How to Read Text Messages Using Google Assistant

I was just trying how to read text messages using Google Assistant on Android, and it came out positive. The same thing happened when I tried to make WhatsApp video calls using Google Assistant feature on m Android.

So, in this guide, you will get to know how to command the Android Siri (Google Assistant) to open text messages on your Android phone and read them aloud.

However, in other not to miss it out with the Google Assistant feature on you, you must follow the instruction in this guide; otherwise, when you instruct the Assistant by Google as powered on Android OS, kindly follow the procedure I will share with you here.

How to Read Text Message using Google Assistant on Android

Following the procedures below, you will be able to read text messages with Google Assitant on your Android.

  • Press and hold the “Android Home” button.
  • When it comes up, say, “Hey, Google.”
  • Google will respond, ” Hi, how can I help?”.
  • Say “Read my messages” Or “Open Android Messages.
  • Click “OK” from the pop-up.How to Read Text Messages Using Google Assistant
  • Toggle to “Allow Google >> Allow” following the screen.Click on the enable icon
  • Google Assistant will access unread message (s) on your phone and read them aloud.

Google Assistant will tell you some time that there are no new messages on your phone. If this happens, it means that you do not have unread messages on your phone. However, to access all messages on your Android phone, say, “open Android messages” to open your messages on your Android phone. With this, your message box will be opened.

How to Read Text Messages using Google Assistant on Android with Lock Screen

It’s practically impossible to read Android text messages with the screen lock active or with a passcode. When you say “Okay Google” or “Hey Google,” on a lock screen Android, it’ll not open the command to read your text messages.

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