How To Secure Google Drive On iOS Devices

Many people might not know, but you can secure Google Drive with face or touch ID on your iPhone or iPad. Because our Google Drive usually contains sensitive data, it is important that it is properly secured. Although Google claims Google Drive is a secure palace to store data, we all know that anyone that has access to our smartphones can easily open the app and have access to all our data.

To secure your files better, it is necessary that you add another layer of security. This is why we will be showing you how to secure your Google drive using your Face ID or Touch ID on iOS devices. Stick around with us and let us get right into it.

Is Google Drive Secure?

Google Drive is a great app for storing your data in the cloud. When it comes to the privacy and security section of this app, Google added the SSL and TLS standard encryption for files when you upload or download them. This makes Goole Drive trustworthy and a secure place to store all of your data.

Google Drive is designed in such a way that anyone who has a Google account also gets a Google Drive storage assigned to it. This makes it your personal cloud space. However, the security of your files stored on Google Drive depends on your Google account. For instance, if you have a weak Google password, this means that your drive data is at risk.

To avoid unauthorized access to your Google Drive files, then it is important that you set a strong Google password and also enable the two-factor authentication. This will make it almost impossible for anyone to sneak in. You need to realize that having a secured Google account credential will also secure your Google Drive.

Also, you will need more than a secure credential to keep your Google Drive files safe. For instance, if your smartphone is accessed by someone else, then your Drive files are no longer safe. This is because anyone who has your phone can easily open the Google Drive app to access your data.

Luckily, there is a new security feature from Google that will prevent others from having access to your Google Drive app on your iPhone or iPad. This is because you can now set an app lock for your Google Drive app using the Face or Touch ID on your iOS device.

How to Secure Google Drive with Face or Touch ID on iPhone

Many applications like Whatsapp have released the face ID lock for iOS users in the past. Now Google Drive also offers this feature, which will ensure an additional level of security. Follow our guide below to do this.

  • Ensure you update your Google Drive application to the most recent version.
  • Then, launch your Google app and click on the hamburger menu icon, which is on the top left corner of your screen.
  • From there, select Settings.
  • Select Allow Google Drive to Use Face ID on iPhone
  • Then, from the Settings, go to the Privacy Screen. Privacy Screen
  • Turn on the toggle for Privacy Screen and enable Face ID/Touch ID. secure Google Drive

When next you open your Google Drive app, you will need to use your Touch or Face ID before having access to the app.

Set Face ID Auto-Lock Time Limit for Google Drive

Note that the Face ID or Touch ID for the Google Drive will lock you out of the app once you switch to another app. Although this is for security, a lot of people find it inconvenient. If you are one of those that find it disturbing, you can set a time limit for the Face or Touch ID to reactivate immediately you switch to another app.

This ensures that your Google Drive will not be locked before the time limit, and you can always open the app without ID until the time limit elapses. Follow our guide below to set the auto-lock time limit on your Google Drive app.

  • Open your Google Drive app and navigate to its settings.
  • Then go to the Privacy Screen and select Delay.
  • You can then choose a time limit from the window. Secure Google Account

Note that if you select Immediately, your Google Drive app will be locked immediately, you switch to another application.

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Now you can be rest assured that all your files in your Google drive app cannot be accessed by any other person but you. However, it is also important that you have very strong Google credentials to secure your files even more. If you have any challenges following our guide above, let us know in the comments section below.

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