How to Withdraw PropellerAds Payout to Skrill

How to Add Skrill to PropellerAds payment option

In an attempt for PropellerAds to make it possible that all publisher are able to withdraw their ProperllerAds earning, PropellerAds has added Skrill to its payment option. If you don’t have PayPal or Payoneer, you can now use Skrill to withdraw your PropellerAds earning.

However, for ProperllerAds to make sure publisher have stress free withdrawing their earning from PropellerAds to Skrill, they make the service zero fee service. This means that you will be able to withdraw your PropellerAds earning to Skrill for free without a service charge.

Withdrawing from PropellerAds is a bit different from withdrawing from Amazing when you use Payoneer where Amazon will charge you some percentage. However, in the case of PropellerAds, all you need to do is enter your Skrill account details and receive your euro to your Skrill account without a service charge.

The only thing you need to get paid by PropellerAds using Skrill when you reach PropellerAds payout threshold of $25 is your Skrill email account. However, if you don’t know how to withdraw Skrill earning to your online account here is the trick. He I will share with you how to add Skrill to your PropellerAds and start receiving your PropellerAds publisher payout in your Skrill account.

How to Add Skrill to PropellerAds payment option

How to Withdraw PropellerAds into a Skrill Account with Zero Charge

Skrill does not charge you for withdrawing your PropellerAds to your account for an online transaction. Follow the procedure below to add your Skrill email to your PropellerAds for withdrawal.

1. Visit PropellerAds login page and login to your PropellerAds account here.

2. Scroll down the page and click on profile option on the left panel of your account page.

How to withdraw PropellerAds payout

3. Your PropellerAds payment method interface will pop up. If you have not added a payment method already this can be done directly. Otherwise, you will have to go through payment option to add a new Skrill as your new payment method.

How to add payment option Skrill to PropellerAds

4. From the payment option, select Skrill EUR  from the drop menu and enter your Skrill email account and then click on create to create your ProperllerAds publisher account payment as Skrill option.

How to add Skill payment option to cashout PropellerAds pauout

Congratulations you have successfully chosen Skrill to your ProperllerAds publisher account as your payment method.

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