How to Get Better at Warding League

 You can get better at warding league. But if you doubt it, let’s share the idea of how to get better at warding league of legends. The warding feature in the league of legends is a vital control measure to wage wars against your enemy if you understand how to get better at it.

With the warding tool, you can easily place wards within the game map to know more about your enemies’ location and the move they are about to make next. This is a gaming-changing tactic while playing the league of legends.

Well, without much anticipation, we will discuss with you how to get better a warding league to change the face of the game, have information about your enemies’ moves and tactics, have the courage to challenge your enemies or opponents, and discover their next move and counter it and even know all their next moves ahead.

So, in this article, we will share how we keep getting better at warding league and how you can emulate the same steps to see your enemies’ map and get to know their next move. What this does is that it helps you to gank, avoid your enemies’ ganks, win your fights and win the battles with your enemies.

What are Wards in League of Legends

Wards in the league of legends are divided into sections for different assignments. So, when you are talking about wards in LoL, they are items that are available in the LoL’s shot that you can buy while playing the game after you defeated your enemy’s team and bot to level up.

After buying wards from LoL you can place them in such a way that the ward will eliminate the fog to allow you to have a clear view of your enemy area on the map. Meanwhile, to do this, you need to place the ward into the thick fog to clear the fog.

However, to record victory over your enemy with your wards you need to place the rightward in the right place at the right time. This will amount to getting to know how to get better at ward league instead of accumulating the wards without knowing how to effectively make use of them.

Getting better at wards league is something you want to master. So, we will quickly let you know some wards and how to place them in the right place.

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Zoombie Ward

You gain a free Zoombie ward when you destroy your enemy’s wards near the allied Wards. This ward will be available in your Trinket Slot.Zoombie Wards Lol

  • You can put extra three Wards along with the Trinkets Wards
  • Zoobie wards will vanish after 120 seconds.

Farsight Ward

Farsight vision radius is a mere 500 which is smaller compared to other wards’ vision of 900. This can be placed up to 4000 units away from your enemies to reveal them to you for 5 seconds.Farsight Ward League of Legends

This ward works different from LoL wards and it makes the game different. However, the farsight ward can make you come in contact with your enemies with strange movements or strategies.

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And below are some of the features of the farsight ward in the League of Legends.

  • It can reveal your enemy area up to 4000 units away from your location. This will only last for 2 seconds (148-99 second cooldown).
  • The farsight ward can reveal your enemy’s champion’s hit for 5 seconds. This doesn’t have your “Stealth Champions.”
  • It has the same feature as Control wards which lasts indefinitely.
  • It has just a hit point in all.

Stealth Ward

Only Control Wards and Sweeper Drone can detect these LoL wards. These wards fool the enemies by turning invisible. You can place 3 stealth wards during gameplay. However, as you add another ward the first one will remove in that order.Stealth Ward

  • Its cast range is 600 and will last for 150 seconds.
  • The stealth wards hit point regardless of the attack is three.
  • Once used it cannot be regenerated. It automatically grants gold to the killer.

Control Ward

The control ward can detect the stealth ward. In short, the control ward disarms other enemy wards such as stealth, farsight, and others except for the control ward itself if they fall under its coverage.How to Get Better at Warding League

  • Only a level 9 player can buy control wards.
  • You can only place control wards once. If placed again, the first placement will be removed automatically.
  • Its sight reaches about 900 unites and the time limit is infinite but can be destroyed by the enemy to end it.

Totem Ward

It’s easier to get better with LoL if you understand how to use the most active defensive ward. Totem ward is the game’s best defensive ward option for a starter. To reveal your enemy’s move quickly on the map within your area you should make use of the Totem ward as it reveals hidden information about them.

  • You can only place three Totem wards. Any additional placement will remove the first one.
  • The Toten ward can last for 90 to 120 seconds if you are on the champion’s level.
  • Its grand sight is 900 unite
  • It has three hits points regardless of the attack

How to Get Better at Warding League

It’s easy to get better at warding in LoL. To get better is quite simple and you need to follow the steps below.

  • Identify the wards you have in your Trinket slot.
  • Know how each of the wards works and understands their defensive measure.
  • You need to know how long it takes your wards to expire or vanish.
  • Your control ward is useless if you are not in level 9
  • Know the units in each of the wards you have covered so that you will know how to monitor your enemy.
  • If you don’t have the Totem ward your enemy can easily attack your defence.
  • Place your wards only where you will see the expected result.
  • The Toten ward is the most defensive ward you can get as a starter to see most of your enemy’s movement.

Now, that we have discussed how to get better at warding league of legends, let’s quickly run over how to get the best out of your wards.

How to Place your Wards

LoL wards’ colour changes with the area they are placed. Now, you need to take note of the colour as the place. When you are placing the ward, you need to take note of the following.

Your cursor will change to white if it’s ground or river. The cursor will change to red colour if it’s terrain or a wall. If you put your cursor on grass, it changes the cursor to green. So, to effectively, place your wards, below placements will let you see your enemies in fog.

How to Ward through Wall

You can place your ward through walls in the following places.

  • You can place your ward between two openings at the turret lane.
  • If you observe that the enemy jungle is a bot you can place your wards.
  • You can also place your wards on walls above the river lane.

Warding Location Placement

To perfectly place your LoL wards you can take the following observation.

  • Use your Control Wards to foster your defence by placing them where they can defend potentially
  • Always secure your stealth wards from the enemy’s control ward.
  • Avoid putting your control ward in the middle of the tri-bush so that your enemy won’t remove it. To safeguard it, you can place it close to the lane area.
  • Always place your stealth ward at the bottom edge of the tri-bush to see if your enemies are hiding for a drive.

How to Use League of Legend Vision Effectively

League of Legends Map

If you are conversant with the LoL game you should know that there are three types of vision within the map. The LoL game map is similar to a football pitch where the field is divided into two halves.

However, if you didn’t use the right ward to clear the fog you will not be able to run straight on the field. And with fog, you won’t know much about your enemy’s defence. That is why it’s advisable to use the right ward to clear the fog to see your enemy’s location and identify their next move.

  • Defensive Vision
  • Neutral Vision
  • Offensive Vision

Defensive Vision

Defensive vision works especially. It covers both your area and whatever falls under your side of the river. This is the advisable location to put your stealth ward in jungles to have clearer information about your enemy’s move and location.

Neutral Vision

The LoL neutral vision is the location near the river and anything under the river on your map. However, if you placed your wards perfectly you will see most of the things that happen on the map in your area with your gameplay turrets and see if your enemies are coming in.

With the neutral vision, you can easily spot your enemy while coming so that you can prepare in other to not get ambushed.

Offensive Vision

It covers the area across the area. The trick is to ensure that you only move one step at a time. You need to have a neutral vision before you embark on using an offensive vision otherwise you might get attacked by the enemy and pushed back. However, the only way to get back on track is using the neutral vision you have with you.

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