Why my LG TV Won’t Turn On

LG TV is one of the best TV manufacturers in the world, their products are affordable and durable. But manufacturers don’t have power over certain things including power supply. Although these TV manufacturers place power regulators in their products, they can’t protect your TV from potential damages.

LG TV won’t turn on can be frustrating if you don’t know what to do and how to fix this damage. LG smart TV not turning on could be a temporary problem and it could be permanent depending on the causes of the problem.

However, a lot could contribute to your LG smart TV not turning on from our experiences. Therefore, we will quickly point out some of the possible reasons why your LG TV is not turning on.

Causes of LG TV won’t Turn on

  • If your LG TV does not receive power, then your LG TV won’t turn on.
  • If there is a power surge then your LG TV would find it difficult to turn on unless you power reboots your TV.
  • Power surge.
  • Faulty LG remote control
  • Faulty power outlet
  • Faulty surge protector
  • Faulty power strips.

Here in this article, we would provide a solution on how to fix LG TV won’t turn-on problems.

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LG TV Won’t Turn On

There are some DIY guide tours you should consider if your LG TV won’t turn on without spending a dime. So, we highlight the steps to take to fix your LG TV  if it won’t turn on without internal damage such as burnt cable and others.

LG TV Won't Turn On

Check Power Outlet

You should check the wall outlet and ensure your LG TV is plugged into a good wall outlet. If you notice there are any issues with the power wall outlet you should change the position of your LG TV.

Check Surge Protector

Some people don’t like to plug their TV device directly into a power wall outlet, especially people that live in areas with an irregular flow of electricity. A surge protector will prevent your TV when there is an irregular supply of electricity or a power surge. When there is a power surge the surge protector gets burned instead of your TV.

If you connect your LG TV to a surge protector you should try to plug in other devices to check its function or you can plug your TV directly into a wall outlet.

Check Power Strip

A power strip is an electrical appliance that is plugged directly into a wall outlet and it has many ports. If you are connecting your LG TV to a power strip ensure it is not overloaded with heavy appliances as this can but the power strip. Also, ensure the strip is firmly plugged into the power outlet and all its ports are properly working.

Check Power Cable

Electric current passes through the power cable before moving it can power the TV. Some LG TV models have a detachable power cable, that connects to the TV. Ensure you check the back of the TV to see if the cord is firmly plugged in and also to the wall outlet.

There is a small fuse in the power cord that protects the TV and it gets burned instead of the TV. The tiny fuse gets burned easily as it cannot withstand a very high electric current. If you notice there was a recent power surge you should try to replace the burned fuse in the cable plug.

Power Cycle Your LG TV

A power reset can help to fix temporary issues including power surges, system failure, etc. You can power reset your LG TV without using a remote control. Follow the steps below to power reset your LG TV device:

  • Unplug the power cord from your LG TV.
  • Leave it unplugged for at least 10 seconds.
  • Plug back the power cord and turn on your LG TV with the power button on the remote control or TV itself.
  • If the Tv does not respond to the remote command then there may be an issue with your remote control and should be replaced.

Check LED Light Status

You need to check the status of the Led light after if the red light is turns on after your power on your LG TV with your remoter control or power button. If the LED light is off or blinking after you’ve performed a reset. Then there is an issue with the power supply. You should check the power cord is firmly plugged and ensure your LG TV is receiving a power supply.

Check LG Remote Control

If the LED light of your LG TV turns on and you try to switch on your TV with your remote control. Your LG TV remote control may fail to respond to the instruction of the remote. Ensure there is no blockage between your remote control and your TV. If your remote control the sensor light should respond to the signal of the remote.

To fix your LG remote control:

LG TV Won't Turn On

Register your remote control

If the pointer does not appear on the remote control when you press the buttons on the remote. You should press the wheel button to register your remote control on your LG TV.

Reset your LG Remote Control

Resetting your LG remote control varies depending on the model of the remote control.

To reset your LG remote control:

  • Press the back and home.
  • Then hold the buttons together for 5 seconds or more. The remote control will reset and be de-registered.
  • Then press the wheel button to register your remote control.

Check External Cable

Make sure you verify the cable connections of external devices that are plugged into your LG TV. Check if the cable is properly connected to its appropriate ports. You can switch off the TV to verify the connections of the cables.

Another thing to check is the input source of our TV if you connected TV to a gaming console such as an Xbox console or PlayStation console. When you later try to Turn on your TV, it would power on but show a black or blank screen. Therefore you should change your TV to the right input source.

Damaged Main Board

The capacitors on the main power board become old, less powerful, and may get damaged. It would require an expert or well-trained technician to be able to remove and replace the capacitor in the main board of your LG TV.

The power that is supplied to your TV through the power cable is met by the capacitor. The capacitor gets damaged due to the amount of heat that is produced by your TV screen.
You will need to open up the inner part of your LG TV, and then test each of the capacitors on the motherboard. Once you find the faulty capacitor, remove and replace it with a new one.

LG TG Won’t Turn On 3 Blinks

Power surges are part of the main causes your LG TV won’t turn on but blink red light. If it blinks red light 3 this problem can be down to a damaged capacitor.

In conclusion, if after trying the easy processes we listed above and your LG TV won’t turn on still. If the process gets complicated and you are not a DIYer you should seek professional help. Also, you can request service from LG or claim a warranty if you recently purchased your LG TV.

Hard Reset Your LG TV

You can hard reset your LG TV with the power button on it.

  • Connect your LG TV to a power source.
  • Press and hold down the power button for at least 60 seconds.
  • Your LG TV will reset automatically, wait till it finalizes.
  • Then press and hold the power button again.
  • Now, wait till your LG TV turns back on.

It could be frustrating if your LG TV won’t turn on without any reason or without prior notice. But with the suggestions above, you will be able to find out why your LG smart TV is not turning on.

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