Is iPhone XR Waterproof?

The iPhone XR has an IEC rating of IP67. But what does that mean? The XR was Apple’s best selling 2018 model. It emerged the highest-selling iPhone globally in Q3 2019. Is iPhone XR Waterproof? Yes, that also is part of its uniqueness.

Meanwhile, there is a line between the terms’ waterproof’ and ‘water-resistant’. When the iPhone XR was released in October 2018, it received wide praise, thanks in part to its low budget creation compared to Apple’s other newest products at the time; iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 ProMax with great groundbreaking camera features and others.

The iPhone XR represented options for consumers who don’t want or need Apple’s latest technology, or in other words, consumers who were conscious of their budget.

Another reason for the high attention iPhone XR received was the question of whether the device was or was not waterproof. Of course, the term ‘waterproof’ is what you may have heard from the mouths of salespeople at stores before purchasing the iPhone XR. But does ‘waterproof’ in the context of the iPhone XR mean what we think it is?

To say a device is waterproof really means that that device is protected against water, not regarding the depth and length of time it spends being submerged. This explanation does not fit well with the iPhone XR because, while it has the ability to actually resist water, it only does so at a certain point.

This means that you cannot dip your iPhone XR in water for too long- whether on purpose or accidentally, and not expect it to malfunction. This explanation means that the iPhone XR is water-resistant and not waterproof as claimed.

iPhone XR can resist water, but for how long? Image shows water touching iPhone XR
How is the iPhone XR water-resistant?

iPhone XR features an Ingress Protection rating of IP67. This is a rating system that the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) gives to an electronic gadget or device. The Ingress Protection (IP) rates how firm protected its internal wirings are from external dust and liquids.

An IP rating contains two numbers; the first means dust-protection while the second number refers to water-resistance. That the iPhone XR has an IP rating of IP67 means the device has a dust-resistance grade of 6, which is equivalent to total protection from dust. The water-resistance feature of 7 shows that it can survive being totally covered in up to one meter of water, but for a limited time only.

Your iPhone XR can stay underwater for as long as 30 minutes, meaning it may not get damaged when dipped in water, but one thing you should know is that, even at that, the iPhone XR warranty does not support water damage. That should send a signal as to whether you should think that the iPhone XR is waterproof or not.

Shows iPhone being dipped in the water

How to Protect Your iPhone XR from Water Damage

Even with a 30- minute guarantee, you should endeavor to take some preventive measures to ensure that your iPhone XR does not even come in too close a contact with water. The chances are that in the end, things may go as unexpected. Below tips are how you can protect your iPhone XR;

1. Do not take your iPhone XR with you when using the toilet.
2. Do not take a bath or shower with it.

Shows taking selfie in the water with iPhone XR
3. Avoid taking selfies in the water.

iPhone XR in extreme weather condition
4. Do not use your iPhone XR in extreme weather conditions.
5. Do not tamper with the insides of your device. That sort of job is best left for Apple engineers.

What to do if iPhone XR drops in water

Try these steps if your iPhone XR gets wet with water;
1. Unplug all cables and accessories.

show cleaning water from iPhone XR with subtle cloth
2. Clean your device with a soft, absorbent cloth.

Shows where excess water can be freed from, the lightning connector
3. Let excess water drip through the lightning connector.
4. Let your device dry for a minimum of five hours before you try to charge it or turn it on.

If iPhone XR drops in any liquid that’s not water

• Subtly rinse it off with tap water and then wipe it with a soft and absorbent cloth.
• Proceed to let out excess liquid through the lightning connector
• Then you store in a clean and dry place for ventilation.

For dust, wipe your device off with a soft clean cloth, especially microfiber cloths

Don’t do these things to your Waterproof XR

• Don’t turn on the device before it is completely dry
• Do not use soap or any other cleaning products
• Do not use compressed air
The iPhone XR contains tiny chips, and it will be unwise to blow in excess air that can tamper with it.

As you would have learned by now, the iPhone XR is waterproof can survive drops of water better than most smartphones can. It is even a cheaper option compared to the newest iPhone devices. But do keep in mind that it doesn’t make it a totally waterproof device.

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