How to Flip Apple Watch Screen

One of the reasons why you visited Gadgetswright is to figure out How to Flip Apple Watch Screen due to the screen orientation issues. 

Probably you are left-handed and the Apple watch is displaying upside down or maybe the digital crown is getting in your way.

In any of these scenarios, what is basically happening is that your Apple Watch is not displaying its orientation correctly

That being said, let’s break down how to flip Apple watch screen without much stress

How to Flip Apple Watch Screen

The apple watch is set in such a way that it displays perfectly if you are right-handed. 

What if you are left-handed and you prefer to place the watch on your left hand but the apple watch default setting appears correctly on your right hand what will you do about this?

That might be might be a setback if you don’t know how to resolve this as you might experience a scenario where the screen turn upside down until you change it back.

While these might be frustrating, it doesn’t need to be since It is pretty easy to fix.

All you have to do is to change the watch orientations. If you are unsure of how to do that let’s get into it

How to Change Apple Watch Orientation Via the watch

How to change apple watch orientation via the watch

If you want to change the orientation, you need to place it on the hands that you want to use, maybe you are left-handed and you want it is currently showing upside down from your left hand. Leave it there and follow the steps below.

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  • On your apple watch, tap on the Digital Crown to view all the apps.
  • Now tap on the Settings app. its a “gear icon”
  • Now use one of your fingers to turn the Digital Crown to navigate it to General.
  • Tap on Orientation.
  • Select the wrist you want to wear it on. Left or Right.
  • Lastly, choose the side that will have the Digital Crown Left or Right.

By now, the screen should be straightened with the hand you want to wear it on.

How to Change Apple Watch Orientation using the iPhone

How to Flip Apple Watch Screen

You can use your iPhone to change the screen orientation of your apple watch. The process is similar and straightforward.

Here are the steps to follow

  • Go on your iPhone device and launch the Watch app for iPhone.
  • Next, tap on “General”
  • Tap on Watch Orientation.
  • Next, select the wrist you would like to wear the apple watch on
  • Finally, select the side that will have the digital crown and you’re done

You shouldn’t have any issue figuring out how to flip Apple watch screen after going through this. But then, if you are stuck with the apple watch screen orientation not flipping there are certain troubleshooting steps you ought to try to resolve it.

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Let’s get into it…

How to Troubleshoot Apple Watch Orientation not Changing

If your Apple Watch screen is not flipping after using your watch to change the orientation. Your next bet is to use your iPhone, probably there is an issue somewhere.

If that doesn’t work. just keep reading as I spill some working steps you can follow to resolve it

1. Restart your Apple Watch.

restart apple watch

Restarting your apple watch will help clear any chance memory that is stopping the screen orientation from acting accordingly. To restart it 

  • Hold the side button till the “power off switch” is played
  • Swipe to your right to turn off the device
  • Be patient for 30 seconds before turning it back on
  • Once it starts see if the resolution has changed.
  • If it hasn’t, go to the setting to confirm if the settings are not changed. 

If the settings remain the same and you haven’t figured out how to flip Apple watch screen try restarting your iPhone

2. Unpair the Apple Watch from your iPhone

unpair apple watch from iPhone

This might not be a long-lasting troubleshooting step but then, it is a step you can’t write off.

That being said, here is how you unpair the Apple watch from the iPhone

  • Move both the iPhone and the apple watch close to one another.
  • Now, launch the Apple Watch app on the paired iPhone
  • Select the My Watch tab and tap All Watches 
  • Locate the name of the watch you wish o unpair, and tap the “i” info button
  • Finally, tap Unpair Apple Watch

If after unpairing, you haven’t figured out how to flip Apple watch screen perform a hard reset

3. Perform a Hard Restart

hard reset apple watch

Over here you simply have to perform a hard reset on your apple watch. Here is how you do that

Hold the Side Button and Digital Crown together till the Apple logo appears on the screen

Now, release the buttons and let the watch start up again.

If you are still stuck after performing a hard reset and you haven’t figured out how to flip Apple watch screen try updating the firmware of the Apple Watch

4. Update the Apple Watch

If the watch is not acting accordingly, you might need to update the firmware to the latest version.

If you don’t know how to do that, follow the steps below

  • Launch the watch app on your iPhone
  • Navigate to General
  • Locate and tap on “software update”
  • If there is any new update you would see it on this screen. if there is click on the update and follow the onscreen guidelines to update the watch

After updating the Apple watch you should have been able to deal with the question “how to flip Apple watch screen?” if you are still stuck with it perform a factory reset 

Factory Reset your Apple Watch

This process should only be considered as a last resort since it is irreversible. Over here you have to completely wipe out your Apple watch and return it back to its factory settings

That said here is how to do that

  • Launch the apple watch app for iOS
  • Go to General
  • Now locate and click on reset
  • Click on “Erase Apple watch content and settings”
  • You will see a confirmation. Simply tap on “confirm”

Once the reset is done, you can simply change the screen orientation by following the steps listed above.

How to make Apple Watch Face Change Automatically

If you own an apple watch here is how you can make it change the face automatically

  • First and foremost, display your current watch face on the screen
  • Now, tap and hold the screen until you see the watch face tiles.
  • swipe to view all available watch faces
  • Simply tap one to change the watch face.

How to Turn Apple Watch Screen off

Turning off your apple watch follow a similar process to your iPhone. You simply have to hold the power button and swipe to turn it off.

NB: if your Apple Watch isn’t swiping check this post for a quick fix

Here is how you do that

  • Hold the side button till the power-off switch is displayed
  • Swipe to your right to turn on the device

How to Change Apple Watch Face from your iPhone

You can also change the watch face from your iPhone by following the steps highlighted below

  • Launch the watch app and tap on My Watch tab
  • Under faces, choose the watch face you want to switch to.
  • Now, set the options you want for the watch face

After doing that, scroll down and tap Set as current Watch Face.


Figuring out how to flip apple watch screen is a no-brainer until you begin to face issues with it. However, most of these issues are easy to resolve unless you are faced with a technical issue which might require you to repair with some money.

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