How to Stop Phoenix Push Notification

I so much hate the Phoenix browser notification that I decided to disable it. So, if you are searching for how to stop phoenix notifications, this is a guide for you.

The notification in the Phoenix browser keeps popping up every now and then and it caused a lot of headaches for me. If you are in the same shoe and you are willing to turn off and stop the Phoenix browser notification here is a quick approach to do that.

The push notification pops up trending news on the browser. It can pop up tens of articles and videos within a minute. So, I just take this quick approach to stop it.Disable Phoenix Browser Push Notifications

How to Stop Phoenix Notifications

Here is how to stop the phoenix notifications in your Phoenix browser.

  • Launch the Phoenix browser
  • Tap the “Me” head and shoulder icon.
  • Tap “Settings” cogwheel.
  • Tap “Notifications”
  • Toggle to disable the “Push Notification” to stop.
  • Done.

At least you will have some rest now with the numerous notifications from Phoenix browser.

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