How to Restore WhatsApp Backup From Google Drive

The best thing you want to do when you get a new phone is to restore a backup of your old WhatsApp Chat history either from Gmail mail or directly from Google drive. To restore WhatsApp backup is not something is really hard to do. Even a complete novice can do that without being supervised. The only thing is that you must have your WhatsApp backup to a source already. In most cases, the best source to backup your WhatsApp before you can restore it is to Google drive or directly to your phone memory card.

It’s very easy to restore WhatsApp backup once you have a backup file somewhere you have access to without restriction. The simple way to restore WhatsApp backup from Google device is snippet out below.

To restore WhatsApp chat history from Google drive launch your WhatsApp app and click on settings. You will be taken to your WhatsApp account settings, then click on chats and click on the backup option under WhatsApp wallpaper and you will see where to restore your backup from Google drive.

How to Restore WhatsApp Backup From Google Drive

The third paragraph above is just what you need to restore your WhatsApp app backup directly from Google drive. Meanwhile, you need a copy of your old WhatsApp chat history before you can make an attempt to restore it when you either change your phone [and re-install WhatsApp app] or you mistakenly delete WhatsApp account on your phone.

The good thing is you can restore WhatsApp backup without uninstalling it. This means that you only need to follow this tutorial to restore your old WhatsApp chat history copy to your new phone.

One good thing I have noticed about WhatsApp chat history is that you can easily restore Android chat history to iPhone. This is to tell you that when you choose to move from Android phone to iPhone or even Samsung you can follow the same procedure to restore WhatsApp chat history from your old Android phone to iPhone directly from Google drive.

As at this moment, you cannot restore WhatsApp backup from Google drive using WhatsApp for Desktop app or web WhatsApp. The best way to do this is on your smartphone. Though you can log in and log out WhatsApp account desktop, and even contact WhatsApp for a question via WhatsApp contact form but the feature to restore WhatsApp hasn’t been integrated into the popular desktop app or web WhatsApp features.

Now, how to restore WhatsApp Chats history backup from Google drive is straight and direct. The single point is you are reinstalling WhatsApp app on your phone and you don’t want to miss the good old time of your WhatsApp chat.

So, here I assumed you have uninstalled WhatsApp on your phone and you want to restore your old files [WhatsApp chats history] during a fresh installation.

1. Download a new WhatsApp from Google Play store or ask someone to send it to you and then install it. You must log in to your Gmail account on your phone already to restore a copy of your WhatsApp file. However, if you have a different Gmail account on your phone not linked to your Google drive where you store your WhatsApp backup read this post to remove a Gmail from your phone and then add the one that is linked to your Google drive storage.

How to Restore WhatsApp Backup From Google Drive

2. After successful installation enters your WhatsApp registration number and verifies it with the WhatsApp codes sent to you. On the next screen select restore WhatsApp backup and this will pop up for you to restore from a source you already. Then select Google drive and log in with your Gmail account to initiate the process.

3. Wait for the file to complete restore on your phone. This may take a while depending on your WhatsApp chats history size. But it should take less than 1 hour depending on your internet connection.


For some reasons, you may choose to skip instant backup for something else. You can do the backup after you have done the necessary thing with your WhatsApp set up. But, you will as well miss new WhatsApp info or friends messages that come before you then decided to restore the old chats history.

To now restore the chats history off installation interface go to settings—>Chats–>Chat Backup–>Restore Backup and then restore from Google drive.

How to Restore WhatsApp Backup From Google Drive

This is how to restore WhatsApp backup from Google drive to a new WhatsApp account without uninstalling your WhatsApp app.

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