How to Fix Windows 10 1903 KB4512508 Update Error Code

If while you are trying to upgrade to Windows 10 1903 you ran into error KB4512508 ERROR code which is accompanied by 0x80073701, 0x800f0982 and 0x800f081f because the Windows 10 update failed to upgrade here is how to fix it.

While you see this KB4512508 error code you will notice a constant restart of your PC which pose some security threat and flaws which leaves room for hackers to hack into the Windows 10 1903 (August update) version.

You will also notice that when you are upgrading Windows 10 1903 the upgrade will get to 100% before showing error code KB4512508  on the screen and halt the finishing of the Windows update.

When the Windows error code occurs you will see some random codes which include 0x80073701, 0x800f0982, 0x800f081f, 0x800f0845, and 0x8024200D.KB4512508

Effect of KB512508 Update Error

When you are trying to update the Windows 10 1903 update build 18362.295 the following are the likely symptoms that the update isn’t a success.

  1. Windows 10 blank screen
  2. You PC will keep restarting at a regular interval and goes straight into the Windows Desktop
  3. You PC can short down permanently
  4. The error KB512508 EXIT the Windows 10 1903 version BIOS settings
  5. It’s also skipping the login screen. This means that the update won’t bring Windows 10 login screen.

How to Fix Windows 10 1903 KB512508 Error Code

This is a trial and error approach as Microsoft is yet to acknowledge this error and there is no permanent fix, for now, other than to disable the Windows 10 update.

  1. Download and run Process Monitor to capture monitor trace
  2. Go to settings >> update & security
  3. Tap on update Windows 10 1903
  4. Stop the monitor immediately it shows KB512508 error
  5. Click on the File menu >> save and save to desktop
  6. The file name will be saved as LogFile.PML.
  7. Now halt the installation and go to the Microsoft update page if you are using Surface Pro
  8. Download Microsoft Surface Pro (KB4511553)
  9. Install the update manually

Update Windows 10 1903 Manually

If the automatic approach to upgrade Windows 10 1903 didn’t work doing a manual upgrade with Windows 10 .iso solves the error code and completes the Windows stalk at 27%, 73%, and 100% goes straight into the desktop.

Windows 10 1903 update

  1. Download Windows 10 1903 .ios DVD/USB tool
  2. Burn the .iso to USB
  3. Boot your Windows 10 into the BIOS settings
  4. Select boot from USB/DVD/Flash
  5. Wait for your Windows to restart
  6. The version 1903 installation will begin

While you are upgrading the Windows 1903 version manually, choose the upgrade version went you are prompted. This keeps your files save and there is nothing to lose.

If you are upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10 from a USB you need to finalize the upgrade by going to the PC settings and install the latest security update. However, with the manual upgrade of Windows 10 1903 version using the Windows ISO from a USB, there won’t be a need to check for security & privacy update to avoid KB512508 error code.

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