How to Fix TV That Has No Sound But Not Muted

One of the common problems of a television set is when it emits no sound despite not being muted, don’t panic, because there are several possible causes, and most of them are simple issues you can easily handle by yourself. In this article, you will be learning how to fix a TV that has no sound but not muted. Can you see the picture but not hear the sound on your TV? You can fix the problem yourself if it is not hardware malfunctioning issues.

Is your TV not muted? All you just see is a picture yet no sound? The reason may be because the hardware functionality is missing or some other settings are not in place and not a problem related to mute.

No sound but not muted problem occurs mostly in all the different TV brands and most of the time it is fixed too. The various feasible reasons for TV sound problems are listed below and you can find some quick and easy solutions here.

Before seeking any professional help, make sure to troubleshoot the problem with several steps. If there is a change in the setting of your TV, any cable is disconnected or gets loose, it can cause a sudden loss of sound but still, the picture can be seen on the TV yet not muted. Most of the time no sound problem is solved in minutes irrespective of your TV model, be it, Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, or any other brand TV.

Once you know exactly the reason behind the problem you can easily find a solution. The most strenuous part of a solution is the root cause of the problem and when you find it, there is nothing much complicated to deal with. If you can fix the problem by yourself, go ahead with it, otherwise, get some professional support.

Causes of TV Sound Problems

Below are a few causes of TV Sound issues even though not muted irrespective of the brand.

  • Volume is reduced to the minimum level
  • The TV reboot is ongoing
  • The TV Audio input has been changed to AUX. Confirm this.
  • The channel that produce no sound may probably has no audio.
  • Remove your handfree or headphone from the TV set if it’s connected to it.
  • Connection cable may not be fully secured, do well to check it out.
  • The TV set speaker is no longer working. Or the speaker is damaged.
  • There is a problem with your smart TV motherboard.
  • Check your TV signal source if it’s working perfectly.
  • The TV firmeware is out-of-date.
  • Reset TV settings. The settings may be corrupted.

TV that has no sound but not muted

Possible Solutions to TV That Has No Sound But Not Muted

Here are a few solutions to your TV no sound issues even though your TV is not muted, follow through attentively: 

Volume is reduced to the minimum level

Looks simple, right? This might be like the simplest cause of TV sound problems, but it is an important aspect to keep a firm eye on before panicking. Many people forget to increase their TV volume. The first and most important thing to do when a TV that has no sound but is not muted occurs is to check the volume level and ensure that it is turned on. 

The TV reboot is ongoing

To keep the TV running properly, all the gears need to be rebooted over time. A reboot always works as a little reset and solves a whole lot of problems for every piece of electrical equipment. You should also try switching off your TV and other devices connected to it. If there is any temporary problem, it could be resolved by just a reboot.

The TV Audio input has been changed to AUX. Confirm this

At times audio input is changed mistakenly by you or anyone else having access to the remote of your TV and you are not aware. For instance, if anyone with the remote of TV presses the “AUX” button, the audio input will be set to AUX but there will be no such device connected.

In this case, the audio will be playing through the device that is not connected to the TV. So double-check that you are using the right input option.

The channel that produce no sound may probably has no audio

In this case, you might need to switch the TV channel. Sometimes it might be a transmission problem and you fail to get sound from a particular channel.

The problem is not from your end. You should change different channels and see if you get the sound. The problem could be from your end if you don’t hear sound from any channel.

Remove your handfree or headphone from the TV set if it’s connected to it

Check if a headphone is connected to your TV that is away from your eyes. Most times the headphone jack is in front of your TV. So double-check if the headphone jack is empty and nothing is plugged in there.

Connection cable may not be fully secure, do well to check it out

At times, plugging and unplugging the connected cables can leave the connecting cables slightly loose or disconnected and this might be the cause of your TV no sound issues. It is also possible that you moved the TV which loosens the cables.

This can result in no sound and you will just see the picture. It is better to plug all the connecting cables again to make sure they are connected properly. In case you see any damage to a cable, try changing that cable.

The TV set speaker is no longer working or the speaker is damaged

Are you are getting sound from external speakers instead of from built-in TV speakers but seeing the picture? Then, your TV speakers may have been damaged. There are a few chances that any circuit in the TV is damaged.

The TV firmeware is out-of-date

Update the software or driver because the outdated version can affect the TV sound on a few or all the channels. You should also check which version of software your TV is currently using. TV manual can help you a lot here. Are there are updates available to the software? Be sure. If an update is available you need to update it soon. TV software can be automatically updated when connected to the internet. You can also update it manually VIA USB drive.

Check your TV signal source if it’s working perfectly

Weak signal strength is another major cause that can also cause a “No sound” problem. The Signal’s strength must be greater than 20db. You can also perform a signal check by going into the settings of your TV. Open support, self-diagnosis, and signal information.

There is a Problem with your Smart TV Motherboard

The main part of the TV is the Mainboard also referred to as the motherboard. Any damage done to any element of this board can disable the functionality of your TV and you may encounter issues like getting no sound but a picture.

It is quite difficult for a regular person to deal with the problems related to the mainboard as a mistake can cause further problems. You can deal with the problem if you know exactly what you are doing. Otherwise, you should get professional support to solve such problems.

The above solutions are just a few simple things to check to troubleshoot, and basic ways to resolve sound issues on your television set. I’m sure one of the above suggestions worked. Kindly let’s get your comment if this article solved your TV no sound issue. We are here to help you!

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