How to Rename Program in Task Manager Details Tab

If you are looking for how to manage applications on your computer; here is an article for you. This post will literally cover how to manage your computer application such as how to rename program in task manager.

So, if you are looking for the simplest way to change your Windows task manager’s name this article is all you need.Rename Program in Task Manager Details Tab

What is Windows Task Manager Tab

Before we proceed to discuss how to rename the Windows task manager let’s quickly detail what you need to know about the Windows task manager tab.

Task manager is the Windows 10 default system tray app that allows users to manage windows efficiently. It lets users view all running programs and tasks in a list format.

The task manager displays different information about the program including its title, size, open and closed state, etc. This information is shown under the “Details” tab of the task manager.

It also reveals app information to the user with an option to either stop or close the app from running.

With that said, we will discuss in detail the steps to take to change your Windows task manager’s name
Rename Program in Task Manager Details Tab

Functions of Task Manager Details Tab

This tab consists of a list of all the running programs and apps on your computer (you will find it listed under Apps), and every other Background process and Windows process that is running.

The following are the function of the task Manager Details Tab:

  • You can close running programs from this tab, and bring them to the foreground, check how each is using your computer’s resources, and more.
  • Task Manager allows administrators to close applications and processes, change processing priorities and set processor affinity which is needed for optimum performance.
  • Task Manager also allows the system to shut down or be restarted, which may be needed when it is busy or not responding.
  • Task Manager shows you which of the programs you are running on your Windows computer and provides some limited control over those running tasks.

The Details tab allows you to see the precedence of each process. Windows organizes the direction of a process based on this ranking. Although, you can do more with the Details tab and modify the precedence of a process.Rename Program in Task Manager Details Tab

Where to Find Windows Task Manager on your PC

In case you are wondering where the Windows Task Manager is located on your computer;  press Ctrl+ Alt + Delete buttons concurrently, this action will pop up on the security screen.

Click on Task Manager from there. For Windows 8 and Windows 10 users, you need to click on More Details first.Rename Program in Task Manager Details Tab

How to Rename Program in Task Manager

The steps below explain how to rename program in task manager

  • Right-click on any program icon and click on “Rename” from the context menu.
  • The name of the program will change automatically.

However, if you will like to rename program in task manager details tab manually. Microsoft has made renaming programs in Windows 10 Task Manager much easier with a recent Windows Update, but you still need to follow a few steps below:

  • Tap on “More details” from the task manager.
  • Click on the small arrow button beside the “Program” heading.
  • Click on the “Details” tab.
  • Choose the “Title” field from the “Details” field.
  • Input the new name for the program and tap Enter.
  • Click “Ok” to save the changes.
  • Now, you will see the new name in the Task Manager window.
  • Right-click on the program and choose “Close” from the context menu.
  • Each time you want to find a particular program, search for the name you typed previously.
  • In case you want to locate all the programs, tap on the “All Programs” button from the task manager window.

How to Change Task Manager  Back to Normal

However, in case you want to undo the changes of renaming program in task Manager details tab, follow the steps below:

  • Open File Explorer and go to C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs.
  • Choosing any program in that folder and tapping F2 will allow you to rename it back to the previous name.

You can locate the option to rename programs in the task manager by searching from the bottom of the details tab. The list of programs with their size and CPU usage is usually displayed here.

Immediately you hover over a program, you will see the name and description of that program being displayed. You can right-click on any of the programs here to rename them, as long as there is no file or folder associated with that program.

Once you are able to successfully rename a program, you will see the name change in the task manager.

To verify that you have successfully renamed a program, check the Details tab for the renamed program. If you are not sure that you renamed a program, you can simply check the box next to the program, and it will be automatically renamed.

How to rename program in task manager details tab on your Windows shouldn’t be a hard move but only if you know how to go about it. But with this article, you should be able to rename any folder and your windows task manager detail tab.

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