How to Turn On “Okay Google” on Android for Voice Detection

Okay Google is Google Android assistant voice to search Android phone with a voice tag. With Google Okay Google for Android voice communication on Android phone users can easily search for information online using voice communication.

The Google voice assistant on Android makes it very easy to operate Android phone while driving, the Ok Google works on all Android device but you need to manually activate them. Google is said to bring okay Google auto activate to Android soon but before then you need to manually activate it.

For the main time, for Okay Google, Ok Google Android assistant feature may not work if you are not familiar with how to make the feature detect your voice.

However, the Google voice assistant for Android phone makes it easy to communicate with your Android phone while driving. With the voice assistant service on your device, you can easily communicate your phone to dial a contact and make a phone call without manually do that on your phone.

When Google finally bring the auto-activation option to Android, Google assistant service voice users will find it more convenient to use. It will make communicating easy and be able to search everywhere without touching your phone.

the okay Google (Ok Google) should be pronounced once to launch the Google voice assistant service. However, here in this post, I will teach you how to command Google voice assistant service on Android to tell Google what to do.

With the Google assistant service command, you can easily tell Google what to do and have your result without stress. The self-assistant service works like device remote control but works and depend on voice communication.

Here is a video on how to activate this feature on Android phone. This feature works best for all phone without additional apps installed on your Android phone.

How to Activate “Okay Google” on Android for Voice Detection

The okay Google assistant service for Android users is installed on Android by default. The app is a pre-installed Android app to help Android users understand how to communicate with Google using a voice tag.

While Google keeps improving Android OS to serve users better here is how to activate “Ok Google” on Android for voice detection.

1. Navigate to your phone app menu and click on “Google voice detection”

Ok Google

2. Click on the three horizontal line on the Google assistant service

Okay Google

3. Click on settings from within the Google assistant service

4. In Google assistant service settings click on “voice”

Okay Google

5. Click on “Ok Google detection” to activate the Google voice assistant service for your phone.

Okay Google

With this simple approach, you can start using Ok Google assistant service right away on your Android phone with a voice.

When next you want to use Google voice command without typing a word just say “okay Google” and Google voice detection will pop up and expects you to tell Google what to do.

Here is a video on how to activate this feature on Android phone. This feature works best for all phone without additional apps installed on your Android phone.

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