How to Skip Waiting Room on Zoom

Let us help you skip the waiting room on zoom; all you’ve got to do is just to read this article till the end to find out all you need.

Zoom has made remote working and collaboration easier than ever and has even improved user security with the latest updates. The service comes with a handy little tool called Waiting Room that a meeting leader can use to check who is authorizing a meeting in Zoom.

While the waiting room makes your meetings feel more secure, the functionality can sometimes be inconvenient as users have to wait for the host to let them in, and it means extra work for the hosts while a meeting is in progress. As a result, you may want to bypass or skip the waiting rooms in Zoom so that pre-approved attendees can join the Meeting and protect your Meeting from malicious actors and zoom bombers.

What is the Waiting Room at Zoom?

To help prevent your meetings from being attacked, Zoom lets you keep users who didn’t later invite or attend the Meeting. This way, as the host, you only invite the people you want to the Meeting and limit everyone to the waiting room. As the name suggests, the waiting room serves as a staging area and prevents new attendees from joining the Meeting until the host is ready to let them in.

Can you Skip a Waiting Room?

Yes. If a host allows and meets certain criteria, it can bypass waiting rooms in Zoom. This ensures that you don’t have to completely disable the waiting rooms in Zoom. However, it is just more convenient to join a meeting for users whose details you already have or have contacted in the past.

How to Skip or Bypass the Waiting Room in Zoom

You can skip a room for a Zoom meeting if the meeting organizer has enabled this option. The instructions below contain three different ways to bypass waiting rooms in Zoom.

Note: The following methods can only be performed by a meeting organizer, not another meeting participant.

Add Users to your Account.

Zoom allows users to skip the waiting room if their account has already been added to an organization’s master account. This way, when users click a meeting link, they are taken straight to the meeting screen without being zoomed into the waiting room.

To add a user to your account, go to the Zoom Users page and log in with your credentials. On the right side of the screen, click the “Add User” option, and enter the email addresses and other details of each user you want to add to your account.

If you want to add multiple users, separate them with a comma (,) in the text field of the email address. When you’ve added all users, click the “Add” button below. The users you added will now be linked to your account and displayed on the Zoom Users webpage.

You should now turn on the ignore feature for users linked to your account by signing in to the Zoom Account Settings page and going to the Meeting> In Meeting (Advanced) tab. Scroll down here, find the “Waiting Room” feature, select the “Users who are not logged into your account” option, and click the “Save” button below.

This way, attendees who have already been added to your account will be sent straight to the meeting screen so they won’t be sent to the waiting room.

White List of a Specific Domain

If your company has a specific domain (e.g.,, users whose email addresses contain the domain name can access the Zoom meeting screen without being sent to the waiting room.

To bypass waiting rooms for users who log in with a specific domain, go to the Zoom Account Settings page. Click the Meeting tab at the top of this page, then select “In Meeting (Advanced)” from the sidebar and search for “Waiting Room.”

How to skip waiting room on Zoom

Here, select the option “Users who are not in your account and are not part of your whitelisted domains” and paste the name of the domain from which you want to authorize users in the field below.

How to skip waiting room on Zoom

You can add multiple domains by separating two with a comma (,) and then clicking Save. Attendees who log into Zoom with the specified domain can now ignore the Zoom lobby.

Deactivate the Waiting for an Ongoing Meeting

The hosts can also bypass attendees’ waiting rooms from the meeting screen by temporarily disabling the feature for the specific Meeting. To disable waiting rooms while a meeting is in progress, open the Zoom client on your PC and click the Attendees tab at the bottom of the meeting controls.

How to skip waiting room on Zoom

Click the “More” button at the bottom of the participant screen and deactivate the “Activate waiting room” function.

Anyone with the link or meeting ID can join the Meeting directly in Zoom without going to the lobby.

Why can’t I skip the waiting rooms?

As an attendee, if you can’t skip the waiting room, the meeting organizer likely didn’t add your account to their profile or didn’t add the domain name you provided to connect to zoom. Ask your host to make the necessary changes to your account, so you don’t go to the waiting room screen.

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