How to Remove TV from Sanus Wall Mount

Sanus Wall Mounts are a few of the widely used mounts to hang TV to the wall. It makes TV stand firm and easily mount to the stand. However, if you hang your flatscreen TV using the Sanus TV stand and you are planning to remove it now or anytime soon, we decided to share with you how to remove TV from Sanus Wall Mount.log

When we got the Sanus TV Wall Mount it contains a manual that you can follow to install the Sanus TV mount and how to dismount it. However, if you have misplaced or couldn’t remember where the wall mount manual is, here is a recap from our experience of how to remove TV from the Sanus TV wall mount.Sanus TV Mount

How to Remove TV from Sanus Wall Mount

Here is the walkthrough you need to know to remove your TV from the Sanus Wall Mount with a scratch.

Remove your TV Cable from the socket.

When you to remove or replace the Sanus Wall Mount with either a Samsung Frame TV wall or Kanto Wall Mount, the first approach is to unplug your TV cable from the power socket and from your TV if the cable to the TV is removable so that when you tilt the TV after unscrewing it from the wall it there will be no difficulties doing that.

Unscrew the TV lock to the Stand at the BackRemove TV from Sanus Wall Mount

You need a spanner here. The spanner size depends on the bolt. However, in most cases, spanner size 10 to 14 is what you need to unscrew the wall mount on your TV from the wall mount that is nailed to the wall.

However, it can also be a star screwdriver that you instead of a spanner. Just unscrew your TV from the wall mount so that you will be able to lift the TV when tilted from the wall.

Tilt the TV up and Lift it Upward.

If your TV is bigger than what you can lift alone conveniently you should consider seeking a helping hand. While each of you stands at the edge of the TV place one hand at the bottom of the TV and the other hand on top of the TV and lift.

If there is no additional lock holding it down you will be able to lift the TV from the wall with the wall mount that was screwed to the body of the TV as seen in the image below.

Unscrew the Sanus Wall Mount BraceletUnscrew Wall mount from TV

You have to be very smart doing this if you don’t want to scratch the screen of your TV. Here, you should place your TV screen on your couch or bed or something soft and flat so that there will be no scratch on the screen.

Now, use the spanner and screwdriver to unscrew the TV mount attached to your TV to enable you to hang it to the wall mount.

Unscrew the Wall Mount from the Wall

Remove TV Wall Mount

You have successfully removed the Sanus TV wall mount from the TV. And what you should do next is to remove the wall mount that was screwed to the wall during the installation process. However, if you want to replace the old TV mount with a new one you can let the wall mount be. But, in most cases, all wall mounts have the wall TV mount so there is no need to leave the old TV wall mount without removing it.

Repack the TV Mount Accessories

You have successfully removed your Sanus Wall Mounts from your TV and the wall. Count the accessories to make sure everything is intact. Now, pack them into a container or in the parcel where they were when you purchased it.

Sanus TV Mount Instructions Removal

Sanus TV has a complete mount instruction removal in PDF to download and follow suit when you want to mount your Sanus TV. The Sanus TV mount instructions removal comprises of 40 pages instructions with a step-by-step guide to follow to mount your Sanus TV without damaging it or putting the TV in danger if not properly hung.

Click on the link below to download the Sanus TV mount instructions removal

Download Here

How to Remove a TV from a Sanus Wall Mount

Below are the concise steps on how to remove a TV from a Sanus wall mount without breaking things.

  • Turn off your TV and disconnect the TV cord from the wall socket or wire socket.
  • Remove all the cables or RCA connected to the TV.
  • Look through the Sanus TV mount on the wall and identify which bot is holding the mount to the TV.
  • Unscrew both bots [top and bottom bot] using your screwdriver or Allen key. It is advisable to ask someone to help you hold the TV when you are losing the Sanus TV mount bots.
  • Unhook the TV from the TV mount. To do this; you need to push the TV up once both bots have been removed.
  • Once you have successfully removed the TV from the mount place its face down on a soft material such as a bed or soft towel. If none is available, stand the TV in a corner of the room to avoid breakage.

With this how to take tv off Sanus wall mount guide, you should be able to safely remove your TV from the Sanus vision mount wall bracket.

How to Remove TV from Sanus Swivel Wall Mount

If you are using the Sanus Swivel wall mount in particular below are the steps to take to remove your TV from your Sanus Swivel wall mount bracket.

  • Firstly, turn off the TV mounted to the Sanus Swivel wall mount.
  • Remove all other accessories connected to the TV from other devices such as speakers, home theatre, RCA cords and many others.
  • Unscrew the Swivel wall mount bots from the wall bracket holding the TV firm. You may need a helping hand to help you hold the TV from falling off the bracket while unscrewing it.
  • Tilt the TV to confirm that the screws are no longer holding it.
  • Gently remove the TV from the wall bracket and place it gently where the screen can’t be mistakenly broken.

Once you have successfully taken off the TV from the Sanus Swivel wall mount unscrew the remaining part of the wall mount at the back of the TV and keep them for future use. Do ensure that the bots are kept safe so that you won’t have to buy another set of screws when next you want to use the TV mount.

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