How to Hide Photos on your Android

Discover the easiest ways to hide photos on your Android device and archive all the private image you do not want others to see.

The privacy and protection of your files, pictures, and videos are among the main concerns of most users. There may be reasons you want to lock your photos, but most of them are pretty obvious.

Regardless of whether you don’t want prying eyes to see your photos or have significant business documents stored, the need to hide photos on your Android devices is pretty apparent.

For this reason, many manufacturers of Android phones integrate this function into their devices. But here we’re discussing third-party apps that let you hide your camera and other images from the gallery app.

These photo hiding apps mainly work on all existing Android phones. We have prepared a well-detailed guide to help you get started with the individual apps. However, you have to explore the apps in their entirety to get the most out of them.

You would not freely share your home address or phone number with anyone, and the same instinct for privacy should also apply to your photos. Most people have a few photos that they would like to share with others, while others should be kept in a private collection to protect your and your family’s privacy. From time to time, you can give away your phone, so your boss, coworker, or best friend can see your cat doing something sweet, but there is currently no guarantee that your viewer will stop there.

It is your duty to protect your photos’ privacy at all times and to ensure that random people can no longer wipe and view the rest of your photos. Since the temptation can be overwhelming, you can hide photos on your Android device either in device settings or using a third-party app. We show you how it works.

Hide Photos on Android phone

While there is no default secure way to hide pictures on an Android phone or tablet, a good number of Android device manufacturers offer native privacy features that easily protect photos and other files from prying eyes. The Google Photos archive feature can also be useful for this purpose. The following example shows the latest version of Google Photos with Android 10 on an LG V40 ThinQ.

Archive photos in Google Photos

If you’re using Google Photos on your Android phone, you can use the archive feature to hide the photos you don’t want to come across accidentally. Don’t worry about losing your valuable pictures – these photos are still accessible through archives, albums, and searches.

  • Locate the photos you want to archive and hover over the date (to select all) or the first frame (to select non-consecutive images). Then tap the circle in the upper left corner of each thumbnail of the photos you want to hide. Each hidden photo has a checkmark on it.

How to hide photos on your Android

  • Touch the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen and select the Move to File option from the drop-down menu.

How to hide photos on your Android

  • You will receive a notification that the selected photos/pictures have been archived. You may undo this action if you change your mind immediately.

How to hide photos on your Android

  • You may still locate these photos by tapping the library icon at the bottom right of the screen and then tapping the File button. To reinsert them into the main photo-stream, press and hold to select them, tap the three vertical dots located at the top right Conner and tap Unarchive.

Hide Photos on Samsung phone

If you a Samsung phone owner like the Galaxy S20, there is a safe and robust way to keep your photos and videos private.

  • Open Settings and tap the Biometrics and Security option. Then find and tap the Secure Folder option.

  • You can ask them to log into your account and agree to the terms.
  • You can now set up your secure folder and decide whether to display it in the app drawer, how to access it, and whether to lock it when the screen is turned off automatically.

How to hide photos on your Android

  • We advise that you lock it with your fingerprint and set it to lock automatically when the screen is turned off.

  • Launch the Gallery and find the photo you want to hide.
  • Touch and hold to select it and touch the three vertical dots in the top right.

How to hide photos on your Android

  • Select from a secure folder in the drop-down list.

How to hide photos on your Android

  • To view photos, just locate and hold in the Gallery app in the safe folder to choose them, then tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner and choose.

Apps to Hide Photos on Android

If your tablet or phone doesn’t have a built-in photo hiding security option, the best way to do it is to download and install one of the best photo hiding apps. There are some that we recommend.


Gallery vault

Here is an excellent free photo hiding app for Android with some optional extras available as in-app purchases.

You can store photos or videos in your safe, which you can easily access by entering a PIN or password. There is an optional, automatic, and integrated online backup that encrypts your chosen photos and automatically uploads them to the cloud storage.

You may decide to set up the multiple safes for different photos and videos, each with different passwords, to access them. The App also has a screenshot feature that takes a photo of anyone trying to access it.

Gallery vault

Gallery vault

Gallery Vault is a popular app for hiding photos on Android and is easy to use, like a safe locker. You select the photos and videos to add and can only access them with your PIN, password, or fingerprint. It encrypts your files but keeps them on the device.

There is no online backup. It’s also compatible with micro SD cards and includes a fake passcode option that takes you to a decoy photo-safe, a hidden icon to disguise the app, and intrusion warnings.

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