How to Safely Eject OTG USB From Android Phone

Whether your Android OS is Kitkat 4.4.2, or Android Lollipop 5.0/5.1, or Android Marshmallow 6.0/6.1, or Android Nougat 7.0, or even Android Oero 8.0, you should always safely eject OTG USB from your device.

When you safely unmount your OTG USB from your Android phone following the normal procedure you follow to remove USB from your computer you tend to strength your Android phone workability with the OTG device.

It’s not all phone that supports OTG USB and for that reason, before you go out there to purchase an OTG USB you should always install OTG checker for an Android phone to check whether your phone will be able to use OTG USB.

While we are here to teach you how to safely eject OTG USB from Android phone you can also spend few minutes of your time to read our latest article on how to check whether your phone support OTG or not.

Before you can boldly ask a friend or read this post on a professional way to remove or eject OTG USB from your phone you should first ask yourself what is OTG USG?

OTG USB is a flash drive for Android phones as well as for a computer. An OTG has two mouths, one for a phone and the other for a computer.

With OTG USB you can copy movies, songs, photos, and files from computer to a phone, from phone to phone, and from TV to your phone without using Bluetooth or Flash share.

So, if you need a multi-task USB you should get an OTB USB. But, to ensure it last for as long as expected you should always follow the normal routine to eject your OTG USB cable.

How to Safely Eject OTG USB From Android Phone

It’s not recommended to remove or eject OTG USB from your Android phone the way you remove your phone earpiece or hand-free. It’s is also not wise to remove phone memory card just anyhow. Otherwise, the memory card may lose some important files or corrupt.

If your OTG USB is removed unexpectedly and without notifying your device before you pull off the USB you will see the screen below.

How to Safely Eject OTG USB From Android Phone

To help protect your OTG USB from damage when you eject it from your phone follow the procedure below.

1. Swipe down your Android phone settings and click on “Storage”

2. Under storage select “OTG USB” cable option and click “Unmount USB storage”

How to Safely Eject OTG USB From Android Phone

3. Wait for few seconds and you will see a pop-up that the USB has been successfully unmounted as seen below

How to Safely Eject OTG USB From Android Phone

4. Now hold the OTG USB and pull it away from the phone USB port. Once removed you should see the screen below.How to Safely Eject OTG USB From Android Phone

OTG USB and memory cards should be unmounted the same way. When you remove your OTG or memory card without a prior notification you external storage device may damage and even corrupt beyond remedy.

The best way to eject OTG USB after use if to follow the above procedure and wait for a notification from your phone to authorize it that you can now remove the external storage otherwise you stand the chance to spoil the device.

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