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How to Use Video As Your WhatsApp Status

The use of video as a status on WhatsApp and sharing videos on Groups and broadcast on WhatsApp platform has created an aura of great news for the platform as many users have really enjoyed using this feature as a means on communication. He I’m gonna share with you some amazing benefits of WhatsApp video status feature fro Android and iOS phone users.

So many comedians have gone creating short videos to make themselves popular via WhatsApp and this is common among the Indians creating different WhatsApp vide channels on YouTube. In fact, funny WhatsApp videos are common among the Indians compared to other regions.

WhatsApp feature to use video as your status has a maximum of 30 seconds while other parts will be truncated. Meanwhile, you can make a 30 minutes video as your status on WhatsApp if you can sacrifice your time to upload the video where WhatsApp truncates it and repeat the process until the whole video is uploaded as your status.

On the other hands, WhatsApp doesn’t place a limit on the size of videos you can share with a group or broadcast. This means that you can share any video size with a group member so far you have the data to do that or better still do that with a Wi-Fi.

If you have not been using WhatsApp video feature or you don’t know what WhatsApp video is all about here I will share with you what you just need to know and how to use video as your WhatsApp status.

What is WhatsApp Video to You?

WhatsApp video is a short video you share either with a group or broadcast as a broadcast message and as well as use as a status for your friends to see. It’s usually short and not more than 30 seconds per lapse if used as a status. This video can be viewed on Android, iPhone Samsung, and other phones.

In most cases, video shared on WhatsApp are usually funny videos, to do videos, love videos, and much more. But the one with highest rending accolade is the one you upload yourself and let your friends see it on your status.

How to Use Videos as Your WhatsApp Status

This is the simplest thing you want to do when you have the latest WhatsApp iteration installed on your device. This rock on Android and iOS devices. But, you must have updated your WhatsApp to the latest WhatsApp app.

1. Open your Google play store Android app and install the latest WhatsApp app or download latest WhatsApp directly from here.

2. Launch the WhatsApp you just installed from above and you will see it has an additional icon which will let you use video as your status. Click on the tab labeled “status” and click on the camera icon.

WhatsApp Video Status

3. This will open a camera option for you to capture a live event to upload it to your status. If you want to upload a live video event as your status cover the event and upload it. But to upload a video you already have on your phone swipe the camera option up and select the video from your gallery.


Use WhatsApp video as a Status

4. If the video is more than 30 seconds you will need to trim it and add the other part subsequently until the video is complete. You can add a caption to your video revealing a few information about the video and then upload it and finally click on play button to upload.

WhatsApp videos

Quickly watch this video on how to set up video as WhatsApp status.

How to Share Videos on WhatsApp

The beautiful aspect of this WhatsApp feature is that you can share a video with a group you belong to or broadcast it if you don’t want to use it as your status. However, it as simple as using video as your status on WhatsApp. If you are a novice follow the steps below to share videos on WhatsApp.

1. Click on the name of group or friend you want to share a video with from your list and click on the camera icon in the bottom right of your chat column.

Use WhatsApp video as a Status

2. This will pop up a video camera for you to capture a live event for sharing. Swipe the page up and search your video gallery for the video you want to share and click on the play icon to forward.

This is how to share a video on WhatsApp video tutorial. Enjoy the flexibility and don’t forget to share your view about this.

All your group member will receive this video you shared as a message on their account.

How to Share YouTube Videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp introduced a new feature to share YouTube video directly on your WhatsApp account with family and friends to boost your YouTube video pageviews. With this feature, if you have a large WhatsApp group you control you can easily share your videos there and increase your YouTube video engagements. Below is how to share a YouTube videos on WhatsApp.

1. Download and install latest YouTube Android or iOS app on your smartphone. Launch the app and search for the video you want to send to your WhatsApp friends and click to play the video.

2. Click on the share icon before the ellipsis [3-dots] to the upper right of the video. Regard to the attachment below for clarity.

Benefits of WhatsApp Video feature

3. A new window will pop up for you to share the video with your friends on social media. From the pop up select WhatsApp.

Benefits of WhatsApp Video feature

4. Next, all your friends will pop up including your WhatsApp status. Select the list of friends you want to forward the video to and click  WhatsApp go button.

Benefits of WhatsApp Video feature

5. A new window containing the video, now WhatsApp video will pop up with the video description waiting for the final go button. Now click on go to forward the video.

Benefits of WhatsApp Video feature

Do you love the WhatsApp video feature? And which one is your favorite? Please use the comment section below for your contribution.

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