How to Fix Windows 10 KB45516384 Update Sound Problem

Do you have a problem with the Windows 10 KB45516384 update sound issue? Do not stress yourself out there is a way to fix the error that emanated from the Windows 10 1903 update version which resulted in the game sound error.

The KB45516384 error is general and it’s acknowledged by Microsoft with a fast way to fix it without uninstalling the Windows 10 11903 KB45516384 update from your device.

Through the game’s settings after the Windows 10 1903 KB45516384 update navigate to the game’s settings, click on multi-channel audio and click on the Disable button to turn off the multi-channel audio in games to fix the version 1903 Windows 10 audio issue in KB45516384 update.KB45516384 update

How to Fix Windows 10 KB45516384 Update Error

You do not need to uninstall the Windows 10 1903 update from your PC to fix the problem. With the multi-channel audio disabled the error will disappear.

  1. Open the Windows 10 with KB45516384 update
  2. Go to the game’s settings
  3. Find Multi-channel audio
  4. Toggle to disable it

This will turn off the multi-channel audio of the update to resolve the issue without rolling back the update to the previous version. This control the sound output to fix the error you are experiencing with the new update.

However, if, the multi-channel audio isn’t available in the game settings you can use the alternative method via the steps we’ll share with you below to mute the multi-channel audio in your control panel.

Windows 10 1903 Multi-Channel Audio Fix

The next Windows 10 update is expected to fix this error you are experiencing. However, before the official solution is provided in the next update here is an alternative way to fix the game-related error you are experiencing.

  1. Click on the Windows 10 start button
  2. Find the Control Panel and click on it
  3. Find any available 3rd party audio device control panel
  4. Search for Multi-channel audio or Virtual Surround Sound.
  5. Disable whichever available

Now, try to run the game that is bringing the unexpected error in the Windows 10 KB45516384 update.

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