How to Turn off Google Assistant

Google Assistant can be very useful to you. It is a very cool and highly helpful feature amongst many of Google’s products. In fact, the Google Assistant has evolved considerably over the years since it was first introduced and released.

Part of Google Assistant’s features that makes it very useful is to find the name of a song, an easy to use a hands-free feature on Google searches, helping to remind you about several tasks and ‘to-do’ amongst many others. But sometimes you still need to turn Google Assistant off.

However, Google Assistant as much as it is one of the coolest functionalities and as well as a very helpful feature on your phone, it can be a little overbearing most of the time.

All of its helpful features are great but sometimes the limitations and disadvantages outweigh its usefulness.

Part of Google Assistant’s overbearing features is your smartphone always listening to your private conversations which can be seen more as creepy than actually being helpful, always coming up, disturbing your ‘flow’ when using your phone amongst many others.

Therefore, if you desire to disable Google Assistant it is understandable as you are not alone.

You are not the only one who has had enough and just wants to shut it down completely from your phone. In this guide, however, you will find easy steps on how to completely deactivate the  Google Assistant on your mobile phone.

To disable Google Assistant on your smartphone is relatively easy and very quick. There are three ways however in which you can deactivate Assistant.

Whether you want to completely turn Google Assistant off or you want to deactivate its support button so you can still have access to its features and have more control over your device. Another alternative for some people is to cancel the assistant’s updates.

Whichever reason you have about turning your Google Assistant off, it is easy to do. Do note that when you turn off Google Assistant, you are choosing to completely stop all of its features.

However, you can also choose to have access to the Assistants functionalities occasionally. This is done by deactivating its support system. This way, you do not have to access Google Assistant via your home button but through your phone instead.

So let us start with how you can deactivate Assistant.

How to Deactivate Google Assistant Support System

For some who still desire to have access to Google Assistant but intentionally on their own terms, deactivating Google Assistant’s support button is a better alternative than completely turning it off. Essentially, this means you will not turn on Google Assistant through your smartphone’s home button.

  • Navigate to your phone’s settings
  • Scroll to “Applications”
  • Choose “Default applications.”
  • Click on “Device assistance app” or in some cases it is displayed as “Assistant and Voice Input”. The wordings are different based on the device you are using but find something that represents this.
  • Only click on “Device Assistance App”, do not tap the gear icon next to it.
  • Choose a different option different from the Assistant.
  • The Google Assistant feature will be off,

The Google Assistant is supposed to be a very helpful and useful tool, but sometimes it just does not work for you and by deactivating, you are reducing the frustrations that come with leaving it activated

How to Turn Off Google Assistant

There are some people who have just had enough and all they want is to simply deactivate Google Assistant for good!

Well if you fall into this category, you are not alone. Here are the steps to follow deactivate Assistant on your mobile phone:

  • Open the Google app
  • Click on the “more” tab. It is the three dots at the bottom toolbar.
  • A new menu needs to be opened so click on “Settings”
  • Choose “Google Assistant” then navigate to the Assistant part.
  • Select “Phone” under “Assistant devices,”
  • deactivate Assistant using the toggle button. Just tap it to turn off.

Note that it is possible for you to also just say “Hey Google, turn yourself off” and you will receive a guide on how to go about it on your device.

In case you do not want to turn it off, you can also uninstall updates.

How to Uninstall Update

Since Google Assistant has just been recently introduced, there were versions that did not exist. Therefore, by just going back to the previous versions in which it did not exist, there would not be Google Assistant.

So all you need do here is just uninstall updates and voila, you are free from Google Assistant. But there is a catch here; there are some other features that you possibly like under the new updates which will also go with the updates you cancel.

Here is how to uninstall updates to deactivate Assistant on your smartphone:

  • Head to Settings
  • Go to Applications
  • Navigate to Application manager
  • Search for Google
  • After this, click on the three small dots to open Menu.
  • You will find the pop-up option on uninstall updates.

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