YouTube Video Downloader: Download YouTube Videos on Android Phone

The latest YouTube video downloader new feature lets users download YouTube videos with it on Android phone without installing third-party YouTube downloader such as Tubemate, videoder etc.

As it were, YouTube app is a pre-installed app for all Android phone which enables Android users to search for videos on YouTube mobile, watch videos, subscribe to video YouTube channels etc and now featuring a new feature that lets users download YouTube videos in mobile with the app. For most online stand-alone websites to download YouTube check SaveTubes to learn how to use most standalone websites to download YouTube MP4 and MP3 for free.

Meanwhile, before the app was upgraded you can only save YouTube video and watch later but now the YouTube video downloader feature now let you search for YouTube videos, and download them on your Android phone for an offline watch.

However, if you have any of the top-notch Android apps to download videos from YouTube on Android phone you may want to ditch the new feature of the Google YouTube video downloader. Nevertheless, in this post, you will learn how to download YouTube video in mobile with the help of YouTube video downloader app.

How to Download YouTube Videos With YouTube Video Downloader

If you truly want to enjoy downloading videos from YouTube on your Android phone without trick or without software you need to have Google play store installed first so that you will not miss out next videos downloader upgrade or update info from Google.

And for simplicity, you need a valid Gmail account to log in to your YouTube mobile app or, if you have a YouTube channel, you can choose it instead of your default Gmail account. Haven’t said these, below are the procedure to use YouTube video Downloader app to download videos on YouTube in mobile without a trick.

1. If you haven’t updated the YouTube video downloader on Android phone kindly do that following this wizard. ( Open Google play on your smartphone >>> Select my apps >>> update YouTube downloader. Or better still download the latest version here.

2. Open the YouTube video downloader for Android and search for the video you want to watch offline using YouTuBe omnisearch box.

3. Once you have seen the video you want to download then scroll down a little and select download button to the right of the video channel which is a little bit above subscribe button.

YouTube Video Downloader

4. Select your video download output from the pop-up. Basically, HD output is recommended but it consumes more data and then clicks on OK.

YouTube Video Downloader

5. And your video will start to download.

With the latest YouTube video downloader feature you can now ditch other YouTube downloader on your smartphone to free more space.

How to Access YouTube Videos Downloaded Using YouTube Video Downloader

By default you will be expecting the downloaded YouTube video (s) in your device gallery or video streaming app but hell no. It won’t show up.

It’s true that you have downloaded the video from YouTube offline but the basic idea is that you just saved the video from YouTube online to YouTube offline so that you will be able to watch the video when there is no internet connection.

Meanwhile, to access the video downloaded or saved using YouTube video downloader for Android in mobile kindly follow this wizard.

1. Launch the upgraded YouTube downloader app

2. A list of saved videos would be shown if you have any.

3. Click on the one you would love to watch to start streaming.

Note: You cannot minimize the YouTube video app. You will have to continue to watch the movie or video using the downloader.

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