Dixie D’Amelio’s Net Worth, Age, Instagram & TikTok

Dixie D’Amelio is a social media personality, Model, and music artist. Her rise to stardom came after joining the social media platform called Tiktok. Initially, she started out on Instagram in 2005 and she used to have a decent amount of followers but when she joined Tiktok her followers increased sporadically.

Usually, she shares her singing and dancing clips on her social media pages. At present, she has been able to amass a huge number of followers on both TikTok and Instagram.

Her Tiktok account has 57.4 million followers while her Instagram account has over 25.1 million followers. Presently Dixie D’Amelio Net Worth is estimated to be $10 Million.


Dixie D’Amelio was born on 12 August 2001, in the United States. She comes from a Financially buoyant family. Her dad whose name is Marc D’Amelio. is an entrepreneur and politician while her mom Heidi D’Amelio is a photographer and housewife. However, both are parents are also social media personalities. 

Her younger sister Charli D’Amelio is also a social media star on TikTok star with more than 100 million fan followers on her page.

Dixie D’Amelio’s nationality is American and she is of white ethnicity. Dixie D’Amelio’s birth sign is Leo.

Early Life & Education

Dixie D Amelio

Dixie D’Amelio was raised along with her sister and her parents in Norwalk, Connecticut. Over there she attended a local high school, after which she went ahead to the school named king school in Stamford Connecticut. It was there that she was more exposed to hockey. She was a lover of sports during her childhood years.

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Dixie D 'Amelio

Dixie D’Amelio started her career on social media way after he sister had become popular. Her social media influencer journey started on Instagram, however, when Tiktock was introduced, it didn’t take long before she joined the platform.

And since then, she has been amassing followers through her dancing clips, lip syncing clips etc. She isn’t just a social media star, she also sings and fortunately for her, she has been able to release a handful of music and has achieved some level of success doing that.

Presently the number of followers she’s being able to garner across all her social media channels amounts to 99 million. This makes her among the top 10 followed Tiktok handles.

After her newfound success, her rise to stardom has opened quite a few numbers of opportunities for her such as getting an invitation to join the Mis TikTok Meet-Up in Greenwich. Also, She’s a member of a group called The Hype House.

Later on, she went on to sign a contract with United Talent Agency in January 2020 and the same year she ventured into podcasting by collaborating with the Rambie podcast network.

Dixie D’Amelio Net Worth 2022

D’Amelio is quite impressive since she found success. As a social media personality, it is particularly tedious to figure out where most of her money comes from. However, she makes a decent amount of money from Sponsors, Endorsements, Youtube Ad Revenue, Modeling, and working with famous brands.

At present, Dixie D’amelio net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be between $10 million according to Forbes and she is regarded as one of the richest TikTok personalities.

Dixie D’Amelio’s Instagram Earnings

Dixie D’Amelio has an Instagram account with a large following. She started with Instagram before she went branched to TikTok. Presently she has been able to garner 25.1 million followers on her Instagram page. On her page, she posts about her day to day activities, her personal life and some modelling pictures.

It was revealed that Dixie D’Amelio earns around $7500 per sponsored post on her Instagram page.

All these adds up to Dixie D’Amelio net worth which is $10 million as of 2022.

Dixie D’Amelio’s TikTok Earnings

Being one of the top #10 most followed TikToker in the world improves her ability to earn more from sponsorship. Presently Dixie D’Amelio has 57.1 million followers on her TikTok Page and she makes money from her page. And it was earlier revealed that advertisers pay around $10,000 for such followings on Ticktock. What that means is she earns $10,000 per the sponsored post you see on her page.

Her Instagram Earning is just few among the various channels that adds up to DIxie D’Amelio Net worth.

Dixie D’Amelio Family

Dixie D 'Amelio

She comes from a family of four. Her father whose name is Marc D’Amelio is known to be a businessman, entrepreneur and political aspirant while her mom Heidi D’Amelio is known to be a photographer and a housewife. Her parents also have a decent amount of followers on their social media channels.

Her sister on the other hand whose name is Charlie D’Amelio is also a social media personality who had earlier risen to stardom before she started her journey.

Dixie D’Amelio Siblings

Dixie D’Amelio has one sibling who is her younger sister. Her sibling goes by the name Charlie D’Amelio. Charlie has over 100 million followers on Tiktok and she posts short interesting video clips too. Charlie is only 3 years younger than Dixie, however, their relationship seems to be going fine.

Dixie D’Amelio Boyfriend

Dixie D 'Amelio

She has dated a series of men whom she has moved on from. The first reported boyfriend of Dixie was a guy named Matt Garavel. She met him at high school where they both connected since he was also involved in sports. But presently no one knows what happened later. 

