How to Set Screen Time on iPhone

One of my favourite features on the iPhone is the iPhone screen time. It lets users monitor how long they spend on their iPhone screen. However, this feature isn’t turned on by default so you have to turn on the feature yourself. So, in this article, you will learn how to set screen time on iPhone.

Meanwhile, iPhones allow users to set a login password on their screen time as one of the ways for parents to take control of their children’s phone screen and see how long they have been on it. The downside is that if you forgot your password you will be logged out completely and you will not be able to access it even though this doesn’t affect other functions on the iPhone.

If you have a problem remembering your iPhone screen time passcode here in one of our articles on screen time we discussed explicitly how to recover and gain access to your iPhone screen time after failed 10 attempts.

While using screen time on your iPhone is optional you can always delete the screen time on your iPhone if you are not interested in monitoring your iPhone screen time. So, for users who are not interested in screen time after they have set it up, here is how to delete iPhone screen time history.

 How to Set Screen Time on iPhone

The screen time feature is an extensive feature that allows you to perform various time and app management activities, such as scheduling time away from your Phone and managing the time you spend on multiple apps.

This section of the article will examine how you can set screen time on your iPhone depending on the feature you want to implement.

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How to set Screen Time on iPhone for Time away from Phone

You can schedule when your iPhone screen time will start working. You can also exclude some days of the week so that your screen time will not be recorded. Therefore, we will consider how to set up iPhone screen time here and make it start when you scheduled it.

  • Go to your iPhone settings app
  • Select “Screen Time.”
  • Click on “Turn on Screen Time.”
  • Tap “Turn on Screen Time.”
  • Click on:
    • This is my iPhone if it’s your iPhone.
    • This is my child’s iPhone if you want to set up parental control.
  • Tap “Turn off Downtime.”
  • Tap “Schedule.”
  • Choose “Everyday.”
    • You can customize the day if you have a particular day you don’t want your iPhone to monitor your phone screen.

If you want to turn on the screen time until scheduled just click on “Turn on downtime until scheduled.” You can also adjust the time the screen time will start.

How to set Screen Time to Limit App Use

If you want to set a time limit to manage your time on a specific category of apps like games and social media, or just limit an individual app, you can do any of these by following the instructions below.

  • Open the “Settings app” on your iPhone.
  • Click on the “Screen Time” menu.
  • Tap “Turn on Screen Time.”
  • Click on “App Limits.
  • Click on add limit and select one or more app categories.
  • If you want to set a limit for an individual app, you should go to the app category and select the app(s) you want to limit.
  • Click next and set the time you are allowed to use the app(s).
  • Tap the “Add Button.” once you are done setting the necessary limit(s)

You can use all or a combination of the different features explained in this section of the article to set screen time on your iPhone and ensure that you are able to get efficiently manage your average screen time.

How to Limit Screen Time on iPhone for Child

Setting up screen time on your child’s iPhone allows you to manage the amount of time s/he can spend on the iPhone and the kind of content they are allowed to access. You can also limit screen time on your child’s iPhone. Therefore, taking the following steps will allow you to limit screen time on your iPhone for your child.

  • Open the “Settings App” on your child’s iPhone.
  • Click on “Screen Time.”
  • Click on “Turn on screen time.”
  • Tap on “Continue.”
    • Choose “This is my child’s phone.
  • Select schedule downtime for your child.
  • Enter the start and end times.
  • Click the set downtime option.
  • To set a limit to the category of apps your child has access to, select the category option and tap show all categories.
  • Select set, enter the time they are allowed to spend on the app
  • Click on the Set app limit button.
  • Click on continue and set a screen time passcode to ensure that your child does not remove your restrictions.

If you follow the instructions above, you will be able to limit screen time for your child.

screen time for your child

How to Limit Screen Time on iPhone

There are various apps on iPhones that can make you spend a lot of time using the device, and if they are starting to cause a distraction for you, you can resolve this by limiting the time on apps on your iPhone using the screen time feature.

  • Launch the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the screen time option.
  • Click on turn on screen time and select app limit.
  • Tap add limit and select the app category.
  • Select all categories or click on individual app(s) in that category.
  • Tap next and input the time you want to allow for use on the app(s)
  • Click add when you are done setting the limit.

screen time limit

How to Set Content and Privacy Restrictions on iPhone

If you want to restrict access to certain inappropriate content and enable privacy features on your iPhone, you can achieve that by following the instructions below.

  • Open the settings app.
  • Select screen time.
  • Click on the content and privacy restrictions menu.
  • Select Turn on content and privacy restriction.
  • Click on the options menu to set content allowances for iTunes Store and App Store purchases, app use, content ratings, and other features.


Whether you are a new iPhone user or an iPhone enthusiast, you shouldn’t have a problem setting up your iPhone screen time for yourself or your child’s. With this guide, you should’ve learned how to set screen time on iPhone.

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