How to Play YouTube Videos Inside WhatsApp

WhatsApp rolled a new feature to play and watch YouTube videos inside WhatsApp app. Following the recent WhatsApp delete seen and unseen messages, WhatsApp has hinted the internet that users could start watching and streaming YouTube videos live in the app.

WhatsApp which recently integrated its code with YouTube so that you can easily share YouTube video for your friends and family to have a glimpse of the YouTube video title and description has not brought into users notice that the new WhatsApp update now has the feature to watch YouTube videos inside WhatsApp.

The 1 Billion plus active users, WhatsApp has brought a lot of features in the past. And following the trending feature to delete an unseen messages has announced a new feature that rather than opening YouTube videos in another window when shared with WhatsApp friends, YouTube video will henceforth be opening directly inside WhatsApp inbuilt YouTube video player.

The misery of this new feature is that the video views will still count as part of YouTube video views. This makes it win-win for both companies.

You search for a video on YouTube and share it on WhatsApp with your friends and family, in a group or as a broadcast message and instead of the YouTube video you shared on WhatsApp to open in either YouTube app or browser to play the video it will henceforth start playing with WhatsApp.

If you have not started exploring this awesome feature below is how to start watching YouTube videos inside WhatsApp app.

How to Play YouTube Videos Inside WhatsApp

This is probably going to be the shortest article we would publish on this site concerning WhatsApp. However, it will be rich and straight to the point.

1. Update your WhatsApp to the latest iteration

The first step to enjoy this new WhatsApp feature is to upgrade or update your WhatsApp app to the latest WhatsApp iteration.  Below is how to update WhatsApp app to the latest iteration to be able to share and play YouTube videos within WhatsApp.

1. Open Google Play Store and go to my apps and games in your account section

How to play YouTube videos inside WhatsApp

2.  Search for WhatsApp app within your list of apps and click on it.

How to play YouTube videos inside WhatsApp

3. A new window will pop up. Click on update to start updating your WhatsApp app. After successful update, your WhatsApp will now have a feature to play YouTube videos within the app.

How to Play YouTube Videos Inside WhatsApp

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