How To Restore iPhone From iCloud In Few Quick Steps

Every iPhone user needs to be able to restore iPhone from iCloud. This is because it would be very helpful when your iPhone suddenly starts acting up, and you might need to reinstall the iOS. It would also be helpful when you get a new iPhone and would want to transfer all your data from your previous phone to the new one. Whatever reason it is, we will show you how to restore iPhone from iCloud in quick, easy steps.

How to Restore iPhone from iCloud

To restore from iCloud, you need to have already erased everything on your iPhone. This is a good way of troubleshooting whenever your iPhone is having any issue. However, before you reset your iPhone, you will need to double-check when your last iCloud update took place. To do this, just follow the steps explained below.

  • Open your Settings application and click on your name.
  • Then, select iCloud and navigate to the Manage Storage option.
  • From there, click Backups.
  • You would now see a list of all your iOS devices then click on the particular device you want to restore.
  • This would give you information about when the last backup took place.

After confirming when the last backup happened, you can now go ahead to reset your iPhone. To do this, follow the following steps.

  • Open your settings application and click on General.
  • Then select reset. You would now see different reset options. Scroll down and select Erase All Content and Settings. After this, all the data on your iPhone would now be erased.

Restore Backup from iCloud

  • Now, you can finally restore your iCloud backup. To do this, just follow the following steps.
  • You need to go through all the setup pages until you see the Apps & Data screen.
  • Then select Restore from iCloud Backup.
  • You would be asked to sign in to your iCloud account and afterward, select Choose Backup.
  • You would see a list of all your backups, so you can select the one you want.
  • After selecting your preferred backup, you would see a progress bar appear on your screen. This might take a long time depending on your internet speed and how large the backup is. However, you should ensure that your WiFi connection is really strong.

For new iPhones

In case you just purchased a new iPhone (iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 12, etc) and you want to fill it with the data that was on your previous iPhone, then we will show you how. Luckily, iCloud makes this process faster and easier. Just follow our guide below to do this.

  • Immediately you power on the new iPhone, just go through all the setup pages until you come across the App & Data screen.
  • Then, select the Restore from iCloud Backup option.
  • Afterward, you would be asked to sign in to your iCloud account.
  • Then, you can select your preferred back up from the list of iCloud backups.
  • Once the restore starts, a progress bar would appear on your screen so that you can monitor it. You would also see an estimated time to completion. It might take a long time so you have to ensure that your battery is full and your WiFi connection is strong enough to ensure that it gets completed faster.

How to Restore from iPhone Without a Reset

Although there is no official way to restore an iCloud backup without resetting your phone, you can still restore certain files in case you mistakenly deleted them. To restore files from iCloud, follow the steps explained below.

  • Start by opening your browser and go to the iCloud official website.
  • Then you would be asked to sign in to your iCloud account.
  • Once you do so, you would have access to all of your synced files.

However, a major downside to this method is that since your iPhone is synced to iCloud automatically, there is a chance that the file might as well be missing from your iCloud.

Another issue is that you might not have access to certain app-specific data such as your text messages or other data from third-party applications. Although this is still the only option, you have to retrieve lost data, and you might be lucky.

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Restoring your iCloud backup is one of the best ways to troubleshoot when you are having any issues with your iPhone. Now that we have shown you the entire process of restoring your backup, you can always do this anytime you want. However, before you embark on this process, you need to ensure that you have a very strong WiFi connection as well as a full battery.

Meanwhile, if you have any challenges following the steps explained above, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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