How to Make WhatsApp Video Calls using Google Assistant

You can make WhatsApp video calls using the Google Assistant feature in your Android phone. The two apps are not connected in any way, but the Google voice command can easily open your WhatsApp app and make both video and audio calls to the number you mentioned during the command.

This feature overrides the WhatsApp fingerprint lock screen as it doesn’t require unlocking the WhatsApp lock screen to communicate with the WhatsApp video feature.

When I tried to use Google Assistant to make WhatsApp videos, it first took me to a youtube video due to the wrong command and started to play a video from youtube.

However, a tweak in the command launch WhatsApp messenger app on my phone and put a call through to the name mentioned while instructing the Android Google Assistant to make a video call to the number of WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, you can only use the Google Assistant feature to make video or audio calls on WhatsApp to saved contacts. And, for the record, your pronunciation of the contact to call must be clear enough for the Google Assistant app to recognize it on your phone contact.

Also, you must allow the Google Assistant feature to read and access your phone contact if you are using it for the first time.WhatsApp video calls using Google Assisant

How to Make WhatsApp Video using Google Assistant

Having explained in detail the usefulness and correlation between the two standalone apps, here is how to make video calls on WhatsApp with the help of the Android Google Assistant feature.

  • Press the “Center button” in your Android to launch the “Google Assistant.”
  • Google Assistant help will pop up.
  • Command the assistant app by saying, “Make a video call to “name” on WhatsApp.
  • Replace “name” in the line above with the name of the contact to call.
  • The Google Assistant app will respond by saying, “making a video call to the name, say, Jasper.”
  • That is it.

This approach is similar to making an audio call on WhatsApp using the Google Assitant. However, you will need to replace “video” with “audio” in the instruction.

Note: If you use the same name to save more a single contact on your phone, the Google Assistant will ask you to select the contact you were referring to. In that, just say the name of the contact to call and it’ll be done.

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