How To Reset your Hisense Smart TV

The focus of this article will be on how to reset your Hisense Smart TV. Resetting a Smart TV, takes the TV back to default settings. So a reset is typically done when there is a problem that can only be fixed with a reset or if you want to sell or give the TV away.

Manufacturers advised that you should reset your Hisense Smart TV at least once in a month, as doing so helps to clean out the clutter, prevents freezing mid-stream, solve  issues with signing-in, resolves unresponsive services and generally makes the TV function at optimum capacity.

Due to the fact that a factory reset on your Hisense Smart TV causes your TV to return to its default state, it will require you to repeat the process of setting up, reconnecting to the Internet, and reloading any streaming channels.

Basically, to perform a factory reset,  you just have to navigate to Settings, System, Advanced system settings, Factory reset and then follow the onscreen instructions. So, it is pretty straightforward. However, this article will break it down further by discussing how to reset your Hisense Smart TV with and without a remote.How to Reset your Hisense Smart TV

How To Reset Hisense Smart TV with a Remote

This is the procedure you follow if you want to reset your  Hisense Smart TV using a remote. Start by;

  • Pressing MENU on your Hisense Smart TV remote
  • Select ‘Support’ and confirm your selection by clicking ‘Enter.’ Depending on your remote model, the ‘Enter’ key may appear as ‘OK’ key or ‘Select.’
  • Click “Self Diagnosis” and confirm by pressing ‘Enter.’
  • Select the last option, which is ‘Reset.’
  • Enter your security PIN to confirm your request
  • Reset your Hisense Smart TV to factory settings

If you have never customized your PIN, the default PIN for all Hisense Smart TVs is 0000, but it is liable to change, if you want to.

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How To Reset your Hisense Smart TV without a remote

Most often, this option comes in handy if your Smart TV does not show any picture,  because it will be  impossible to reset it  with a remote. However, you can do a soft reset through the power cycle. To reset Hisense TV with no picture, begin by;

  • Disconnecting any external hard disc or USB cable
  • Then, turn off your Hisense Smart TV
  • Unplug the power cable
  • Wait for two (2) minutes before plugging the TV back to power back
  • Switch your Smart TV ON

This is a soft reset. And with, all your personal files will not be deleted. However, if you will prefer to reset your Hisense Smart TV to the default settings, below are the steps to take

How To Hard Reset Hisense Smart TV

If a soft reset method does not do the trick, here’s how to hard reset a Hisense TV, from 2013 or older models.

  • Using your remote control, press and hold the Exit button for at least 15 seconds.
  • Then, you will see the Factory Service menu on the screen.
  • Select OK.
  • Turn off your Hisense Smart TV.
  • Wait for at least 20 seconds.
  • Turn on your Hisense Smart TV.

How To Set Up Hisense Smart TV

Remember we had mentioned at the part where we discussed how to reset Hisense Smart TV, that, once resetting is done, you will be required to set up your Smart TV.  So you need to know how to get it done.

The process is pretty simple, so even if you’re not a tech-savvy person, you’ll have no trouble setting up this TV. More so, everything you need for the setup comes along with the TV. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be good to go;

  • First, you need to decide where you want your TV to be placed, either you will mount it on the wall or just place it on a table top.
  • Next, you’ll need to attach the power cable. One end of it will be attached to the back of your TV while the other needs to be plugged into a power source.
  • When the red LED light pops up, that is an indication that your TV has been plugged in correctly.
  • You can use the remote to power your TV. The batteries also come included with the TV.
  • Once your TV turns on, you will be prompted to select your preferred  language, country, and time zone settings. You’ll also see the License Agreement,  you want to be sure you read through it.
  • Then you can select either Home Mode or Store Mode, depending on how you want to use your TV.
  • The final step to setting up your Hisense TV is connecting to the WiFi. The device will run a search for all available WiFi networks.
  • Find your WiFi network and enter password details.

How To Connect your Hisense TV to WiFi 

It goes without saying, that  being a Smart TV you will need to connect Hisense to a WiFi in order for it to function at maximum capacity. So start by;

  • Locating the Menu button on your Hisense TV remote and then press on it.
  • From there, go to Settings.
  • Next, select the Network option.
  • You can check if your device is already connected to a network by going to the Network Information tab.
  • If you’re not connected to any network, you can proceed by going to Network Configuration.
  • You’ll need to enable the wake on the wireless network option. Then, follow the prompts to connect your Hisense TV to the WiFi.

Once connected, you can easily enjoy content on various streaming platforms. You can also mirror or screen share from other devices onto your Hisense TV.

How to Connect your Hisense TV to Wired Network 

If the WiFi option is not working for you, you can also connect your Hisense TV to a wired network connection.  To make things even easier, all Hisense TVs come with an in-built port for ethernet cables. So follow  these instructions to get that done.

  • First things first,  make sure you have an ethernet cable at home that can connect your internet modem to your Hisense TV.
  • Then, start by  connecting one end of the cable to your internet router and the other end to your Hisense TV.
  • Then, with your Hisense TV remote, press the Settings button.
  • From the pop-up window, select Network.
  • Next, you need to go to Network Configurations.
  • From there, you will need to enable the LAN option and follow the prompts to connect your Hisense TV to the internet.

With proper guidelines, knowing how to reset Hisense Smart TV to WiFi is a walk in the park. Follow through our guidelines carefully and you will have a smooth ride getting it done.

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