How to Share Blink Camera Access [Quick Guide]

Nowadays having a security camera is the new normal, with varieties of brands springing up to cater to consumers. it is expected of them to at least be able to record your home indoor and outdoor surroundings very effectively with good motion sensors when there is any sign of activity.

These are the barest minimum from most security cameras, however, if you are using a blink camera, and you’re here to figure out How to share blink camera Access meaning you are looking for a way to give others access to use your blink camera

You are in the right place since I will be focusing on blink security camera and how to share blink camera access.

How to Share Blink Camera Access

As of today, there isn’t any way to share access to other blink users, maybe you want to give your neighbors or those staying close by access to your blink outdoor camera. However, there is another way around that.

What you can do is share your Blink account with other members by simply giving them the email address and password for your Blink account.

With that, they can gain access to your blink camera or doorbell via their app.

Note: While their sign in you have to stay with them until they can verify their device after logging in.

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Where your Blink Account Email is Located

Now, if you have more than one email, and you can’t remember the email you used during the signup process, you can simply do these :

  • Launch your Blink App
  • Go to “account info”
  • On the top of the next screen, you will see your email.
  • In addition to that, you can decide to edit your login credentials from here.

Note: It’s safer to use a password you are not using on other accounts.

How to Share blink Camera access [Using your Login Details]

This method requires you to give your login details to the person you wish to share your blink camera access with.

And to do that follow with steps below.

Give the person your email address and your password – It’s safer to use a password, you are not using on other devices.

Moving on, let the person follow the steps below to access your blink camera account. 

  • Download and install the blink app on either your Android or IOS device.
  • Next, Type in the email and password into the login fields.
  • Once, you’ve logged in, Blink will send a New pin to the number connected with that account, 
  • Collect the pin from the main account holder and use it to access the blink app.

Doing this will give you the same administrative power as the main account owner.

Let’s delve into how to transfer the blink camera to another account.

How to Transfer blink Camera to Another Account [Method 1]

If you are faced with a scenario, where you live in an apartment and you plan on moving out soon but you don’t intend on taking the blink camera along.

Here’s how you can transfer it to another user via removing the associated user account.

  • First and foremost, launch the app and log in with your credentials.
  • Now, locate the “gear” and then tap on ” System settings
  • Next, select the name of the system you wish to delete and tap on “delete”
  • Next, click on delete again to confirm your decision
  • Moving on, the app will take you back to the “setting screen“. The system you deleted won’t be there anymore
  • NOTE: The action cannot be undone. So after doing this simply sign up the new user and add the person’s new account to blink

Since you’ve been able to figure out How to Share Blink camera Access by deleting your account from the app, I will be showing you another method of achieving that 

How to Transfer blink Camera to Another account [Method 2]

You can transfer your blink account to another user by changing only your email and to do that follow the steps below:

NOTE: before you will e able to edit your email address, you might have to enter your password, also ensure that the email address you are transferring your account to doesn’t have a blink account

Moving on,

How to share Blink camera access

  • Launch the blink app, and tap on the “account icon” from the home screen
  • On the next screen, you will see your email address, account, 
  • After entering your password, you can now, edit your email address.
  • Next, enter the new email address of the person you want to transfer the account to 
  • After doing that, you will then receive an email to verify it. Ensure you have access so you can complete the verification
  • Now, type in the PIN you received earlier in the verification email.
  • Finally, add your phone number, country code and enter the PIN prompted on your phone SMS
  • Once you’ve done that your account will be transferred to the new email address.

By now, you should have figured out How to Share blink Camera access Moving on, below are some frequently asked questions from blink users regarding this topic

Blink camera multiple users

As discussed above on How to Share blink Camera access, You can’t have two blink camera users at the same time you can only have one at a time.

Does Blink provide different roles?

If you are conversant with other video doorbells like the ring video doorbell, you can give another user access to your account, however, they won’t have administrative access, 

When it comes to blink, there is nothing like that, since you can only transfer your account via your login details. what that means is, if someone is logging in with your details, they have the same power as you 

Blink Camera guest access?

There isn’t guest access for now as you can only transfer access to a guest by giving them your login details. You might not be comfortable with that.

Can someone else access my Blink camera?

No one can access your account unless you give them the login details to your blink App. In a scenario where they have both your login details, they will still be prevented from logging in due to the PIN verification process which occurs every time a new device loges into a blink account.

Can Blink cameras be linked to two phones?

Yes, you can, it’s possible to download the app, log in with your account details on any device or app, and access it from those places where you’ve logged in into. 

Can I see all of my Blink cameras at once?

For now, you can’t see more than one camera at once from the app, you have to check them individually, probably, they might consider this depending on users’ demand.

Blink support account access?

If you are struggling with any issues regarding your blink device, and you want to forward it to customer support, it is helpful to grant access before you contact support.

However, you have the power to switch it OFF in the “settings” section and turn it OFF in the app. 

NOTE: Ensure that you are using the latest version of the blink app to access this privacy option.


It might seem a bit disappointing for Blink users since this feature hasn’t been introduced yet, however, there are other alternatives that can allow you to grant others access to control your security camera without giving them full administrative power.

One of them is the ring security camera, if you plan on getting this, check here to learn more about it.

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