How to Get Disney Plus on NOW TV

What if I showed you how to get Disney Plus on Now TV? Don’t be surprised, that is what we will discuss in this article.

From the onset, it was said that Now TV users wouldn’t have access to Disney Plus. Coupled with that, Sky, who owns NOW TV, was quite vague about it.

That alone might have prompted you to inquire about how to get Disney Plus on NOW TV since Sky announced that its Sky Q users could access Disney Plus

Well, it should come as a surprise to you since Sky owns Now TV, and there were some expectations surrounding their offering on Now TV.

But the response to this situation has been decent since it didn’t take so long before Disney Plus was released on Now TV.

Now, you do not need a Sky TV subscription to watch Disney Plus. You could access it right from your Now TV by following the steps I will be listed below.

But before delving into how you can get it on Now TV, let’s briefly break down the subscription cost of Now TV.

Disney Plus Subscription

To access Disney Plus, you need to subscribe to one of its paid plans, either the monthly plan or the yearly plan.

The monthly plan costs £7.99 per month, and the annual plan comes at a yearly security cost of £79.90 per year.

If you go for the yearly plan, you will be able to save £15.98 (or 16 per cent) of the total price as opposed to reactivating your payment every month.

How to Get Disney Plus on NOW TV

How to Get Disney Plus on NOW TV

To get Disney Plus on your Now TV, simply download it from the app store. It isn’t rocket science; you simply need to install it from the app store and activate it afterwards.

Below are the procedures you should follow to install Disney PowerSchool.

  • Press the home button on your Now TV.
  • On the home screen, click on the App Store.
  • Enter “Disney Plus” in the search bar.
  • Select the Disney Plus Application from the search results.
  • Next, click on the install button.
  • Continue with the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • After doing all that, click on the open button to open the Disney Plus app.

How to Activate Disney Plus on NOW TV

The steps you’ll follow to activate Disney Plus on the NOW TV Box and NOW TV Stick are the same. However, you need to have an account with Disney Plus to follow this step.

If you do not have one, skip to the next heading. You will be using a code to activate your account, not a direct sign-in.

That being said, here is how you will go about it.

  • Launch the Disney Plus app.
  • Click on the Login button to get the activation code.
  • Once you have the code, head over to the Disney Plus activation website using your smartphone or PC.
  • Enter the 8-digit activation code.
  • Click on “continue.”
  • Enter your account details to complete the sign-in process.
  • After doing this, the Disney Plus app will be synced with your account.
  • Finally, you will be able to stream all the video content from the app.

How to Register Disney Plus on NOW TV

If you are a new Disney Plus user and you want to access it on your Now TV, here is how you should go about it.

  • Go to your Web browser and go to the Disney Plus website.
  • Select Login and tap on the Sign Up button.
  • Type in your mail ID and pick your subscription plan.
  • Afterwards, enter your payment details to finalize your payment.
  • Once your account is created, you will get a confirmation email.
  • After doing all these, open the Disney Plus app on your NOW TV.
  • Now log in with your Disney Plus ID to start streaming your favourite show.

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Is Disney Plus available on Now TV for free?

Disney Plus is not entirely free on Now TV. You might be able to access some channels for free, but you will have to pay to access the live channels on Disney Plus.

Can you get Disney Plus on TV?

Disney Plus is available on a handful of live TV channels, such as Amazon Prime, Sky Q, and some popular smart TVs and TV sticks. All you have to do is visit the app store on your TV to see if you can find it there.

Disney Plus not working on TV Stick right Now.

How to Get Disney Plus on NOW TV

If Disney Plus isn’t working on your TV Stick, there are a few troubleshooting steps you should take to return it to its normal working state.

  • Restart your computer or streaming device.
  • Restart your modem, router, and any other home network equipment.
  • Repositioning your router or device might improve your wireless connection.
  • Connect your streaming device to the network using a wired connection.
  • You should update your Disney + app.
  • If required, clear your Disney Plus app cache or reinstall the software.
  • Check that your streaming gadget is up to date.

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Now TV App

To access the Now TV app, all you have to do is press the home button on your Now TV and go to the home screen.

  • On the left-hand menu, scroll to the app store.
  • Over here, you will be able to see the apps you can install on your TV.

Can you get Disney Plus on a Smart TV?

Disney Plus is not limited to Now TV; you can also get it on several smart TVs, smartphones, and TV sticks such as the Amazon Fire.

You can also stream it from gaming devices such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

How to Download Apps on Now TV

Downloading apps on your Now TV is a straightforward process. All you need to do is go to your home screen to see the app store.

Here is how to go about it:

  • Go to the home screen.
  • On the left-hand menu, scroll to the app store.
  • Over here, you will be able to see the apps you can install on your TV.
  • How do I get the app store on Now TV?
  • Some apps may not be available on your new TV until they are made available through the App Store platform.
  • Disney Plus, for example, was recently added to Now TV, and to get it, you need to install it from the APP store.
  • To get there, follow the steps below.
  • Navigate to the home screen.
  • Scroll to the app store and select it.


Now that you’ve read this article to this point, you should be well acquainted with How to Get Disney Plus on NOW TV and what you need to do if Disney Plus suddenly stops working on your smart TV.

If you have any further issues with Now TV or Disney PLU, you should contact their respective customer service departments.

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