How to Repair Water Damaged Android Phone

For the first time, I had an experience of how it takes to revive and repair a water damaged Android phone.It’s one of the experiences I prayed never to have but I had it last night when my phone fell into the water and it was rescued from damaging without taking it to a phone repairer.

The dropping and removal of the phone from water happened without seconds and the procedure you learn in this post helped me repair the phone and restored it back to normal without visiting a repairer’s shop.

The process I used can be used to revive your iPhone [iPhone6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and other iPhones] if they mistakenly fell in the water. It’s very easy to repair a water damaged phone with a non-removable battery than a removable battery phone.

In my experience, a phone non-removable battery stores little water because of its compartment compared to a phone with removable battery with a series of water passages to the phone to quickly weaken the phone components.

This procedure is best for devices like iPhone 6 and other smartphones with a non-removable battery. But, this is not to tell you that a phone with a removable battery will not be repaired using either of the approaches I will share in this article.

With this DIY guide, you will have a full knowledge of what to do when your phone fell into the water.

Repair Water Damaged Android Phone

3 Ways to Repair a Water Damaged Android Phone

If you don’t want to spend money repairing a phone that fell inside water and taken out instantly, here we have highlighted 3 procedures you can follow at home to help repair the phone and restore it back to normal within 24 hours of the incident.

All the procedure to be discussed here called for instant DIY otherwise, the water that gushed into your phone may damage it beyond repair.

Use Rice to Repair Your Phone When Fell Into Water

How to Repair Water Damaged Android Phone

Rice is common food this day, most especially in African countries, Nigeria inclusive. Rice has the ability to absorb moist to itself without damaging its quality. And when used to repair the phone that suddenly fell into the water you have a better chance that the water in the gadgets will be absorbed by the rice grain and help restore your water damaged phone back into the normal state.

When my phone fell into the water, the first thing that comes to my mind is to get some rice grain and hide my phone inside of it for a while. In fact, I only put my Android phone inside the rice grain for only 9 hours and everything comes back to normal. Follow the steps below to remove water from your phone using rice grains.

1. Remove your phone from water and remove its components [Back cover, battery for removable, SIM, and MicroSD]

2. Pour some rice in a bowl or inside a nylon and insert the phone inside it

3. Cover the bowl or tighten the nylon with the phone hidden in-between the rice grain

4. Leave it for at least 6-9 hours depending on how long it takes to remove the phone from the water.

Once this is done you phone should be fine and start working perfectly just like it was before it fell into the water.

Precautional Measure

It’s common to most people to switch their phone once they removed from inside the water. For a phone with a non-removable battery, this is wrong. While this safes battery it also poses a threat on your phone on the possibility of powering on your phone the next day or when you remove it from inside the rice.

This is what I did when my phone fell inside water instead of switching it off.

The moment I pulled the phone out of the water and swiped down the screen and instantly appear offline [flight mode activated].

When I woke up in the money, my phone is up and running. But suppose I power it off the moment I took from the water, there is a possibility for the water to have entered the power button section and make it threaten to power on the device.

While for the most phone with a removable battery, you have direct access to remove most of its components like SIM, MicroSD, and ON/OFF button.

How to Dry Water from Water Damaged Phone with Nylon or Lylon

There is another life-changing tool to repair a phone that fell into the water and got it back to life before taking it to a repairer. Nylon is a safe hand for a phone with water inside of it. The process is what I called heat removing moist from a phone.

Technologically, when a phone fell into the water and is taken to a repairer. Having removed all the components, the engineer will use a professional dry tool to remove the moist from the phone and coupled the components back.

However, an easy way to do this is with the help of Nylon or Lylon. Practically, to remove water from a phone that fell into water using rice grain is the same as use nylon to remove moist from your phone with the same problem.

The procedure is simple and direct. The DIY using nylon to remove water from iPhone 6 or other iPhone brands and Android devices are highlighted below.

1. Remove all the phone components and place them where there is a direct breeze

2. Get a Nylon and blow air into it to form a balloon shape with the air

3. Put the phone without its components into the nylon and tied the mouth

4. Leave it for some hours and then remove it.

What this does is that; the heat in the nylon will cause the most in the phone to form something like dew and for a drop to be absorbed away from the phone compartment into inside the nylon. Preferably, position the wet phone in such a way that the water will not be able to go back into inside the phone again.


Rice is not the only grains that can be used to repair a water damaged Android phone but it’s the most used and common among the list of grains available. I’ll not advise the use of Gari [Cassava flower] because of its tiny nature that can cost an additional damage to the phone.

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