How to Fake Screen Lock Password on Android

Let us talk on how to use the screen lock time password app to fake your phone screen lock with a password to look as if you have a screen lock pattern on your phone.

This is a total fake, so, nothing serious for real. It is just to have fun with your friends that tries to access your phone unduly.

Fake Unlock Password

Do you know you can fake unlocking password with the screen lock-time password app on your Android phone? By default, you can automatically lock Android screen with a password once the screen light is off with 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

But, how comfortable are you to type your unlock password into your phone in the midst of the crowd where they can easily spy on your unlock password which is dangerous to your personal data.

However, there is a way to fake your Android screen lock password using the popular screen lock-time password for Android phones. This app uses time, date, month, and year to fake your password to unlock your Android phone.

What the app does is to add some arbitrary digits to your password code and turn it into your password.

However, if your default password is two digits the screen-lock time password app will add either the date of that day, the current time minutes, the month of the year or the current year digit to your password to make it looks more complicated and not easy to guess.

Screen Lock Time Password

Screen Lock Time Password Features

Before you begin to use this app below are some of the amazing features of this app.

  • Cool iPhone style lock screen for your android
  • Support for most of the android phone.
  • Fully customizable lock screen.
  • Highly secure lock screen.
  • One of the best parallax effect Lock.
  • Customize sliding text. You can put your name or your friend’s name on your lock screen.
  • Customize wallpaper for lock screen
  • You can apply HD Screen wallpaper or choose from Gallery.
  • Unlock sound enable/disable.
  • Unlock vibration enable/disable.
  • 12 hour and 24-hour format both supported.
  • Consume less memory and battery, Simple and Clean device.
  • 100% safe and secure Screen Lock-Time Password

Types of Screenlock Time Password

The types of the lock screen you can use in the app is not parallel. It’s all depends on your choice.

1. Current Time: It is default password of your lock screen. e.g. If the time is 08:04, your PIN will be 0104.
2. Pin Passcode: User can choose any password.
3. Pin + Minute Passcode: If you choose digit is 60 and the time is 01:45 your PIN will be 6045.
4. Pin + Current Time Passcode: If your choose digit is 13 and the time is 02:37 your PIN will be 130237.
5. Pin + Day Passcode: If your choose digit is 89 and the date is 7 April 2018 your PIN will be 890718.
6. Pin + Hour Passcode: If you choose digit is 12 and the time is 08:08 your PIN will be 0808

How to Configure SLTP

Following the procedures below, you will be able to configure the fake password app to suit your choice.

  1. Download Screen Lock Time Password from the Play Store for Android phones
  2. Launch the screen lock app and click Enable Lock under Scree Lock – Time PasswordScreen Lock Time Password
  3. Choose your security question and provide the answer to the recovery answer column and then click on save.Screen Lock Time Password
  4. Click on Change Security Type to select the security optionScreen Lock Time Password
  5. Choose two Digits two times to confirm the PIN

Screen Lock Time Password

You can make the screen lock pause after 24 hours toggling use 24 hours format in the look & feel section.

How to Hide Screen Lock Time Password icon

The screen lock – time password has a feature to hide the app icon so that no third-party that know much about you can tamper with your lock password.

  1. Launch the screen lock time password and scroll down to Styles.
  2. Click on Hide App Icon under the Advanced Settings to hide the app from your phone app menu.

Screen Lock Time Password

How to Show User Information

You can show your name and image on the lock screen if you don’t like the app wallpapers or if you don’t want to use wallpaper.

  1. Launch the Screen Lock – Time Password app from your app menu and scroll down to Styles
  2. Then click on Show My Info. Enable Name and Image option.
  3. Select an image, crop it to taste, choose how the photo should display, and then click the back button to save.

Screen Lock Time Password

How to Change Recovery Passcode

The recovery password enables you to regain access to your phone when the screen lock – time password app is active. However, if you think you have chosen the wrong password remainder here is how to change the recovery passcode.

  1. Launch the screen lock  time password app from your app menu
  2. Scroll down to Lock Settings
  3. Click on Change Recovery Password to choose a new password recovery option.

Screen Lock Time Password

You can play around this screen lock app to add more fun to your phone security option.

However, it worth to note that the screen lock time password override phone lock option.

This implies that, when the screen lock- time password app is active, all other unlock feature like a PIN, FingerPrint, Face unlock will be overridden by the app settings.

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