How to Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn On

If you are faceing issues on your Xbox such as your “Xbox one wont turn on” and you are looking for solutions on to fix this without breaking banks then you are at the right place. We are here to provide you with solutions on how you can fix issues with all your gadgets.

When your “Xbox one wont turn on” occurs, it may due to a power surge, when there is a faulty power supply, the cable of your Xbox won’t properly connect to the wall outlet.

We would discuss some of these problems and provide you with solutions that can help you fix these issues, as you keep reading through this article.

Why Wont My Xbox One Turn On

I was curious to provide solutions to why wont my Xbox one turn on When I was faced with this issue. With the research I made I was able to come up with some of these reasons and how to over this unforeseen issue. The main reason why your Xbox might fail to turn on is a Surge in power supply and not giving your Xbox console enough ventilation.

In terms of the solutions, you need to ensure a stable power supply, ensure the power cable of your Xbox console is properly plugged and the power outlet is perfectly working and place your Xbox console in a well-ventilated area with at least room temperature.

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How to Fix Xbox One wont Turn On

It could be difficult to sort out your Xbox One power supply especially if it has to do with the mechanical part. But with the hope that the Xbox console is in a good shape, you can fix it by following the troubleshooting methods below.

Check Wall outlet

Make sure you check the wall outlet works well, you can simply test it with other devices. If the wall outlet doesn’t power On other devices as well. Make sure you have it repaired or plug your Xbox into another wall outlet.

Check Power Cord

Ensure to cross-check check the power cable is well connected to the wall outlet and your Xbox console. Make sure you use an original power cable, that came along with your Xbox console, at the time of purchase. In case you lost your original power cable, you can get a replacement from a nearby vendor or an online store.

The Xbox Power cord comes with a DC (Direct Current) power cord and Ac (Alternating Current) power cord. The DC power cord plugs directly into the Xbox console while the AC power cord connects to a wall socket.

If you use a power cord that is not designed for your power supply can damage the power supply and your Xbox Console.

Power supply unit

Check Power Supply Unit

The Xbox power supply unit has an electrical fuse that protects your Xbox console from excessive voltage and power surges. The protective fuse can’t be changed, the power supply unit has to be replaced.

If the Led light remains off or flashing light after you have performed a power reset on your Xbox. You should consider replacing the power supply unit.

Clean and Ventilate Your Xbox Console

It is recommended to clean your Xbox console every 3-6 months or make a routine for the cleaning. This prevents dirt and particles from storing in the console. Also, make sure you place your Xbox in a well-ventilated area and ensure to remove all items that can block the regular flow of air.

Check out the tips below to ensure your Xbox console and power supply are working safely and efficiently:

  • Don’t block the power supply vent.
  • Make sure you don’t leave the power supply near a source of heat.
  • Ensure you do not place electronic devices on top of the power supply unit.
  • Plug your Xbox power supply directly into a wall outlet, as the power strip or surge protector may have been overloaded.

To Clean your Xbox console:

  • Power off and disconnect your Xbox console from electricity
  • Use a soft lint-free or microfiber cloth mixed with mild soap and water, to wipe clean your device.
  • You can also use a soft cloth mixed with an isopropyl alcohol solution of 70% or less to clean your Xbox console.
  • Please ensure not to apply liquids directly to your Xbox console or controllers and also don’t use disinfectant wipes.

Power reset Xbox

Power Reset Your Xbox

Power resetting your Xbox console helps to fix a lot of issues including issues of your Xbox one wont turn on. If there is a power surge you can reset your Xbox console. You can follow these steps to power reset your Xbox console:

  • Unplug the power cables from the console, electrical outlet in the wall, and power supply.
  • Wait for 10 seconds. Allow the power supply to reset, ensure you unplug the power supply unit from the electrical outlet in the wall and your Xbox One console.
  • Firmly plug back the power cable back into both the electrical outlet and the power supply. Make sure you do not plug the power unit into the console just yet.
  • Now check the LED light on the power supply.
  • If the Led Light is ON
  • Firmly plug back the power cable into the Xbox One console. Make sure you don’t turn on the console.
  • Again check if the LED light on the power supply unit is still turned ON.
  • If the LED is still showing on the power supply unit, now press the Xbox button on the front of the Xbox One console.

If your Xbox console powers on, then the internal power reset has helped fix this issue. You can repeat this process when this issue occurs again.

Xbox One X Power supply

The Xbox one internal power supply works in all regions worldwide and the size of the power supply unit is the same in the 100-110V, 220-240V, and 100-240V versions.

The power supply of your Xbox contains a fuse that protects your Xbox console when there is an excessively high voltage and power surge. The protective fuse gets burned when there is a high voltage or power surge. The power supply box must be replaced and can’t be repaired.

To connect the power supply to your Xbox:

  • Insert the DC power cord into the Xbox console.
  • Firmly plug the AC power cord into the power supply.
  • Plug the other end of the AC power cord into a wall outlet.

Xbox One Won’t Turn On But Makes Sound

The sound you hear is coming from the cooling fan of the power supply box, the cooling fan starts automatically when your Xbox is powered on. The fan will turn off when you disconnect your Xbox from the power supply.

In such a case that your Xbox won’t turn on but makes a sound, then your Xbox is in energy-saving power mode. In the energy-saving power mode, your Xbox console will shut down to save energy.

In this energy-saving power mode, you must press the Xbox button to start the Xbox console and it will take 45 seconds for the console to start up.

Follow the steps to change these settings:

  • Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Select Profile & system > Settings > General > Power mode & start-up.
  • Select from the Power mode drop-down menu to change the setting.

Xbox one wont turn on

Xbox One Power Supply Orange Light

If your Xbox One console is not receiving power from the power supply unit, the unit needs to be reset:

  • Unplug the power cables from the console, power supply, and electrical wall outlet.
  • Wait 10 seconds for the power supply to reset.
  • Firmly plug the power cable back into the power supply and electrical wall outlet. Make sure the power unit is not yet plugged into the console.
  • Now check the light that appears on the power supply.

If the orange light is on, follow these steps:

  • Plug back the power cable, into the Xbox console. Do not turn the console on yet.
  • Press the Xbox button
  • If the orange light is still on, press the Xbox button in front of the console.
  • Wait to see if the console powers up.

Xbox One Not Turning On Power Brick Orange

If the led light in the power supply unit is flashing orange light, then there is an issue with the unit and it needs to be replaced.  This issue is often related to power supply problems.

How Do I Force Start My Xbox One

To restart your Xbox One gaming console, follow these steps below:

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on the front of the console for 10 seconds. Now the console should turn off.
  • Again press and hold the Xbox button either on the console or on your controller.

To restart your console from the power centre, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Xbox button in the centre of your Xbox controller to open the Power Center.
  • Select Restart console.
  • Select Restart.

In conclusion, we have been able to provide solutions to the issue of my Xbox one wont turn on. Power surge and ventilation are the main reasons your Xbox one wont turn on.

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