediate replacement.

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