Afterwards, Dixie came out expressing her relationship with her newfound boyfriend called Griffin Johnson. However, it was reported that Johnson cheated on her. Johnson initially denied this but later on, he also accused her of cheating with her current boyfriend named Noah Beck.

She met Noah beck in 2022. However, there haven’t been any reports of each party having any major disagreement. So it is safe to say her present boyfriend is Noah Beck.

Dixie D’Amelio age 2022

The internet sensation queen who rose to stardom after embracing TikTok will be 21 in August 2022, however her current age is 20 since she hasn’t celebrated her birthday this year.

She is one among many other young internet sensations who started much later but rose to fame you can check him out here.

Dixie D’Amelio Birthday

Since Dixie D’Amelio was born on the 12th of August 2001. her present age will be 20. However, in three months, she will be celebrating her birthday since today is May 25 2022.

Dixie D’Amelio Awards

In 2020, Dixie got a designation in the People’s Choice Awards as The Social Star of 2020 given her remarkable works on various online entertainment stages such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. However, she has been nominated for some awards that she wasn’t fortunate to win such as the MTV Millennial Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards in numerous classifications in 2021.

Dixie D’Amelio Height

Since she is off age and it is less likely that her height will increase. With her attractive looks and blonde hair, her last reported height as of 2022 is 5 feet 6 inches which is equivalent to 167cm.

Dixie D’Amelio Weight

Dixie D’Amelio has a pretty fit body with a body measurement of 34-26-35, including the Bra Cup size of 32C. However, there is a high probability for her weight to change as she grows up. But as of 2022, her last reported weight is 55kg which is equivalent to 121lbs.

Dixie D’Amelio Tiktok

Looking at Dixie’s Tiktock profile she mostly posts about her personal life, and comedy, Sometimes she tries to promote a product she uses and she also shows her day to day lifestyle and some creepy videos. She has 54.4million followers on her TikTok page.

Dixie D’Amelio Instagram

She started on Instagram before she branched out to Tiktock presently she has 25.1 million followers on her Instagram account. 

How old is Dixie D’Amelio

The internet sensation who is among the top 10 most viewed ticktock channels online is 20 years old As of 2022. However, she will be clocking 21 in the next 3 months.

How Rich is the D’Amelio family?

The D’Amelio Family Are pretty well to do. Starting from the youngest of them Charlie D’Amelio. Charlie Is a social media sensation just like her elder sister however she has more followers when compared to Dixie.

Charlie D’Amelio’s 2022 net worth stands at $20 million while DIxie D’Amelio’s 2022 net worth stands at $10 million

Meanwhile, Marc D’Amelio, who is their dad has a reported net worth of $1.5 Millon however their mom’s net worth is still in review.

With all these figures the total Net worth of the D’Amelio family is $31.5 Million.

Who is Dixie D’Amelio’s sister?

Dixie has a younger sister who is also a social media personality however it was reported that her sister started way earlier than she did. Dixie’s younger sister, Charlie D’Amelio is 3 years younger than Dixie and at present she has 140 million followers on Tiktok making her the top 1# most followed account on TikTok. 

Who is Dixie D’Amelio dating

Dixie has gone through some failed relationships however her present boyfriend as of 2022 is Noah Beck. She met Noah after parting ways with johnson.

How tall is Dixie D’Amelio

As of 2022 May 25, the last reported height of Dixie D’Amelio is 5 feet 6 inches which is equivalent to 167cm.

How much money does Dixie D’Amelio make a Year?

Before D’Amelio net worth runs to millions she actually started from the bottom to the top. Therefore, we have a compiled list of how much money does Dixie D’ Amelio make a year from 2018.

YouTube Income in 2021$2 Million
YouTube Income in 2020$1 Million
YouTube Income in 2019$850,000
YouTube Income in 2018$600,000

Dixie D’Amelio Profile

Full NameDixie D’Amelio Young
Date Of BirthAugust 12, 2001
Age20 years
Net Worth$10 million
Nick NameDixie
Famous AsTikTok Star, Musician
ProfessionSocial Media Celebrity, Music Artist, Model
Birth PlaceNorwalk, United States
FatherMarc D’Amelio.
MotherHeidi D’Amelio
SisterCharlie D’Amelio
BoyfriendNoah Beck.
Social Media Pages@dixiedamelio, Instagram
@dixiedamelio, TikTok
Dixie D’Amelio Youtube
Current ResidenceUnited States
Zodiac SignLeo
AwardsUnder Research

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