How to Fix your Logitech Mouse not Working

This article is recommended for all Logitech mouse users whether your mouse is the Logitech Bluetooth mouse or the Wireless Logitech mouse. Whichever type of Logitech mice you possess, this article will guide you through the steps to take on how to fix the Logitech mouse not working on Windows or Mac computers.

For a reasonable number of reasons, the Logitech mouse can stop working without a sign that the mouse will stop working. However, the last one you want to experience is attempting to fix or repair a damaged Logitech mouse.

There is only a slight difference when considering how to fix a Logitech mouse that is wireless that is not working and a Bluetooth Logitech mouse that is also not working.

So, here in this article, we will discuss some basic steps to take to fix your Logitech Bluetooth and wireless mouse not working.

However, before we proceed to how to fix your Logitech mouse not working you want to ensure that the Logitech Mouse dongle is available. Since you can only use the Logitech mouse [Wireless or Bluetooth] when the dongle is available, we recommend that you ensure the dongle isn’t misplaced.

Reasons why your Logitech Mouse is not Working

The following factors can be the reason why your Logitech mouse won’t work or why you need to know how to fix your Logitech Mouse when not working.

  • A loose port on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Your Logitech mouse dongle is missing.
  • Outdated Logitech gaming software or Logitech advanced gaming software.
  • Low batteries.
  • Your Logitech mouse is not paired with your computer.
  • Outdated Logitech Mouse driver on your Windows or Mac

Although, there could be more to this. But, these are some of the reasons why your Logitech mouse won’t work.How to fix your Logitech Mouse not Working

Since you have the premonition of why your Logitech mouse is not working, let’s quickly walk you through the various steps to take to fix the error and restore the mouse to its default state.

Meanwhile, most of the techniques that we will share in this guide will unpair the mouse. So, you will need to repair the mouse with your computer after each recommendation to see whether it works or not.

How to Fix Logitech Mouse not Working

Below are what to do to fix your Logitech wireless and Logitech Bluetooth mouse when they are not working.

  • Update the Logitech Mouse driver.
  • Reset your Logitech mouse
  • Change or charge the mouse batteries.
  • Change the mouse dongle port.
  • Check whether the power light is turned on or not.
  • Turn Off/On the mouse.
  • Update the Logitech gaming software.

How to Update the Logitech Mouse Driver

The steps below explain how to update the Logitech mouse driver to the latest version in an attempt to fix the Logitech mouse not working on your device.

Update your Logitech Mouse Driver Manually

Here are the steps to take to update your Logitech mouse driver manually on your Windows computer.

  • Press the “Windows” button.
  • Search and open “Device Manager.”
  • Click on the “Mice and other pointing devices.”
  • Right-click on the Logitech mouse driver and select “Update Driver.”
  • Select the option to “Search automatically for drivers.”
  • Done.

Your Windows will search for the latest Logitech mouse driver and install the latest update on your device.

Reset your Logitech Mouse

Resetting your Logitech mouse could help resolve your Logitech mouse not working. So, we are going to walk you through how to reset your Logitech mouse. However, this process will unpair your Logitech mouse [wireless] from the connected device.

  • Turn the Logitech mouse power to the position.
  • You should see the Logitech mouse reset button underneath it.
  • Press and hold the reset button for a couple of seconds until the mouse is reset.

Even though the process to reset your Logitech Mouse depends on the type [Wireless or Bluetooth]. However, if the Logitech mouse has a reset button the process above should be a go-to-do to reset your Logitech wireless or Bluetooth mouse.

Charge or Change Logitech Mouse Batteries

If your Logitech mouse batteries are low or the rechargeable batteries are on low, the mouse will be malfunctioning. So, you either change the batteries and replace them with a new one or plug the mouse into the charging port and plug it into the power outlet to recharge it.

How to Charge a Logitech Mouse Battery

If you are using a wireless Logitech mouse the following steps are what you should do to charge your mouse.

  • Plug one end of the provided charging cable to the Micro-USB port on PC or power adapter.
  • Connect the other source to the Logitech mouse itself.
  • A red LED light will start blinking slowly.
  • Once the LED light lit steadily, the mouse is fully charged.

How to Change your Logitech Mouse Batteries

If your Logitech mouse is using removable batteries such as the tiger battery, then, you can easily remove and replace it with a new set of batteries.

  • Turn on the Logitech Bluetooth Mouse upside down.
  • Press and hold down the little hollow space down and pull it.
  • Remove the old batteries and replace them with a set of new batteries.
  • Cover the battery compartment again.

After this, re-pair the Logitech Bluetooth with your computer and see whether the error has been fixed.

Change the Logitech Mouse Dongle Port

If the Logitech Mouse dongle port is shaking the mouse may be losing connection with the PC whether the mouse is wireless or Bluetooth. Therefore, you want to try another port on your computer or try to connect the Logitech Mouse dongle to another computer and pair the mouse to see whether it’d walk.

Turn Of/On the Logitech Mouse

Sometimes to fix your Logitech mouse [wireless or Bluetooth] not working you only need to turn off the mouse and turn it on. So, turn off the mouse and turn it on after a couple of minutes to see whether it’d work again.

Unpair your Logitech Mouse

Try to unpair your Logitech mouse to see whether it’d work. If it has been a long you paired your mouse you can just unpair it and pair it again. The steps below work for the Logitech wireless mouse. For Bluetooth mouse, just remove the dongle and reconnect it again it should be unpair and pair automatically.

  • Launch the Logitech gaming software or Unifying software.
  • Select the “Advanced Tab.”
  • Click on the name of the Logitech mouse to unpair.
  • Click on “Un-pair.”
  • Tap “unpair” from the popup.

Now, pair the Logitech mouse again to see whether it would start working.

Update your Logitech Gaming Software

The Logitech gaming software is supposed to update automatically. However, you can check for the latest update following the steps below.

  • Open Logitech Gaming Software from the tray menu
  • Click on the arrow above the question mark icon 
  • Select ‘Check For Updates
  • If Logitech Gaming Software is not up-to-date, you will see a new installation window
  • Finish the installation
  • Logitech Gaming Software is now up-to-date

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