How to Pair your Logitech Mouse

We consider how to pair your Logitech mouse with your computer in this article whether the Logitech mouse is a Logitech wireless mouse or Logitech Bluetooth mouse using the Logitech Unifying Software or Logitech Utility Software.

So, if you just get your Logitech Wireless mouse or Logitech Bluetooth mouse newly, you will find all that you need to pair your new Logitech mouse with your computer in this article. Also, we will walk you through how to download and install the Logitech Unifying Software on your computer to ensure that all the requirements are set before we proceed with the steps to take to connect your Logitech mouse to your computer.

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pair your Logitech mouse

How to Install the Logitech Unifying Software

The Logitech Unifying software is an integral part of the Logitech products which serve as a communicator between the products and computer. Without the Logitech Unifying Software or Logitech Utility Software some of the Logitech products will not function on your device this includes the Logitech Bluetooth, mouse, and the rest of them.

  • Go to the Logitech Unifying Software support download portal.
  • Download the software for your Windows or Mac or G900 Gaming Software version.
  • Click on the “exe” installer file for Windows. For Mac users, unzip the file and install the executable file on your Mac.
  • During the installation, you need to agree to the terms and conditions otherwise the Logitech Unifying software will not be installed.

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the Logitech Unifying software you can proceed with how to pair your Logitech mouse [Logitech Wireless or Bluetooth mouse] following the steps below.

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How to Pair your Logitech Wireless Mouse

We will discuss this with a new Logitech wireless mouse owner. However, if you have unpacked your Logitech wireless mouse, you may need to skip some steps. But for new users, ensure to follow the steps bit-by-bit.

  • Unpack the Logitech Wireless mouse from the pack. In the package, you should see the wireless mouse and a dongle.
  • Remove the USB receiver or Dongle from the package and insert it into one of your computer ports.
  • Insert a new set of batteries into the Logitech Wireless Mouse when you flip the mouse.
  • If you are using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 or Windows 10 the Windows will detect the USB receiver and you will likely see a popup that a new device is connected and installed successfully.
  • Turn the Logitech Wireless mouse upside down and slide the mouse power from Off to On.
  • Mouse the mouse on a MousePad to check whether the mouse is paired or not. To know whether the mouse is paired, the mouse pointer on your computer screen will move.

If the mouse pointer isn’t reacting to the wireless mouse moved then use the computer mouse [if it’s a laptop] to move the mouse to confirm that the mouse is not locked. You can also right-click on the wireless mouse to see whether it will bring out the function for the command on your computer.

How to Pair your Logitech Bluetooth Mouse to your Computer

The process to pair a Logitech Bluetooth mouse to a computer is quite different from a wireless mouse because the Bluetooth mouse doesn’t have a USB receiver or dongle. However, the process to pair a Logitech Bluetooth mouse to your computer is similar to how a phone is paired to your computer.

So, we are quickly going to do a walkthrough with you here in this section on how to pair your Logitech Bluetooth mouse to your computer.

  • Click on your Windows Start button.
  • Click on “Settings” from the pop-up. You can also press “Windows + I” to open your Windows 11.
  • Select “Devices” if you are using “Windows 10″ and choose “Bluetooth & Devices” on Windows 11.
  • Click on “Add Device.”
  • Under “Add a Device” click on “Bluetooth.”
  • Turn on your “Logitech Bluetooth Mouse.”
  • Once Windows detect the name of the Bluetooth mouse, click on it.
  • Click on the “Pair” tab and that is all you have to do to pair your Logitech Bluetooth Mouse to your PC.

In most cases, Bluetooth mice don’t have the Off/On button like the wireless. So, once your mouse is paired with your Windows it should be working the right way provided the batteries are a good one.

We can say that the Logitech Wireless and Bluetooth Mouse are the same. However, the wireless needs the Logitech Unifying Software and a USB receiver or Dongle to work. Whichever Logitech Mouse you got, this article is a perfect guide on how to install the dongle, turn on and pair the Bluetooth mouse and start using it on the go.

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