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How to Lock WhatsApp on Android & iOS

If your phone moves from handy-to-handy without a security lock then you may be losing some vital information to unauthorized fellows. With this, you should start to use the lock WhatsApp feature hidden in the app. This is important if most of your information is passed across through WhatsApp yet you didn’t take your time to lock the messenger you stand the chance of having all your secret leak in a spy hand. Your security measure should be one of those priorities.

If you don’t lock your WhatsApp account to protect your WhatsApp account from a direct hacking from people reading your chats unaware you may lose your prodigy and the synergy of being a secret keeper. So, How do I lock WhatsApp account to protect my app from intruders and have a safe and secure app when it falls on friends hands?

Basically, without using a third party app you can lock WhatsApp app with the messenger inbuilt protection. This is one of  WhatsApp features people don’t really admire and use often. Also, aside from the feature to lock WhatsApp access there is also a vital feature in WhatsApp to hide WhatsApp chat using the WhatsApp archive feature.

So, the basic thing you are going to learn is the simplest way to lock your WhatsApp account with a password of your choice different from a password used to unlock your Android phone without using a third-party app.

Lock WhatsApp account

How Can Hide Chat in WhatsApp?

The basic fact here is that people don’t take the WhatsApp archive feature so serious and it’s the best means to hide chat in WhatsApp. All though, this feature is designed for users to be able to archive chats on WhatsApp but it’s also the only prominent way to hide chats of a particular friend without deleting the chat. To hide chat in WhatsApp kindly use the archive feature on your device.

Go to WhatsApp>>friend’s name>>highlight messages>>archive. As simple as that, this will hide the message from your end but will be visible on the other end. Meanwhile, once your friend use the new WhatsApp delete seen and unseen messages these archive messages will also be deleted.

How Can I Retrieve WhatsApp Password?

Most times when you try to use a password to lock your WhatsApp account you will be prompt to choose a password recovery method.

For the cases I have experienced, WhatsApp often pop up an option to use email for password recovery so that when you forget the password you used to lock your WhatsApp account you can simple recover it back through your email.

The quickest way to recover your WhatsApp password is to use an email as a recovery method. In addition, using Google Drive Gmail as your WhatsApp recovery email is an added advantage.

How to Lock WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iOS works the same way but with different makeup. Once the feature to lock WhatsApp with a password is made available Android phone, iOS users will also have the same feature except if you don’t take note of it.

While I don’t preach to users to use a third-party app for what a device inbuilt function can do I’ll personally not advise iPhone users to lock their WhatsApp account using a third-party app. Because too much of apps on phones do reduce the speed at which the phone process information except you run a device with 4GB RAM.

How to Lock WhatsApp on Android Phone

The best method to lock your WhatsApp account is using WhatsApp built-in lock function so that people handling your phone will not be suspicious that you have an app to lock all your files and folders, and messengers on your phone. With the WhatsApp lock feature, you can simply create a special password to lock and unlock your WhatsApp messenger.

1. Launch WhatsApp account and click on the more option from the three dots and click settings

2. Here you will see a list of options click on account from within

How to Lock WhatsApp on Android & iOS

3. Click on two-step authentication option to choose a password for your account authentication

How to Lock WhatsApp on Android & iOS

4. Choose the option that best suits you. You can either choose a pattern or go with a password. In my own case, I choose to with password option. Then, enter the password and click next and enter to confirm the password again and click save.

How to Lock WhatsApp on Android & iOS

This authentication feature will always require a password to unlock your WhatsApp account not only when you try to create a new WhatsApp account with the same phone number on a different phone but will request for pin to unlock WhatsApp when you restart your phone and when your phone has been for a while with you interacting with it.

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