How to Remove Quip Head

We earlier discussed how to change the battery in the quip electric toothbrush on this platform. If you miss the article, endeavour to read it to know the steps to take to change your quip toothbrush battery without damage.

And in this article, we are taking a new turn as we’ll discuss an important part of the quip: how to remove quip head. So, if you have a quip brush and you want to know how to change quip head just follow this guide.

How to remove quip toothbrush head is quite easy and straightforward. However,  Removing your quip brush head has to be done with strategic; otherwise, you’ll end up damaging the quip head toothbrush tread on the electric brush.

Since you cannot change your quip brush head more than 6 times a year [2 months interval] you have little or nothing to worry about how often you should change your quip toothbrush head.

Changing your quip head is seasonal, and that’d be only when the brush is no longer in good shape or deform over time. However, what you need to change is the quip brush head and not the entire quip brush to save some buck.

Quip brush, as it were, gives the best electric toothbrush experience you can ever imagine. However, it can be frustrating if your brush head is due for a change, but you don’t know how to change it.

Therefore, this article will save you the stress and explain how to change your quip head and replace it without damaging the quip brush engine and treading.How to Remove Quip Head

How often should I change Quip Head?

About 98% of the brush head are worn out and become ineffective after 90 days on average. But, if you have more than a brush [electric or not] that you use interchangeably, it can take more than 3 months.

However, [dentist] experts advise that a brush head should be changed before or after 90 days because it’s believed that after 3 months, a toothbrush head would have worn and become ineffective.

How to Remove Quip Head

Quip makes it quite easy to remove and replace the quip head if you have followed the instruction in the user manual.

But, if you were like every other people, if you don’t create time to read the product’s manual, then you’d likely not have the idea of how you can change a quip head and replace it with a new one.

Therefore, in this section, you will learn how to remove quip head and replace it with a new one in just 6 steps.

Note: You can check out these quip head toothbrush replacements.

  • Grip the old quip brush head and hand in the opposite direction while the bristle is facing the other side.
  • Put your thumb on the quip dots.
  • Pull the quip head in a slight arc motion without snapping it backwards.
  • Light the quip wings and pull out the motor.
  • Once it removes go ahead to remove the battery from the quip battery casing.
  • Remove all dried toothpaste from the handle of the quip brush handle using the old brush by wetting it.
  • Dry all the parts you removed from the quip brush, most especially the quip brush motor, to avoid damage.
  • Check whether your AAA battery is charged or dead. If it’s dead, you need to replace it. And if it’s rechargeable, plug the battery into your wall socket and charge it to the brim before replacing it.

Once you have removed the old quip head, you can then proceed to replace it with a new one.

Ensure that all the quip accessories that are removed while unscrewing the head without letting it snap directly backwards are kept safe.

How to Replace Quip Head

After getting a new quip head, you need an idea of how to replace it so that you will not damage the quip electric toothbrush compartment. Therefore, you will learn how to replace quip head below.

  • Insert or push the new quip head into the quip head hole in the toothbrush.
  • Push until you hear a clipping sound to confirm that the head has been clipped successfully.
  • Press the “q” button to test the brush.

Once you are done, you can start brushing your teeth with the new quip head.

Quip Head not Working after Replacement

If you have been using your quip brush for a long line, you can tell what you would have after changing the head. Some people experiences stuck while some experience quip not working after head replacement.
Therefore, if your quip electric toothbrush isn’t working after head replacement, below are the recommended approach to take to troubleshoot them.

Change or Charge the Quip Battery

If your quip battery is dead or weak, the quip brush might not work after replacing the head. Therefore, we recommend that you should change the quip battery to confirm whether it’s a battery problem.

  • Remove the quip head.
  • Light the quip wings to remove the motor.
  • Tip the brush hand over and tap the battery to remove it.
  • Replace it with a new or recharged AAA battery.
  • Pull the quip motor and ensure it flushes to the brush.
  • Fix the quip head.
  • Press “q” to test mode.

Once the battery is replaced the quip head should be working if it problem has to do with the quip battery replacement.

Quip Head Stuck

It’s possible to have the quip head stuck if you don’t know how to take off the quip brush head without damaging the quip head tread.

So, if your quip head stuck while you want to change or replace the quip head you should just do the following.

  • Place your thumb on the dots
  • Pull the head off in a slight arc motion gently

Try the above steps if your quip brush head is stuck.

Quip Battery Stuck

Before you proceed to remove your quip battery you need to know how to perfectly remove the quip motor so that the quip battery stuck won’t occur and you won’t damage the quip motor.

So, below are the steps we take to remove the quip battery successfully to avoid the quip battery stuck.

  • Place your thumbnail in the small notch on the front of the motor and pull it out from the handle.
  •  Flip the quip handle upside down and tap it into your palm so the battery comes out.

With the steps above you won’t experience battery stuck. Just follow it exactly as we shared it.

How to Take Quip Head Off

You should know how to take quip head off before you proceed to replace or change your quip brush head.

  • Grip the old head and handle in opposite hands, bristles facing away from you.
  • Place your thumb on the dots, then gently pull the head off in a slight arc motion (don’t snap it directly backwards!)

With the steps above on how to take the quip head off, you should be able to remove or change your quip brush head without damaging it.

This guide is about how to remove quip head and fix the quip head not working after replacement.

If you are battling with a more serious case than what we discussed here, do let us know in the comment section below…

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