How To Remove Messages From your Mac

Are you searching for how to remove messages from your Mac? We have you covered and ensure you keep reading through.

iMessages automatically save and back up messages on your connected devices. When you delete messages on your device they may not be totally deleted on your other connected device.

If your Mac is connected to your iPhone, to delete your messages totally then you should get rid of messages on your Mac as well.

Therefore, here in this article, I will walk you through how to remove messages from your Mac.

How To Remove Messages From your Mac

Follow these steps to delete messages from your Mac:

  • Go to your Mac.
  • Open the messages app.
  • Select the conversation you would like to delete.
  • You can select one or more messages you want to delete in the transcript. It may include: text messages, files, videos, photos, audio messages, web links, or emoji)
  • Press Delete.
  • Tap delete again in the dialog.
  • After a message gets deleted, it will be moved to the “recently deleted folder” on your mac. Messages moved to the recently deleted folder won’t be deleted for others. You should use “Undo Send” if you want your message to be deleted for everyone.

To automatically remove a message, simply set how long you want to keep your messages:

  • Go to your Mac.
  • Open the messages app on your Mac.
  • Select Messages.
  • Select Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • A pop-up menu will come up, tap the “keep messages”.
  • Now select an option except Forever.
  • After you select an option, your messages will be removed when the specified time elapses.
  • Delete a conversation

In the Messages app on your Mac, search for a conversation. Then do any of the following to delete a conversation:

Delete an empty conversation: Move the pointer over an empty conversation, then click the Close button.

Delete a conversation: Select a conversation, Control-click, then choose Delete. Or, if you have a trackpad or a Magic Mouse, you can also swipe left with two fingers on the conversation in the sidebar, then click the Delete button.

How to Delete Messages on iMessages From Both Sides

Below is how to delete messages on iMessages from both sides:

  • Open the Messages app on your app device.
  • Press and hold the text message you want to delete.
  • Tap the More option.
  • Tap the Delete button.

How do I Stop my iPhone From Syncing Messages to my Mac?

Follow these steps to stop your iPhone from synching messages:

  • Open the messages app on your Mac.
  • Select Messages > preferences.
  • Tap iMessage.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select sign out.
  • A pop-up message will appear to confirm you want to sign out.
  • You will no longer receive messages after you sign out of your iMessage.

How to Delete All Messages on iPhone?

Follow these steps to delete all messages on your iPhone:

  • Open the messages app on your iPhone.
  • Tap and hold the message conversation or thread.
  • Tap the delete icon.
  • You will now be asked, “if you like to delete this conversation”.
  • Confirm by clicking delete.
  • Now repeat the steps for all the messages thread on your iPhone until there are no more messages on your iPhone.

How Do I Stop My iPhone From Syncing Messages to My Mac?

If you don’t want messages sent and receive on your iPhone to be showing on your Mac.

You have to first disable the messages app on your Mac from receiving text messages. Then remove the emails associated with your iPhone.

Below are steps that can help you out:

  • Open the messages app on your Mac.
  • Navigate to the menu bar > click messages > Preferences.
  • Under your accounts tab, select iCloud on the left side of your screen.
  • Now uncheck the email addresses and phone numbers associated with your account. To stop receiving messages from unchecked phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Go to your iPhone:
  • Click settings.
  • Select Messages.
  • Select “send and Receive”.
  • Now look for this option “You can be reached by iMessage at:” along with your phone number and email address.
  • Now tap on the email address and I check it to disable them from syncing messages to your Mac.
  • This way messages are sent only to your phone number.

How to Permanently Delete Messages on Mac

To permanently delete all of the messages on your Mac, follow these steps:

  • Exit the iMessage app.
  • Tap command + shift + G. The Go To Finder window will be displayed.
  • Type ~/Library/Messages and tap enter.
  • Select the following files: chat.db, chat.db-wal, chat.db-shm, and any other files you see there.
  • Then move the selected files to the Trash folder and then Empty your Trash folder.
  • Now open the messages app and check if the operation was successful.
  • Messages will be deleted but attachments do not get deleted from the conversation.

If you would like to delete all attachments, perform the following steps:

  • Exit the iMessage app.
  • Press Command + Shift + G to open the Go To Folder window.
  • Type ~/Library/Messages/Attachments and tap Enter.
  • Choose the files you want to delete including text, archives, video files, music files, etc.
  • Move the files you have selected to the trash folder and empty the trash folder.
  • This way all the attachments messages will be permanently deleted on your Mac.

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