How to Fix your Laptop Power Button not Working

This article will tell you all you need to know about power button not working on laptop.

Power buttons are a major part of every creature and creation on the surface of the earth. You may find this statement absurd, but I dare you to think of any living or created/ manufactured entity in the world, that does not have a power button. Take yourself as a person: A living breathing person.

Your power button becomes deactivated when you go to bed and fall asleep, activating the REM sleep cycle. In the REM sleep phase, your body is relaxed, your breathing changes and you are oblivious to anything else that may be going on around you. You do not perform any manual or physical activity and it can also be said that you are in a different world entirely. This is your power button turning off. 

Then you awake in the morning, activating your power button and deactivating yourself from the REM sleep cycle. You are now aware of your surroundings. You can now speak coherently, dance, shake and perform manual functions. This is your power button comes on.

This analogy goes to show that humans also have a power button, and it is not limited to man-made devices alone. Speaking of devices, some people may say that power buttons are the most important part of any device, and they will be right.

Can you think of any device that will function in any way imaginable, unless it is turned on? The power button on any laptop is the same. And with power button not working on laptop, you know that it is time to seek out a solution.

power button not working on laptop,

One of the most disheartening situations is to try starting on a job and find out your laptop will not come on, because power button is not working on laptop.

This can ruin a whole day and put a dent in your plans. Worst case, it can also lose you money. It becomes particularly frustrating when the laptop did not give you any sign whatsoever, before refusing to come on.

Or maybe you just did not notice the signs. In the world of today, our laptops are a big part of our day-to-day lives. We need our laptop to achieve so many things and we will be unable to get anything done if we do not have access to our system.

So, when power button not is working on your laptop, you are in dire of a solution quickly.

Therefore, this article will walk you through the process of finding out what exactly went wrong with your computer and why power button not working on laptop. The article will also show you ways to take more care of your computer so that you can avoid a repeat of this situation.

What to do if your Laptop Power button is not working

The first thing to do when you find out the power button on your computer doesn’t work, is to:

Relax and take a Deep Breath:

this tip may be funny to read but when our gadgets malfunction, it may cause us to instantly become moody, frustrated, and sad.

For some people, they may begin to panic and I promise you that panicking will only make matters worse. Therefore, the first step to solving this problem is by relaxing, staying calm, and taking a deep breath.

Plugin your Laptop to Power

 it is possible that your computer battery ran low and you did not notice. Leave your laptop to charge for some time, then try to put it on again.

A dead battery can be a reason power button not working on laptop.

Confirm that the charger works

make sure the charger you are using works properly for your laptop. Sometimes, faulty chargers may cause the power button to malfunction. In this case, you will need to buy a new and original charger.

If your laptop is connected to any external devices like a UPS or surge protector, make sure those connections are stable too.

Confirm that the main outlet or plug-in socket works fine. You can try to charge something else using that power outlet. Confirm that the power button is not damaged.

What can Cause Power Button not working on Laptop?

power button not working on laptop

If you tried the tips above and the power button on the laptop doesn’t work still, it is important to troubleshoot the possible causes and solutions.

  • The power source may not be working to the standard that your laptop needs- try plugging it in somewhere else, preferable another environment.
  • There is a short circuit problem somewhere on the laptop-get a professional to look into it.
  • The connection between the power button and laptop may be compromised.
  • The buttons are old and worn-out- you may need to change this.
  • The battery may be the issue- remove the battery in your laptop, plug in your laptop charger directly into the system and then try to turn on laptop again. if power button not working on laptop, then the battery was never the problem. If your battery is non-removable, you may need the services of a technician.

How does the Power Button on Laptop Work?

Just with any other computer, the power button works when a signal is sent from the circuit on the motherboard, to other parts of the laptop.

The laptop power button is important because it controls the on/off commands from the user to the computer.

Power button not working on laptop when it fails to receive this command. To turn on your laptop, simply press the power button for a second or two, and you will be rewarded with light. 

Where is the Power Button on a Laptop?

The power button is usually located on different points of a laptop. The location is determined by the brand, product type, product models, and so on. But most laptops have their power buttons at the very top of the keyboard, while some have theirs at the side of the computer system.

How to fix Power Button on Laptop not working

After ascertaining that there are no other issues to cause your laptop not to work, you need to try a hard reset.

If after doing this, there is still no improvement then it may be a motherboard issue. The motherboard is the powerhouse of the computer. It is from the motherboard that the power button receives its signal, so if the motherboard does not work, the power button will also not work. To get this sorted, please consult a technician.

Ways to Care for your Laptop

Below are the recommended expert approach to care for your laptop to protect it from unforseen occurences.

  • Try to shut down as often as you can- it is okay to let your laptops sleep, but sometimes, you can take a few seconds to shut down properly. To shut down your computer, navigate your mouse to the START option on your monitor screen. When you click on start, the left-hand side of the monitor shows you the POWER feature. Click on this and you’ll be asked to either SLEEP, SHUTDOWN, or RESTART. Click on shut down and let your computer stay that way until you need to use it.
  • Sometimes, dust may accumulate in your system, so take out the time to clean your laptop with a dry rag. You may wet the rag just a little, and rub it over the monitor.
  • Protect your laptop from fake chargers.
  • Protect your laptop from power surges.
  • Try not to overload or overuse your laptop, especially more than its capacity.

When you find power button not working on laptop, it is important to not get frustrated or worked up.

Many people begin to think of the worst: losing all their documents, files, an ongoing project, and so on.

But when a laptop doesn’t work the issue is usually not related to the hard drive, and so your files are safe.

Take note of all the tips given in this article and tick off anyone you try, after you try it. This will help you know which step you have tried and which ones you haven’t.

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